🐣 TopBaby Names 2017 - How to choose the name of my Baby Rooster child born in 2017 according to the precepts of Chinese astrology?

📅 What's the Chinese sign of my child?


You can choose the name of your baby, girl or boy, according to his / her date of birth correlated to the Chinese calendar.

Chinese New Year 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster according to the Chinese calendar. It starts on January 28, 2017 and ends on February 15, 2018. Chinese astrology can help you to choose the name of your future child by balancing the specific energetic flows of his / her date of birth.

The Chinese sign of the Rooster, unlike most signs of the Chinese zodiac, has only one intrinsic element, the Metal element.

In 2017, the Fire element is the element associated with the Rooster for this year. That's why your child will be a Fire Rooster baby.

Whereas Metal is both the symbol of the protective shield and the sharp sword, which can already give a foretaste of the character of the little fellow, it must also be remembered that Fire, exuberant and generous, also has the unfortunate tendency to melt Metal (destructive cycle of Metal against Fire in the Wu Xing).

In order to avoid the loss of energy of his Metal, due to the harmful influence that Fire can have on the intrinsic element of his main sign, the Rooster child needs the element Earth to establish the balance of his personal energetic cycle and reinforce his Metal element, because the Earth begets the Metal (cycle of construction of the Earth element towards the Metal element in the Wu Xing).

If Metal (the intrinsic element of the Rooster) and the Fire are the main markers of your child's birth year, his / her birthday and month of birth also have their specific energies, each with a Chinese sign and Element.

As a general rule, when you observe an excess of an element, for example Wood, you must try to wear it out. As Metal cuts Wood, the choice of a first name whose etymology has a direct or indirect link with Metal may be appropriate.

If, on the contrary, you notice that the combined animal-signs of the year, month and day of birth of your toddler don't show any Water, and that the elements associated with the year, month and day of birth of your child are anything but Water either, you have to fill this gap. The choice of a first name directly or indirectly related to the Water element is welcome.

Therefore, if you can consider the Earth element as one of the main energy flows to consider when choosing the first name of your boy or girl, Earth actually only compensates and neutralizes the negative effects of the confrontation of Metal with Fire of his / her year of birth, 2017.

You must therefore also take into consideration your child's month of birth, birthday and hour of birth before making your choice of a first and / or middle name.

By Karma Weather - January 25, 2017

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Monthly Chinese calendar 2017 - Chinese zodiac animal and element for each month in 2017

26/2/2017 to 27/3/2017:
Water Rabbit Month
28/3/2017 to 25/4/2017:
Wood Dragon Month
26/4/2017 to 25/5/2017:
Wood Snake Month
26/5/2017 to 23/6/2017:
Fire Horse Month
24/6/2017 to 22/7/2017:
Fire Goat Month
23/7/2017 to 21/8/2017:
Fire Goat Month (doubled month)
22/8/2017 to 19/9/2017:
Earth Monkey Month
20/9/2017 to 19/10/2017:
Earth Rooster Month
20/10/2017 to 17/11/2017:
Metal Dog Month
18/11/2017 to 17/12/2017:
Metal Pig Month
18/12/2017 to 16/1/2018:
Water Rat Month
17/1/2018 to 15/2/2018:
Water Ox Month

Top names 2017 in relation to the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology


🌳 Wood first names - Sylvester, Oliver, Guy, Silas, Damian, Eustache, Ilan, Kevin, Oihan, Laurent, Basil, Benton, Logan, Elder, Derrien, Rowan, Bruce, Hudson, Sawyer, Alon, Elon, Evan, Ewan, Aidan, Ashton, Brazil, Brandon, Yves, Egor, Eilon, Elijah 

🔥 Fire first names - Malo, Lucas, Lucian, Cirius, Theo, Zenon, Samson, Elouan, Declan, Aurelian, Eth, Chems, Helios, Sezni, Volcan, Ignatius, Ignazio, Avner, Aidan, Iri, Masou, Smit, Vukan, Vastman, Hayden, Haydn, Jehoash, Aogan, Aviur, Aodh, Brand, Edan, Ea, Hakan, Kay, Nireeman

🗿 Most auspicious first names for boys during the Year of the Rooster 2017: Earth first names - Peter, Joris, George, Adam, Adan, Adao, Adem, Barth, Dimitri, Eila, Yale, Toprak, Dimitris, Dimitry, Marley, Teano, Jihan, Ilesh, Aza, Jasper, Clay, Damek, Edom, Mahkah, Mamoru, Jared

🔧 Metal first names - Oscar, Esteban, Steven, Rezar, Steve, Jing-Jing (金精), Huo-Jin (金霍), Jin (金), Jin-Ho (豪金), Alban, Auban, Gwenael, Kann, Finley, Elwin, Elven, Ganael, Callum, Flint, Altan, Arian, Aurel, Aurélien, Tunç, Auriel, Timour, Timur, Upas, Zlatan

💧 Water first names - River, Marin, Dylan, Marius, Adrian, Murphy, Bilal, Marvin, Marin, Morrissey, Murphy, Moise, Morvan, Ford, Kelvin, Dover, Kendal, Delmar, Beck, Calder, Kai, Trent, Zale, Bourne, Caspian, Deniz, Douglas, Jabal, Jordan, Laiken, Lincoln, Lamar, Maxwell, Morgan, Mizuko, Ross, Wade, Cobalt


🌳 Wood first names - Rose, Daphne, Arava, Artemis, Hortensia, Willow, Derry, Eglantine, Penelope, Jasmina, Elana, Filis, Cherry, Chloe, Clementine, Elona, Gretel, Ilana, Hazel, Heather, Jacinth, Eloise, Ivy, Almond, Aloe, Briar, Calla, Cayla, Sylvia

🔥 Fire first names - Helena, Lana, Nelly, Lucia, Aurora, Enya, Etney, Eloan, Edna, Hikari, Ilona, Keren, Lena, Penelope, Kimba, Serafine, Seraphine, Solveig, Agni, Aine, Barbara, Nuria, Delia, Fia, Ignacia, Oriel

🗿 Most auspicious first names for girls during the Year of the Rooster 2017: Earth first names - Gaia, Cynthia, Ambre, Jade, Ashley, Inika, Kalia, Nikita, Nedra, Mahika, Ada, Nuna, Cassiel, Dharti, Makawee, Hermione, Herta

🔧 Metal first names - Louise, Kate, Candy, Eileen, Nina, Nolwen, Tea, Zurina, Albin, Ariana, Aranka, Aurelia, Aurélie, Ariana, Orianne, Fidda (فضّة), Nubia, Nubit, Sonal (सोनल), Zlata, Mai

💧 Water first names - Aude, Ocean, Oceana, Morgan, Morgana, Morwen, Maya, Coraline, Mia, Meredith, Merlyne, Muriel, Ondine, Ara, Cordelia, Gal, Hali, India, Bo, Aquata, Indra, Kyla, Laguna, Lana, Nanami, Thalassa, Damlasu, Damla

Chinese calendar hours - hourly related zodiac sign of your newborn child

11:00pm - 12:59pm
Hour of the Rat

1:00am - 2:59am
Hour of the Ox (Buffalo)

3:00am - 4:59am
Hour of the Tiger

5:00am - 6:59am
Hour of the Rabbit (Hare, Cat)

7:00am - 8:59am
Hour of the Dragon

9:00am - 10:59am
Hour of the Snake

11:00am - 12:59pm
Hour of the Horse

1:00pm - 2:59pm
Hour of the Goat (Sheep)

3:00pm - 4:59pm
Hour of the Monkey

5:00pm - 6:59pm
Hour of the Rooster (Chicken)

7:00pm - 8:59pm
Hour of the Dog

9:00pm - 10:59pm
Hour of the Pig (Boar)

Chinese Horoscope of children born in the Year of the Rooster 2017

A boy or girl born in the year 2017, Year of the Fire Rooster is the omen of a lively and curious temperament, as well as an optimistic and valorous character. Curious and studious, the interests of the young Rooster are manifold, and his / her thirst for knowledge, insatiable.

Like the Tiger, the child born a Year of the Rooster is a natural leader and a very charismatic personality, provided he's not contradicted. From a very early age, the little Rooster is remarkable for his organizational talent, so that a day without action bores him deeply.

With his brothers and sisters or with his nursery mates, it's the Rooster child who decides the distribution of toys and roles, and it's also him / her who distributes the good and bad points. The little Rooster is very sociable with the other children, on the only condition that he's the one who fixes the rules of his friendly relations.

Very disciplined at school, he has no difficulty learning new knowledge, and his concentration is exemplary. It's wise to buy your little Rooster many books, encyclopedias and atlases in order to nourish his boundless intellectual curiosity. During classes at school, the young Rooster can sometimes get into trouble by playing the clown in front of his classmates.

The Rooster Child respects the schedules, understands what "no" means, does his homework without needing to be reminded, and always takes care of his things, whether his schoolbag or his bedroom.

When playing alone at home, the Rooster child is particularly attracted by the instruction manual of his toy and its exact application, rather than the purpose and finality of the toy.

As he grows up, the Rooster child is interested in social issues and humanitarian causes. Poverty and war revolt him more than anything else in the world, and during all his life he'll do his best to help unfortunate people, never mind if they're on the other side of the planet.

A bit of a fashion victim, very conscious of his dress code, the little Rooster also takes care of his silhouette and hairstyle, in order to always remain the most handsome / beautiful boy (or girl) of the playground.

Concise and ordered with himself, the Rooster child expects no less from his companions. Indeed, the little fellow is a detail maniac who never hesitates to criticize others, which can easily irritate his friends and parents alike. Bold and direct, the little Rooster always wants to be right. He considers that he can't be mistaken, and just can't understanding it when someone mistakes his advice and takes it badly, however wise and valuable it seemed to him in the first place.

As for finances, since the Rooster child doesn't like to waste, he tends to keep a considerable portion of his pocket money in his piggy bank.

Parents whose Wood element is dominant in their Chinese energetic chart of the 5 elements, remembering that their child being a Rooster has Metal as their main element, are advised, to avoid exhaustion, not to try answering all their innumerable questions about the universe. They should rather guide him towards books and educational games that would allow him to satisfy his curiosity and thirst for knowledge by himself. In general, the parents of a Rooster child must always remain vigilant not to get wanded by their child, because a small Rooster can be obstinate and occasionally authoritarian.

Allergic to hypocrisy, the flamboyant Rooster child is lucid and clairvoyant, without much subtlety and tact. Stubborn like a goose, he's incapable to confront and analyze his mistakes.

Parent child horoscope compatibility

Although there is no particular compatibility issue to notice between the Rooster child and his parents, the small Rooster however needs lots of love, affection and attention. Intelligent, insightful and independent, his education is simple and rewarding, as long as his parents can accept that his somewhat eccentric side is actually the source of his charm.

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 to the future mothers of a magnificent and flamboyant little Fire Rooster!

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