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April 9, 2017

Chinese New Year 2018, Year of the Earth Dog, starts on February 16, 2018 and ends on February 4, 2019.

📅 What's the Chinese sign of my child?

🐶 How to choose the name of my Baby Dog child born in 2018, according to the precepts of Chinese astrology?

Chinese astrology can help you to choose the name of your future child by balancing the specific energetic flows of his / her date of birth.

Among the 12 signs of the Chinese calendar, the zodiac sign of the Dog is rather balanced regarding his intrinsic energetic distribution of the five elements of Chinese cosmology. Indeed, the Dog naturally has Earth, Fire and Metal as part of his astrological chart. On the other hand, the Dog is in deficiency of the elements Wood and Water.

In 2018, Earth is the Chinese element associated with the Dog, the Dog being the animal of the Chinese year 2018. That's why a child whose birth is planned in 2018 will be a baby Earth Dog.

While Earth is altogether a symbol of stability, longevity, introspection and self-control, which can already give a taste of the character of the little fellow, it must also be remembered that Earth, conservative and sometimes quite rigid, also has the unfortunate tendency to absorb Water (destructive cycle from Earth to Water in the Wu Xing). It should also be emphasized that Earth is created by the Fire element, allowing it to bring life and fulfill aspirations and promises. Finally, Earth creates Metal, which is a sign of wealth and prosperity.

The Year of the Earth Dog 2018 has a better energetic composition than the previous year, the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017. Thus, despite the deficiency of the elements Wood and Water in the zodiac sign of Dog, 2018 is a good time for the birth of a child in the family.

This lack of Water and Wood has the potential effect of making your child less creative and less open to the outside world.

If Earth, Fire and Metal are the main markers of your child's birth year of the Dog's Chinese sign, his birthday and month of birth also have their specific energies, each with a Chinese sign and a corresponding element.

Thus, in order to rebalance his personal energetic cycle and to fill the possible deficiencies related to the day of his birth, the child Dog would rather need to have a first name or a middle name directly related to the elements Wood and Water.

Usually, when you observe an excess of an element, for example of the element Earth, it's necessary to try to reduce its quantity (an excess of Earth can make a person lazy and paranoid). As Metal is created by Earth, which can fatigue Earth in the process, the choice of a first name whose etymology has a direct or indirect link with Metal may be appropriate. A second name associated with the element Fire is to be avoided, as one must remember that Fire creates and strengthens Earth.

The Five Elements of Chinese Astrology

Another example when you read the Life Energetic Chart of the 5 elements of your child's birth day, an element other than Wood and Water should be taken into account when choosing his / her first name. Remember that the primary goal in choosing your child's first name must always be to balance all the energy flows of the five elements of Chinese astrology and WuXing, gathered on the day of his birth.

You must also take into consideration the month of birth, the day of birth, and the time of birth of your child before making your choice regarding his / her first and / or middle name.

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Top names 2017 in relation to the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology


🌳 Most auspicious first names for boys during the Year of the Dog 2018: Wood first names - Sylvester, Oliver, Guy, Damian, Eustache, Ilan, Kevin, Oihan, Laurent, Logan, Derrien, Bruce

🔥 Fire first names - Malo, Lucas, Lucian, Cirius, Theo, Zenon, Samson, Elouan, Declan, Aurelian, Chems, Helios, Sezni, Volcan

🗿 Earth first names - Peter, Joris, George, Adam, Dimitri, Eila, Yale, Toprak, Marley, Teano, Jihan, Ilesh, Aza

🔧 Metal first names - Oscar, Esteban, Steven, Steve, Alban, Auban, Gwenael, Kann, Finley, Elwin, Elven, Ganael

💧 Most auspicious first names for boys during the Year of the Dog 2018: Water first names - Dylan, Marius, Murphy, Bilal, Marvin, Marin, Moise, Morvan, Kelvin, Kendal, Delmar


🌳 Most auspicious first names for girls during the Year of the Dog 2018: Wood first names - Rose, Daphne, Hortensia, Jasmina, Cherry, Chloe, Clementine, Elona, Gretel, Ilana, Hazel, Heather, Jacinth

🔥 Fire first names - Helena, Lana, Nelly, Lucia, Aurora, Eloan, Hikari, Ilona, Keren, Lena, Penelope, Solveig

🗿 Earth first names - Gaia, Cynthia, Ambre, Jade, Ashley, Inika, Kalia, Nikita, Nedra, Mahika, Ada, Nuna

🔧 Metal first names - Louise, Kate, Candy, Eileen, Nina, Nolwen, Tea, Zurina, Albin

💧 More auspicious girl first names during the Year of the Dog 2018 : Water first names - Aude, Ocean, Morgana, Maya, Coraline, Mia, Meredith, Merlyne, Muriel, Ondine

Chinese calendar hours - hourly related zodiac sign of your newborn child 

23.00 - 00.59
Hour of the Pig

01.00 - 02.59
Hour of the Rat

03.00 - 04.59
Hour of the Ox

05.00 - 06.59
Hour of the Tiger

07.00 - 08.59
Hour of the Rabbit

09.00 - 10.59
Hour of the Dragon

11.00 - 12.59
Hour of the Snake

13.00 - 14.59
Hour of the Horse

15.00 - 16.59
Hour of the Goat

17.00 - 18.59
Hour of the Monkey

19.00 - 20.59
Hour of the Rooster

21.00 - 22.59
Hour of the Dog

Chinese Horoscope of children born in the Year of the Dog 2018

A child born during the Chinese Year of the Dog in the Chinese Calendar tend to have a gentle and affable character, always curious about his / her environment, and a jolly obstinate personality.

Parent child horoscope compatibility

The child Dog is not only well ordered, but he's also very obedient and cooperative with his parents. He accepts them as they are, and he always seeks to be pleasant with them by having attentive gestures, or with a simple smile.

🐶 Parent child horoscope compatibility between the Dog and the 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar

Young Child Dog's personality

From a very early age, the child of the sign of the Dog has a lucid and penetrating look on his environment. When he chooses to express himself on a subject, the child born under the Chinese sign of Dog is direct and always says openly what he thinks.

One of the peculiarities of the child Dog is to easily perceive the tricks and lies that adults sometimes find it hard to pin down in their fellows. The child Dog has the particularity of being particularly gifted to discover what others try to hide from him. The capacities of his legendary flair are perceptible from an early age. The Dog child is able to patiently gather and organize by himself the elements of answers to the questions he's asking himself, like a detective on a trail, in search of the truth. Don't be surprised if, when you least expect it, he comes up with specific questions about the most compromising subjects.

Because of this, it's actually quite useless to try to keep your child Dog away from the truth. It's better to explain things to him in a clear and appropriate language, while showing him that you respect him and that you want his role in the family and society not just to be about getting orders and doing his homework. By showing him confidence, you can be sure that your child will become your best and most faithful ally.

In China, it's a very good omen and it's important for a family to have a child born during a year of Dog, because he's able, thanks to his energy dominated by the element Earth under a Yang polarity, to protect the house against external hazards and possible intruders.

Sociability of the child Dog

In his relationship with others, the child Dog can disconcert many adults by his natural assurance, and by the astonishing maturity of his eloquent speech. When pushed to the limits, the child Dog tends to enter into verbal jousts of which he only manages to master all the subtleties when adult. However, whenever anger prevails, it's just as volcanic as it's transient. Even though he may seem to lack compassion in the heat of the action, the child born during the Year of the Dog isn't the kind of personality to keep a grudge for too long. A young child Dog particularly needs regular encouragement and infallible support from his parents. If he feels ill-loved in his childhood, the Dog may become cynical or indifferent to the misfortunes of others as an adult, for he would become much too absorbed in the endless quest for his personal identity.

Happy Chinese New Year 2018 to the future mothers of a Bright and benevolent Dog Child!

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Life Energetic Chart

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