🐷 Chinese zodiac 2019 Baby - How to choose the name of my baby “Pig” born in 2019 ? Is 2019 a good year to have a baby?

Thanks to the precepts of Chinese astrology, you can choose the name of your baby, girl or boy, according to your child’s date of birth correlated to the Chinese calendar

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The Chinese New Year 2019 of the Year of the Earth's Pig of the Chinese calendar begins on February 5, 2019 and ends on January 24, 2020. Chinese astrology can help you to choose the first name of your future child, boy or girl, balancing the energy flows specific to his / her date of birth.

The Pig, twelfth animal sign of the Chinese zodiac, has a Yin polarity and has two intrinsic elements: Water and Wood. Water and Wood allow the Pig to be sincere, affable, generous and invested in his relationships with others. On the other hand, according to the cycle of the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Pig 2019 is marked by specific deficiencies as regards the elements Fire and Metal.

2019 baby Pig - Meanings and elements

In 2019, the Earth element is, like the year before, the Chinese element of the year. The Earth is therefore associated with the Pig, but this time in its Yin form. Therefore, a child whose birth is expected in 2019 is a Yin baby Pig.

While Earth is at once the symbol of stability, longevity, introspection and self-control, which can already give a taste of the character of the little one, one must also remember that Earth, conservative and sometimes too rigid, has the unfortunate tendency to absorb Water (destructive cycle from Earth to Water in Wu Xing). On the other hand it is important to emphasize that Earth is created by Fire, which allows it to give life and to concretize aspirations and promises. Finally, Earth creates Metal, which is a sign of wealth and prosperity.

The Year of the Earth Pig 2019 has more or less the same energetic compositions as the preceding year, the Year of the Earth Dog 2018. Thus, despite the deficiency of the Fire and Metal elements in the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig, 2019 is a good year for the birth of a child in the family.

Fire and Metal deficiency can make one's child less enthusiastic and less sensitive in communicating with the outside world. If Earth, Water and Wood remain the main markers of the year of birth of your child Pig in 2019, his day of birth and month of birth also have their specific energies, with each time a Chinese zodiac sign and their corresponding element. Thus, in order to rebalance his personal energy cycle and fill any gaps in the day of his birth, it would be appropriate to give your child Pig a first name a first name or middle name directly related to the elements Fire and Metal.

In general, when you observe the excess of an element, for example of the element Earth, it is necessary to seek to reduce its quantity (an excess of Earth can make a person lazy, paranoid and of a nature much too much worry). Thus, Metal being created by the Earth, which has the consequence of tiring the Earth, the choice of a name whose etymology has a direct or indirect link with Metal is doubly appropriate in 2019. A middle name associated with the Fire element is also advisable, because the contribution in element Fire can neutralize in your child behaviors associated with the depression, while promoting a happy and serene state of mind.

🔥 The Five Elements of Chinese Astrology

The main goal in choosing the first name of your child must always be to balance the energy flows of the five elements of Chinese astrology and WuXing gathered on the day of his birth. In addition to the annual element, it is important to consider your child's birth month, birthday and birth time before making your choice regarding his first and / or middle name (see charts below).

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Top Chinese zodiac 2019 baby names in accordance with the 5 elements

🐷 Balancing element Baby names for boys
🌳 Wood Sylvester, Oliver, Guy, Silas, Damian, Eustache, Ilan, Kevin, Oihan, Laurent, Basil, Benton, Logan, Elder, Derrien, Rowan, Bruce, Hudson, Sawyer, Alon, Elon, Evan, Ewan, Aidan, Ashton, Brazil, Brandon, Yves, Yvon, Egor, Eilon, Elijah, Logan, Derrien, Denis, Erwann, Fabian, Florian, Florenzo, Bradley
🔥 Fire Fire first names are the most auspicious first names for boys in 2019: Malo, Lucas, Lucian, Cirius, Theo, Zenon, Samson, Elouan, Declan, Aurelian, Eth, Helios, Sezni, Volcan, Ignatius, Ignazio, Avner, Aidan, Iri, Masou, Smit, Vukan, Vastman, Hayden, Haydn, Jehoash, Aogan, Aviur, Aodh, Brand, Edan, Ea, Kay, Nireeman, Ahmar, Shafak, Chihed, Ichrak, Munir, Melchior, Séraphin, Samson, Uriel, Dagobert
🗿 Earth Peter, Joris, George, Adam, Adan, Adao, Adem, Barth, Dimitri, Eila, Yale, Toprak, Dimitris, Dimitry, Marley, Teano, Jihan, Ilesh, Aza, Jasper, Clay, Damek, Edom, Mahkah, Mamoru, Jared, Ingmar, Ehan, Sakhri, Tarik, Keziah, Tenessee, Indiana, Malo, Dallas, Denver, Sydney, Hamelin, Lambert, Landry
🛠 Metal Metal first names are the most auspicious first names for boys in 2019: Oscar, Esteban, Steven, Rezar, Steve, Jing-Jing (金精), Huo-Jin (金霍), Jin (金), Jin-Ho (豪金), Alban, Auban, Gwenael, Kann, Finley, Elwin, Elven, Ganael, Callum, Flint, Altan, Arian, Aurel, Aurélien, Tunç, Auriel, Timour, Timur, Upas, Zlatan, Gohar, Haddad, Yamin, Yamine, Laban, Bruno, Armand, Edgar, Egmont, Eger, Eudes, Gerard, Guilhem, Günter, William, Willy
💧 Water River, Marin, Dylan, Marius, Adrian, Murphy, Bilal, Marvin, Marin, Morrissey, Murphy, Moise, Morvan, Ford, Kelvin, Dover, Kendal, Delmar, Beck, Calder, Kai, Çağlayan, Trent, Zale, Bourne, Caspian, Deniz, Douglas, Jabal, Jordan, Laiken, Lincoln, Lamar, Maxwell, Morgan, Mizuko, Ross, Wade, Cobalt, Ghait, Jâafar, Nil
🐷 Balancing element Baby names for girls
🌳 Wood Rose, Daphne, Arava, Artemis, Hortensia, Willow, Derry, Eglantine, Penelope, Jasmina, Elana, Filis, Cherry, Chloe, Clementine, Elona, Gretel, Ilana, Hazel, Heather, Jacinth, Eloise, Ivy, Almond, Aloe, Briar, Calla, Cayla, Sylvia, Nesrine, Olivia, Varda, Beverly, Xilya, Lindsay, Daisy, Heather, Fella, Nellia, Rehana, Rowda, Tamara, Warda, Yesenia, Yainab, Zeïtouna, Zayane, Heidi
🔥 Fire Fire first names are the most auspicious first names for girls in 2019: Helena, Lana, Nelly, Lucia, Aurora, Enya, Etney, Eloan, Edna, Hikari, Ilona, Keren, Lena, Penelope, Kimba, Serafine, Seraphine, Solveig, Agni, Aine, Barbara, Nuria, Delia, Fia, Ignacia, Oriel, Işık, Diyah, Doha, Maysân, Muneera, Mounira, Nora, Nour, Nur, Sabah, Sahar, Touraya, Thuraiya, Zohra, Amber, Sharon, Keren
🗿 Earth Gaia, Cynthia, Ambre, Jade, Ashley, Inika, Kalia, Nikita, Nedra, Mahika, Ada, Nuna, Cassiel, Dharti, Makawee, Hermione, Herta, Georgia, Dounia, Marwa, India, Dallas, Roma, London, France, Cheyenne, Lourdes, Paris, Sydney, Rolande
🛠 Metal Metal first names are the most auspicious first names for girls in 2019: Louisa, Kate, Candy, Eileen, Nina, Nolwen, Tea, Zurina, Albin, Ariana, Aranka, Aurelia, Ariana, Oriana, Fidda (فضّة), Nubia, Nubit, Sonal (सोनल), Zlata, Mai, Dora, Kenza, Lujain, Tharâ, Bianca
💧 Water Aude, Ocean, Oceana, Morgan, Morgana, Morwen, Maya, Coraline, Mia, Meredith, Marlyne, Muriel, Ondine, Ara, Cordelia, Gal, Hali, India, Bo, Aquata, Indra, Kyla, Laguna, Lana, Nanami, Thalassa, Damlasu, Damla, Pınar, Aini, Nada, Nahla, Tasnime, Tasneem, Lynn

Childhood horoscope of children born in the Year of the Pig 2019

Character and personality of the child Pig

Robust, phlegmatic and intelligent, the child Pig always listens to his parents, because he has a deep love for those who gave birth to him. Always of good will, the child Pig colors the universe of his hearth with his good humor and his pleasant nature in everyday life. Fair and tolerant, the child Pig is endowed with a soft and moderate spirit. He always sees the positive side in every situation. However, credulous as all those of his sign, the child Pig believes too willingly and at his expense to the good intentions of others.

The fact is that the child Pig shows at a young age the robustness of his personality and his parents quickly notice that he is not one to shed tears at the first annoyance. Just as the child Pig has a very good memory, he appreciates neither order nor obligation that can go beyond the strict framework in which he received them. Fortunately, he always understands the reason and the validity of a reproach and quickly assimilates the behavior to adopt. As he develops his sense of responsibility early enough and he quickly manages to fend for himself, his parents do not hesitate to trust him at critical moments.

Even if he doesn't always show it, he is in great need of his parents' love. Because in spite of his solid appearance, the child Pig doesn't always manage to externalize his negative feelings. In the case where he is the child of an irresponsible father or mother, he prefers to convince himself that he is the source of all the ills of the family and that this is the reason for which he doesn't deserve the attention of his parents. The regular practice of an artistic or athletic activity can greatly help to evacuate any form of negative emotion, while providing him with tools that will have the potential to help him effectively in his adult life.

Child-Parent Compatibility of the Child Pig

The child Pig born in 2019 is highly compatible with Goat, Rabbit, Pig or Tiger parents. He has the ability to get along with all the other signs of the Chinese zodiac with the sole exception of the Snake, with whom an often conflicting relationship is unfortunately inevitable. Indeed, the Snake, very competitive and exclusive, would work by all means to limit the freedom of the Pig. Exhausted by the pressure of the Snake, the Pig would not hesitate to extinguish deliberately all the natural enthusiasm and thirst for life that usually drives him. Parents who are knowledgeable and responsible for the well-being of their child Pig will, as much as they can, avoid entrusting their son or daughter born in 2019 to a nanny or teacher of the sign of the Snake.

🐷 Parent child horoscope compatibility of the Pig with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs

Well-being of the child Pig

Very early, the child Pig gives a lot of importance to his material well-being. He loves to eat, as his totem animal indicates, but he is also very prone to the regular practice of a sport because he is full of energy. He is passionate about a wide variety of interests as he discovers the world. He is generally as good at learning foreign languages he is at memorizing complex texts. At school, if well guided by his teachers, he is quite capable of doing his homework independently. If, on the contrary, there is no constructive attention from the adults around him, he can indulge in gluttony and lose whole days playing video games.

Organization and sociability of the child Pig

The child Pig can organize his time very well according to the needs of others. Endowed with a natural talent for organization, he is not only able to mobilize others for collective purposes, but he is also able to deploy outstanding effort and motivation to their achievements. However, he doesn't put the same level of investment when it comes to his own personal organization. Be that as it may, when the child Pig devotes himself to a cause, he is persevering and always achieves his commitments.

Extremely sociable, the child Pig often manages to have many friends, even if he often gives the impression of being self-sufficient. Yet, very loyal in his social relations, he doesn't abandon his friends easily. On the contrary, he tends to willingly forgive the faults committed by his comrades. Moreover, his soul filled with unparalleled generosity, he loves to help others without ever demanding compensation. Deeply altruistic, the child Pig offers his belongings quite easily to those he thinks don't have the same luck as him. Not completely fooled by the other children, he always responds to kindness by kindness and evil by evil. In fact, the child Pig is not only bold and voluntary in nature, but he is also not afraid of other children who are likely to be stronger than him. Because, like a reflecting mirror, the child Pig always returns in his relations what he perceived and absorbed in the first place.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019 to the future moms of a child Pig!

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Monthly Chinese calendar 2019 - Chinese zodiac animal and element for each month

Date Chinese Month
Fire Tiger Month
Fire Rabbit Month
Earth Dragon Month
Earth Snake Month
Metal Horse Month
Metal Goat Month
Water Monkey Month
Water Rooster Month
Wood Dog Month
Wood Pig Month
Fire Rat Month
Fire Ox Month

Chinese calendar hours

Discover the Chinese zodiac sign and element of your child. Use the local time of your baby's birth to define the animal of hour of birth:
Chinese Zodiac Hour Time Sign's stable element Sign's polarity
Hour of the Rat 11:00 pm - 00:59 am Water Yang
Hour of the Ox (Buffalo) 1:00 am - 2:59 am Earth Yin
Hour of the Tiger 3:00 am - 4:59 am Wood Yang
Hour of the Rabbit (Hare, Cat) 5:00 am - 6:59 am Wood Yin
Hour of the Dragon 7:00 am - 8:59 am Earth Yang
Hour of the Snake 9:00 am - 10:59 am Fire Yin
Hour of the Horse 11:00 am - 12:59 pm Fire Yang
Hour of the Goat (Sheep) 01:00 pm - 2:59 pm Earth Yin
Hour of the Monkey 03:00 pm - 4:59 pm Metal Yang
Hour of the Rooster (Chicken) 05:00 pm - 6:59 pm Metal Yin
Hour of the Dog 07:00 pm - 8:59 pm Earth Yang
Hour of the Pig (Boar) 09:00 pm - 10:59 pm Water Yin

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