🐐 Chinese Horoscope 2015 - Year of the Wood Goat 2015 horoscope and yearly predictions for the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

What is the date, animal and element of the year 2015?

  • Chinese New Year 2016's date: 8 Feb. 2016
  • Chinese New Year 2016's Animal: Goat
  • Chinese New Year 2016's Element: Wood

The years listed under the sign of the Goat (Sheep) are characterized by sweetness, love and sensitiveness. 2015 is no exception to this rule.

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During the course of the year, all 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope should find the inner strength necessary for taking rightful long-term decisions.

Indeed the sign of the Goat has the ability to transform his weaknesses into strength, inducing that in 2015, all natives of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac are led to become less superficial and more introspective.

All animals of the Chinese zodiac will have a renewed natural generosity and a desire to share with those in need. 2015 is a year of forgiveness, conducive to resolving conflicts. 

But as the sign of the Goat-Sheep is full of kindness and compassion, this year could become for them even more profitable if they chose the path of forgiveness and empathy. All 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope should be rewarded during the year with the right amount of tranquility needed for their balance.

2015 is an important year of progress for science, especially medicine and robotics. Genetic research breakthrough and promising vaccines are to be expected. Some significant artistic projects will emerge, especially in the film industry, revealing many new talents.

In China, people sometimes tend to mistakenly believe that a child born a year of the Goat is be predisposed for bad luck. This belief is unwarranted as Goats are smart, sensitive, gentle and peaceful. Parents of a young Goat can help  their offspring to becoming famous and highly respected. Children born in a year of the Goat can be guided efficiently into developping their artistic talents (writing, fine arts, music). Children born a year of the Goat need more parental security and presence to help them pave their way to independence when adults.

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As brilliant and kind as they can be, Goats are nevertheless obedient creatures, always willing to share their valuable creative energies with the first passing stranger. 

During 2015, it is necessary for all 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac to safeguard themselves from negative impulses that could cause them to sink into depression and melancholy, and avoid the temptation to laziness. Prepared and organized, all initiatives and projects in artistic fields, writing, medicine, social relations can turn out fruitful and enriching. For the others, this is an introspective year, beneficial for strengthening family and securing their professional future, provided that you learn how to better listening to yourself.

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Horoscope for all 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac in 2015, Year of the Wood Goat (Sheep)

🐭 Rat

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Rat, 1st sign of the Chinese zodiac

Rat birth years:
1948, 1960,
1972, 1984,
1996, 2008,

In 2015, the Rat enjoys a renewed optimism to embark on new projects. However, Rats will also be made to accept inconvenience in their daily lives, such as a change of address.

In summary, 2015 is a hopeful year for Rats, the most ambitious of them might even try their luck in a successful artistic profession.

🐮 Ox

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Ox-Bull, 2nd sign of the Chinese zodiac

Ox birth years:
1949, 1961,
1973, 1985,
1997, 2009,

In 2015, emotional and professional  events are not conducive to Oxes. People born in the year of the Ox should seek to preserve their calm and be less jealous of others. It is advisable to the Ox expend more energy to maintain his/her financial assets rather than seeking new sources of revenue.

Even when their business appears too slow for their taste, it is important for Oxes to keep calm and patient. To be able to spend the year more serenely, Oxes can rely on the support of their relatives, as they wait for better times before launching new projects.

🐯 Tiger

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Tiger, 3rd sign of the Chinese zodiac

Tiger birth years:
1950, 1962,
1974, 1986,
1998, 2010,

In 2015, Tigers spend most of their time solving problems that sometimes exceed them. The Tiger, brave by nature, will face them and but won't necessarily prevail. His reserve and flexibility will be tested.

During the course of the year, it is highly recommended for Tigers not  to get overwhelmed by their problems, and give time to time if they wish to avoid more problems accumulating. If people born during the Year of the Tiger rely on their intuition, then even a separation or a temporary change of activity could become beneficial. A Good rest will allow Tigers to refuel their energies and plan their triumphant return in the future.

🐰 Rabbit

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Rabbit-Cat, 4th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Rabbit birth years:
1951, 1963,
1975, 1987,
1999, 2011,

For the natives of the sign of the Rabbit, 2015 is synonym of progress and achievements. Not only Rabbits will have no major concern on the emotional or family plan, but they will also have the strength and the motivation to make significant progress professionally.

Rabbits enjoy an additional boost of good luck this year regarding artistic projects. It will nevertheless be necessary for Rabbits to choose sparingly their employees, as well as to keep intact their attention to detail.

The Rabbit should manage to take full advantage of the energy of 2015.

🐲 Dragon

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Dragon, 5th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Dragon birth years:
1952, 1964,
1976, 1988,
2000, 2012,

For those born under the sign of the Dragon, 2015 is a rather dull year. Before embarking on new professional adventures, the enthusiastic Dragon would do well to start by learning the wisdom and carefully consider the motivations and capacities of its partners.

The capacity for Dragons to doubt their own beliefs, and their ability to relativize disturbing events, should prevent them from passing a morose and sad year.

🐍 Snake

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Snake, 6th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Snake birth years:
1953, 1965,
1977, 1989,
2001, 2013,

For persons born under the sign of the Snake, the year of the wood Goat means protection. The peace and tranquility that this year brings to Snakes shall be greatly beneficial. Snakes should also meet new interesting people who could also become useful to their careers.

However in the year 2015, Snakes shouldn't let domestic problems impair their prospects for happiness. Snakes shall treat his paranoia and his susceptibility in order to achieve serenity.

Snakes should also control the impulses that constantly push them to go in search of amorous adventures. In 2015, Snakes would do best to care for their new relationships, and benefit later from effective aid.

🐴 Horse

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Horse, 7th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Horse birth years:
1954, 1966,
1978, 1990,
2002, 2014,

In 2015, Horses are destined to live happy events, especially in the world of work. A change of residence or job could be the main event of the year for Horses.

2015 is also a year of movement for Horses, marked by significant progress in their professional projects, and the eventuality of a long trip abroad. However, people born the year of the Horse should do their best to temper their opportunism at the risk of being snubbed by a friend if they forget to return a favor.

Although 2015 may be tarnished by some bad news, the strength of character of Horses should allow them to cope with the events of the year.

In 2015, the Horse's goals: realism, meticulousness, less opportunism.

🐐 Goat

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Goat-Sheep, 8th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Goat birth years:
1955, 1967,
1979, 1991,
2003, 2015,

The year of the Goat 2015 is very beneficial for Goats, provided that they finally take good notice of their own abilities. When necessary, Goats should even consider breaking away from an opportunistic entourage. The Goat, usually sweet and selfless, risks giving a few strokes of the horns to the attention of those who have abused his/her kindness.

2015 is a rewarding year for the friendly and professional meetings. It's also a time of construction for people born in a Year of the Goat, where no consideration will be given to useless spendings. Well organized, the Goat should easily be able to reinvent his/her world.

🐵 Monkey

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Monkey, 9th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Monkey birth years:
1944, 1956,
1968, 1980,
1992, 2004,

During the year 2015, Monkeys should expect significant movements of money. Monkeys will seek new collaborations, and their circle of friends should welcome some newcomers. However, Monkeys should ensure that unforeseen obstacles or misunderstandings in joint-ventures do not not ultimately make them suffer more losses than gains.

This year, Monkeys would be well advised to choose their partners carefully. Talented as they are, Monkeys should easily find solutions to the problems they face if they resolve to listen to good advice of their closest friends.

In 2015, Monkeys should also be wary of people too well intentioned. Prudence in all areas.

🐔 Rooster

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Rooster, 10th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Rooster birth years:
1945, 1957,
1969, 1981,
1993, 2005,

2015 is an average year for Roosters, even though they should suddenly find solutions to problems from the past. Roosters should also note improvements in their professional life, possibly a long-awaited promotion.

The soothing energy of the Year of the Goat can provide Roosters with the balance and necessary conditions for the realization of their projects, provided they channel better their ambition. Moreover, for Rooster couples, a few sentimental annoyances could happen, but nothing insurmountable. For singles Roosters, empathy and good mood are essential for improving their lucky charm.

Eventually in 2015, people born in the Year of the Rooster should better take more time before choosing their holiday destination, otherwise they might have a few surprises.

🐶 Dog

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Dog, 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Dog birth years:
1946, 1958,
1970, 1982,
1994, 2006,

2015 inspires to Dogs a desire for change and renewal. The momentum started last year might slow a bit this year. Expected professional hopes could to be cast aside during the course of the year, which would seriously annoy the Dog in return.

If only Dogs could keep their calm more often, they wouldn't take the risk of suffering losses by letting themselves drawn into conflict. In 2015, Dogs can rely on their reserve capacity and they should rather focus their energy on the well-being of their family.

If during 2015 Dogs find ways to better channel their emotions. They should remain cautious when meeting new business partners or colleagues, and should be waiting for better times before starting new investments.

🐷 Pig

Year of the Goat horoscope for the Pig-Boar, 12th sign of the Chinese zodiac

Pig birth years:
1947, 1959,
1971, 1983,
1995, 2007,

2015 is full of opportunity for Pigs wishing to regain hope in the future. People born in the Year of the Pig should also devote their energy to the welfare of their home rather than working late hours and travel abroad.

The reconquest of the family spirit shall bring back to Pigs harmony and balance. Pigs spend more time in 2015 than usual to review their priorities and action plans regarding their future professional lives. For single Pigs, the start of a serious relationship or even an engagement are to be expected during the year.

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