💧🐰 The month of March 2017, which is the Month of the Water Rabbit of the Year of the Rooster of Fire 2017, is placed under the sign of gentleness and seduction, in a competitive atmosphere.

Just like the previous month of February 2017, the Month of the Water Tiger, the Month of the Water Rabbit 2017 is a period of communication and enhanced listening ability. The monthly energetic cycle is conducive to better listening to one's body and mind, and to constructive self-criticism.

Renewed spirituality

It's also more appropriate to spend the month of March 2017 to enrich yourself spiritually rather than make endless shopping sessions, all the more useless if you don’t actually miss anything. In terms of behavior, there’s a risk for the 12 signs or animals of the Chinese zodiac to indulge in laziness or passive contemplation in situations that should have required immediate and voluntary reaction.

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Art and culture

Water in its Yin form, mixed with Wood, which is the stable agent or intrinsic element of the Rabbit, generates a renewed aesthetic sensibility, which greatly favors companies whose main business activity is about art, design, fashion, music, cinema, or cultural travel. Artistic creation and vocations related to art and culture are emerging, in a climate that is extremely beneficial for new creative impulses.

Home and family

On a more personal level, the month of March 2017 is rather gregarious. During the month of the Water Rabbit 2017, one prefer to stay at home quietly to cocoon, in the near expectation of the Easter period. Nevertheless, the conversations are lively and the exchanges of ideas rather fruitful. On the other hand, if the subject raised in family or with friends is political, everyone will tend to encamp firmly on his position, even if what’s being defended seems totally irrational.

Energetic flow and work

With regard to the specific energetic flow of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology of March 2017, let us first remind ourselves that in the Chinese calendar, the zodiac sign of the Rabbit is in opposition to the zodiac sign of the Rooster. Similarly, the Water element (of the Water Rabbit Month 2017) extinguishes the Fire element (of the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017).

Let’s also remember that as Metal (stable agent or intrinsic element of the Rooster, 2017 animal of the Year) cuts Wood (stable agent or intrinsic element of the Rabbit, animal of the month of March 2017), it’s better to take precautions in case you're launching a new project or decide to invest during the month of March 2017.

The Rooster, as flamboyant as he can be picky, can at any time come to disturb the quiet and reserved Rabbit, by trying to get him out of his burrow in order to submit him to inappropriate questions. The Rooster has this great ability to notice and emphasize the faults of others, rather than applying his critical analysis to himself.

In business, criticisms and remarks are becoming more and more pressing, as the specific energies of the Rooster of the Chinese calendar year of 2017 require the Rabbit of March 2017 to be more active, and have fewer dreams.

The Five Elements of Chinese astrology

Balance and well-being

In order to restore balance to the confrontational energy flows during the Water Rabbit Month of the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, one should concentrate on activities related to the element Earth (pottery, gardening), activities related to the element Wood (walks in the forest, weekend in the countryside), but also, especially if you stay in the city, the practice of meditation and yoga. The colors to wear in March 2017 are those that have a direct link with the element Earth (yellow, ocher, brown) and the element Wood (green, khaki). If these colors are not part of your wardrobe, or you find them difficult to wear, or even unattractive to your taste for clothes, you may instead choose to wear a fabric bracelet or scarf, yellow and brown with a slight touch of green, or khaki with a point of yellow-orange.

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In love, it would be wise to give up utopias for the moment. The confrontation of the Rabbit and the Rooster is particularly felt during the month of March 2017. It’s possible that in your couple, you had more difficulty than usual to withstand the small defects of your partner, thus creating an atmosphere of mistrust and a withdrawal. An element or a new person appearing in your life could also come to disrupt your balance. Your couple's daily life can be disrupted by impatience due to fatigue and the whims of your partner, even by a lack of delicacy and attention. However, one must not be overly alarmed. In moments of crisis, it's be better to distance oneself while waiting for the storm to settle down, rather than pointlessly trying to argue. But rest assured that you will find harmony and the peace of the household again the following month, the Month of the Wood Dragon 2017.


Bachelors are actually much less disadvantaged by this situation of monthly astral opposition. This doesn’t mean that they can expect to encounter the love of their life during the Water Rabbit Month 2017. With the exception of those who have the Earth element in abundance in their astral chart, the romantic encounters taking place in March 2017 are more likely to turn into short-term relationships. However, if the right person was already in your life, it’s wise to make an extra effort during the month of March 2017 in order to consolidate the start of an exciting and passionate story.

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In conclusion

During the Water Rabbit Month of 2017, the energy of the Rooster of the Chinese Calendar Year of 2017, while making this period favorable to seduction, appearance and well-being, nevertheless imposes a critical and abrupt view of daily life, in total opposition to the aspirations of tranquility, comfort and diplomatic benevolence that characterize the Rabbit.

The monthly advise of KarmaWeather

Stay zen in all circumstances. Silently support the critics of your colleagues and loved ones, even if they seem totally unfounded. Take care of your appearance, and take advantage of the Water Rabbit Month to meditate and put your life in order. It’s also a period of dialogue and fruitful exchanges, ideal to call back old friends and spend pleasant moments with them around a good meal, while drinking Japanese green tea, what else?

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Energetic distribution of the 5 elements (1/2)

This KarmaWeather chart displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from March 1, 2017 until March 15, 2017. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day and the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. We're all supposed to react to the 5 Elements’ influence accordingly with our zodiac sign’s karmic personality.

Energetic distribution of the 5 elements (2/2)

This KarmaWeather chart displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from March 16, 2017 until March 31, 2017.

Elements’ Specifics

Fire Earth Metal Water
Colors Green Red Yellow White Blue
Senses Sight Speech Taste Olfaction Hearing
Feelings Angry Happy Introspective Anxious Fearful
Behavior Contained Watchful Thoughtful Talkative Attentive
Taste Acid Bitter Sweet Pungent Salty