KarmaWeather® is one of the first Chinese astrology websites in the world, dedicated to the themes of leisure and entertainment

Since 2014, thanks to our referral Chinese astrology website karmaweather.com, as well as our Love Compatibility app for iPhone KarmaWeather, we've been building a unique global mesh of services for a passionate audience, on the themes of entertainment and leisure: Culture, Glamor and Lifestyle, Travel, Gastronomy ...

Present in more than 50 countries (United States, France, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Peru, Philippines, Venezuela, Canada, Malaysia, Turkey, Azerbaijan Singapore, Uruguay, Great Britain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belgium, India, Bolivia, Brazil, Germany, Paraguay, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Morocco, Vietnam, Ireland …), karmaweather.com brings together over 1 million unique visitors and 5 millions page views each month worldwide.*

KarmaWeather® by Konbi is a publication specialized in Chinese and Western astrology, Feng Shui and Wu Xing. We accompany and advise our clients in the definition and implementation of their digital strategy, and offer them advertising and content marketing solutions.

Our best talents, editors, illustrators and experts in digital and audiovisual creation are made available to our brands and media partners in their editorial and event projects, with objectives of notoriety or performance.

Strategies for our brands and media partners


Development of original communication strategies based on Chinese and Western astrology, Feng Shui and Wu Xing, taking advantage of our editorial expertise, our talents and our digital, audiovisual and production team.


Relay your advertising campaign on our karmaweather.com site with its 1 million unique visitors and 5 million page views every month worldwide.

Editorial Team

KarmaWeather® is a leading website on the following targets: Women, Young and Urban.

A powerful support for all brands and advertisers looking to communicate with a target of young urban women by partnering with our quality content, using the prescription strength of KarmaWeather’s astrology news and services.

The editorial quality of karmaWeather® is based on the experience of our in-house experts in Chinese astrology, Wu Xing and Feng Shui.

KarmaWeather® is produced and published by Konbi SAS
* Internal source KarmaWeather
® by Konbi / February 2017

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