March 2018, April 2018 - Monthly and Daily Forecast during the Wood Rabbit's Month of the 2018 Chinese calendar

Daily and monthly predictions for each day of the Wood Rabbit's Month of March and April 2018, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox (Buffalo), Tiger, Rabbit (Hare, Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (Sheep), Monkey, Rooster (Chicken), Dog, Pig (Boar).

According to the Chinese horoscope, the second Chinese calendar month of the Year of the Dog Year 2018 is the Wood Rabbit Month. This year the Month of the Wood Rabbit begins on March 17, 2018 and ends on April 15, 2018. The Month of the Wood Rabbit is preceded by the month of the Wood Tiger and followed by the Month of the Fire Dragon, which begins April 16, 2018.

The Wood Rabbit Month symbolizes the beneficial growth made possible by a serene atmosphere. This is why all the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are reinvigorated during this period. The 2018 Wood Rabbit Month is therefore a moment of constructive pause during which the pragmatic directing of one’s energy can produce spectacular results. However, the need for a comfortable atmosphere is essential to achieve this positive transformation. Indeed, the Wood Rabbit Month during the Year of the Earth Dog 2018 is the perfect opportunity for renewal.

If some of your recent personal projects have not yet come to fruition, for lack of human or financial support, it's not too late to try again! If you are interested in a position and you haven't received any response or proposal for a job interview, change your initial approach and apply again to competitors of the company that didn't respond. Take advantage of the persevering qualities of the Rabbit, who, if he sometimes has trouble dealing calmly with the problems of everyday life, is perfectly able to project himself into the future and return complex situations to his advantage.

However, let's not forget that the Rabbit is also known for his sometimes excessive caution, which can result in a temporary withdrawal or not taking a stand at a critical moment. On the other hand, initiatives aimed at balancing tensions and enhancing the chances of success of a fresh start don't necessarily imply a commitment similar to the preceding periods. Because an excessive need for security mixed with an insidious fear that past disappointments are repeated could help to curb any desire to embrace novelty. An outside influence can also determine the type of evolution that you might be tempted to pursue to get your life back on track.

Still, better communication and a more serene sharing of jealously-guarded ideas are some of the changes that can help soothe the grudges of the past and improve the future. Finally, if you have lost sight of some friends you really care about, it's time to get back in touch with them.

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The energies of the Wood Rabbit's Month of 2018 for the 12 signs of the Chinese calendar

According to the Chinese horoscope and as we have just discussed above, a Rabbit's Month during a Dog's Year is a perspective of positive energies combined with a desire to move forward and put the past back to its rightful place, behind us. Indeed, although their polarities are opposite, the Dog (Yang) and the Rabbit (Yin) are secret friends. Although they are not part of the same compatibility triangle, the Dog and the Rabbit understand each other. In terms of their personality, the tenderness of the Rabbit is perfectly combined with the loyalty of the Dog, which therefore calls for greater prosperity fostered by a climate of trust during the course of the month.

Moreover, even if in the wheel of the 5 elements Wood is in a destruction phase with Earth, this relationship is clearly attenuated or even reversed because of the opposite polarities of the two zodiacal signs of the Dog and the Rabbit. When confronting the Rabbit’s Yin Wood with the Dog’s Yang Earth, there is actually a strengthened stability of creation and generosity represented by the Yin Wood element, reinforced by the strength of the Yang Earth element, always consolidating and structuring. Finally, the Fire element, which serves to neutralize the opposition of the Earth element vis-a-vis the Wood element is already present in the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog, which consequently doesn't necessarily require one to carry out any additional balancing during this period.

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Wood Rabbit Month 2018's horoscope for Money, work and investment

The harmonious influence of the Rabbit during this Year of the Dog 2018, should benefit all 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. A remodeling of our professional aspirations allows one to consider new avenues that will bear fruit in the coming months, provided one learns to take calculated and measured risks.

Indeed in this first part of the Year of the Dog of 2018, and since the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2018, we can note a double conflictual interaction between the elements Wood and Earth. The negative influence of this interaction, felt during the previous Month, the Month of the Wood Tiger, is much more attenuated during this new lunar phase cycle. Because if two elements with the same polarity are de facto conflictual, it is otherwise when their polarity is opposite, as we have just analyzed in the paragraph above concerning the energies specific to the 2018 Rabbit Month.

Thus, even if it is true that the Yang Wood element commonly has a destructive interaction with the Yang Earth element and can signal a scattering of hard-won gains, when the Wood is in Yin polarity, as it is the case during the Rabbit Wood from March 17, 2018 to April 16, 2018, it means there are opportunities to seize in terms of the development and implementation of strategies and investments for the following months.

Just like one of the important spring agricultural activities, the seeding and watering in anticipation of the harvest during summer and the fall, those who have never managed to persevere long enough because they lacked the patience and a strong personal faith in their project should seize their chance: plant in the right place, water regularly and above all wait for the right moment before harvesting.

As for those who have already accomplished a good part of the road towards the fulfillment of their professional aspirations, it is not the moment to rest for so much, but on the contrary to continue with the same cadence to consolidate your project. Always ensure the quality of the foundations first when you want to add a new floor to a house.

Lastly, all the professional projects which have values hich are specific to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog are strongly favored, that is to say the notions of assistance to the person, equitable sharing, protection, justice, education, cohesion and action for the safeguard of the planet.

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Love horoscope of the Month of the Wood Rabbit 2018

There is love in the air, it's obvious. Loving elks spring from everywhere with the arrival of new leaves and first buds. This gentle and creative period of the Rabbit Wood Month is also a great opportunity to fall in love, meet new people and especially reconnect with those we once loved but with whom we lost contact.

During these periods of reverie and amorous desire, care must be taken not to be intoxicated by the grand statements of certain contenders, because "the scam of love" develops in parallel of spring love, like a tenacious weed at the foot of a beautiful wild rose. Without discouraging you from establishing a healthy relationship with a partner who is worth it, it is not useless to stay alert to avoid a future heartache and its share of inconvenience.

During the month of Rabbit Wood and generally when one has feelings for someone, it is essential to distinguish between our personal (and often narcissistic) projection of the beloved and the reality. The mind and the heart love to play the game of fiction, which has the merit of letting us get carried away in our fairy tales dreams and of reassuring us temporarily when our hopes are disappointed.

Therefore and above all, let your partner discover you gradually and avoid too much communication about your private life until you have know him / her for a while. Never feel obliged to answer a question, whatever it may be, and remember that a silence or a "no" are perfectly honorable answers. You can also ask a question in return for a question that bothers you. Take the time to know the person you may be sharing your life with, because if it is desirable for your couple to have different characters so you can resist the boredom of everyday life, some of your values re not negotiable and must be shared in soul and conscience. But rather than revealing yourself, let your lover show you who he / she is, preferably by acts rather than by sweet melodies.

Achieving a certain degree of lucidity in the first weeks following a romantic encounter, if it is always a bit difficult when passion is involved, can help to sense if it is a transient relationship or not. Be that as it may, a suitor who loves you and really appreciates you shall always be able to wait, while showing you respect in all cicumstances, in public and in private, that you unveil yourself at your own pace.

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KarmaWeather's monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs during the Wood Rabbit's Month

Rat’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Rat’s Monthly score: 5/10
Words can sometimes overflow thinking. Rivalries. Strength and motivation in the creation and apprehension of novelty. Monitor your finances.

Ox’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Ox’s Monthly score: 6/10
Advanced slow but safe. Sort of priorities, housework. Personal items to watch for. Better financial stability.

Tiger’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Tiger’s Monthly score: 8/10
New contract, new colleague, new boyfriend / girlfriend or an important new decision to make which can have a positive impact on your quality of life. End of an important blockage. Be careful with overwork, adapt your behavior according to your physical abilities for a better result.

Rabbit’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Rabbit’s Monthly score: 9/10
Excellent period in all aspects. It's time to start or consolidate what you’re undertaking. Homecoming.

Dragon’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Dragon’s Monthly score: 5/10
Some disappointments to digest. You can breathe a little. Financial stability, take care not let it be compromised. Watch for any excess. Learn to wait and prepare your turn.

Snake’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Snake’s Monthly score: 7/10
Progressive understanding of mistakes. Good advice listened and applied. Friendly warmth. Be both the guardian and the operator of your ideas. Potential return on investment.

Horse’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Horse’s Monthly score: 8/10
It's time to rethink the future. Return on investment possible. Arrival of a new person in the family. Nice news. Good month.

Goat’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Goat’s Monthly score: 7/10
Boost of energy. Spring wakes you up. Create and organize yourself. Any desire for immediate satisfaction is to be considered with caution. Possibility of a good return following a good action of the past. Chance nearby.

Monkey’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Monkey’s Monthly score: 6/10
Resumption of strength and dynamism. Some misunderstandings to dispel. Know how to knock on the right doors, the opportunities are there. Get moving.

Rooster’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Rooster’s Monthly score: 6/10
Period less favorable but without real danger. Do not ruin what you have already built. Improve your ideas and turn them into concepts. Time can be too short. Intense but uncertain love. It's double or quits.

Dog’s monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Dog’s Monthly score: 9/10
Excellent period for the Dog, as for the Rabbit. Soaring in all domains. Trust is there. Watch out for any abuse of power. Control your Fire element.

Pig's monthly Chinese horoscope from March 17 until April 15, 2018
Pig’s Monthly score: 6/10
Ability to overcome obstacles. Restoring balance. Remember that the Rabbit is your friend. Small pleasures sprinkled here and there can be harvested.

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Wood Rabbit's Month 2018 - Energetic distribution of the 5 elements (1/2)

This KarmaWeather chart displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from March 17, 2018 until March 31, 2018.

Wood Rabbit's Month 2018 - Energetic distribution of the 5 elements (2/2)

This KarmaWeather chart displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from April 1, 2018 until April 15, 2018. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day and the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. We're all supposed to react to the 5 Elements’ influence accordingly with our zodiac sign’s karmic personality.

Elements’ Specifics

Fire Earth Metal Water
Colors Green Red Yellow White Blue
Senses Sight Speech Taste Olfaction Hearing
Feelings Angry Happy Introspective Anxious Fearful
Behavior Contained Watchful Thoughtful Talkative Attentive
Taste Acid Bitter Sweet Pungent Salty
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