Chinese horoscope from November 8 until December 6, 2018 - Free Monthly and Daily Forecast during the Water Pig Month 2018 of the Chinese calendar

Daily and monthly predictions for each day of the Water Pig Month of November and December 2018, for the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

The Month of the Water Pig of the Chinese calendar starts on November 8th, 2018 and ends on December 6th, 2018. On November 7th, the new moon announces the passage in the Chinese calendar from the Water Dog Month to the Month of the Water Pig of the Year of the Earth Dog 2018.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the 2018 Water Pig Month begins on November 8, 2018 and ends on December 6, 2018. The month of November is always synonymous with the preparation of the end of year festivities. This is why socially, activities around the home and family are usually preferred. Luck, charm, sensuality and creative intelligence coexist during the lunar month of the twelfth animal of the Chinese zodiac, for the greatest happiness of all.

The Month of the Pig is often the occasion to combine moments of relaxation and pleasure but also to take the time to make a point on the priorities of the daily routine. It is therefore good to ignore any possible rigidity in order to be able to free the chains that can attach one to one's habits and can slow one in one's life projects. This perspective could occupy the first place in the lists of existential resolutions specific to the Month of the Pig 2018.

The majority of Chinese zodiac signs are less prone to criticism and sarcasm against their peers and are more willing than usual to be generous. Indeed, during the Year of the Dog 2018, it is during the Month of the Pig that one can be able to observe a strong increase of altruism. In summary, the current month is that of clairvoyance, of concretization, but also of receptivity to the needs of one's fellows.

However, even if the astrological conjuncture is particularly geared to those who wish to accommodate the tastes and feelings of people of their choice to please them, one must not forget that unlike those one can believe, any Pig conscious of his natural credulity is much less naive than he appears. One must therefore beware of possible breaches of trust. But in case of unexpected setbacks that must be faced at all costs, the benevolent and fortunate energy of the Water Pig can greatly reduce the damage.

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Energies of the Water Pig Month 2018 for the 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar

The 5 elements of Chinese cosmology present during the passage of the month of the Water Pig in the year of the Earth Dog 2018 are roughly balanced. Indeed, there is no situation of deficiency or significant excess of any of the elements. The only expression of conflictual nature that clearly manifests itself during the Month of the Pig 2018 concerns the relationship between the dominant elements Earth and Water. The Earth-Water confrontation is often synonymous with suffocation, slowdown and misunderstanding. However most of the animal-signs of the Chinese zodiac will not be affected by this antagonist transversal.

To calm the pressure exerted by the Earth element on the Water element and reinforce the latter, the presence of Metal, which is already found as a secondary intrinsic element in the Dog of the year, is necessarily required. Only the Chinese zodiac signs whose Metal is at the heart of their astrological identity chart (the Monkey and the Rooster) can feel frustrated at times and feel more the effects of fatigue. For the others, because of the pragmatic spirit found in the association of Water and Wood, activities related to the Metal element, such as shopping and investments, they can have the dual function of balancing energy on one side and preparing Christmas gifts on the other.

Money and career horoscope between November 8 and December 6, 2018

According to the 2018 career and money horoscope of the Month of the Pig, any person endowed with a pragmatic spirit is likely to be admired, or even adored during the Month of the Pig 2018. However, because of the confrontation Earth-Water, it is a feeling of caution and reserve that dominates the daily life of fast-growing companies, despite the rather favorable recent results. At the same time, companies looking for development opportunities see their strengths increased by each new reasoned initiative.

Indeed, during a Pig Month of a Dog Year, every bold action must be undertaken under the best auspices only and after careful consideration. Similarly, the Month of the Pig 2018 is more conducive to dividend accumulation than a new risky investment. This does not mean that innovation, the source of business dynamism and vitality, is not welcome during this period, but rather that it is better, for example, to look for new ideas by using a designer. rather than buying back existing technology.

During a salary negotiation, the mastery of the art of persuasion, the ability to appear safe without being arrogant, competent but never a threat to his managers, are part of the essential assets for the one who seeks to evolve within his company, or to search for another job. Tense atmospheres, especially for those working in open space or in a workshop, may seem less painful than usual during the Month of the Pig 2018. Better color expression in the office can greatly help to alleviate the pain of sharing everyday the same limited space with many people. Consider to apply a Feng Shui in line with your aspirations to increase your luck and good fortune at work.

Love horoscope of the Month of the Water Pig 2018

According to the 2018 love horoscope of the Month of the Pig, the franchise and fidelity are on the agenda within the couple. Past experiences reinforce ties. Those who feel their sense of responsibility increase towards their partner and those whose wish is that of renewed dialogue, especially for couples in conflict, can expect to have satisfactory results. Brainstorming to have an original and personalized gift idea for Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 remains a winning strategy.

For singles, it is useless to stay focused on a potential conquest. Especially if this pretender prefers to respond to your signals by the disdain of feigned ignorance, it is because he / she does not deserve you that should not spend another minute dreaming about this person. If the atmosphere is festive and conducive to new encounters, caution is required, especially during festive outings in groups.

Health Horoscope of the Month of the Water Pig 2018

Regarding the 2018 health horoscope of the Month of the Pig, a period governed by the Water Pig encourages all the more to be anticipating and to redouble vigilance in case of excess, because these are more frequent when the sensual charm of the twelfth animal of the Chinese calendar infuses his vibrant and heady energy.

Organs to watch for: Bladder, urogenital system

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Monthly horoscope for the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs during the Month of the Pig 2018

Rat's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Rat Rating: 5/10

Invest in training to improve your skills. Watch your business and give yourself more time to think calmly. Some rejoicing reunions on the friendly plan. Still a little patience. The beautiful days are not far.

Ox's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Ox Rating: 6/10

Give yourself thoroughly, you will be rewarded in the near future. This is not a reason to neglect your family. Stay available for your loved ones. Do not be overwhelmed by the events. You control the situation but still avoid isolation.

Tiger's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Tiger Rating: 8/10

You have the wind in your sails. Things evolve according to your wishes. Favorable financial situation, but beware of unnecessary expenses. Stay clear and aware of certain realities concerning some members of your family.

Rabbit's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Rabbit Rating: 8/10

Good rebounding period for the Rabbit. Review your priorities to be effective and above all profitable. Do not engage in projects that you are not sure you can control. Work first for yourself. Measure and weight are your two best assets during this month.

Dragon's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Dragon Rating: 6/10

Lack of clarity regarding certain issues, but things are getting better. Stability found again. Some invigorating trips. Forgiving beautifies you.

Snake's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Snake Rating: 5/10

Period of small tiredness due to intense social activity. Monitor your health as your language. This is not the time to settle accounts. Instead, focus on consolidating your achievements. Everything in its time.

Horse's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Horse Rating: 6/10

At work, keep your cool whatever happens. Do not hesitate to seek help if needed. Practice an activity of relaxation and well-being during your free time. Family side everything is fine, however do not be stingy with your availability to them, by the times, you may regret later.

Goat's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Goat Rating: 7/10

Things are gradually improving. Good period of professional opportunity and luck for the Goat. Organize yourself as best you can before trying to materialize. Move, do not be sedentary. It's time to do business.

Monkey's Horoscope November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Monkey Rating: 5/10

Keep the same course as the previous month but make better use of your achievements. Participate more in the activities of the house. Be ready to make concessions at work. Hold close, watch your nerves and keep smiling, the beautiful days are approaching.

Rooster's Horoscope November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Rooster Rating: 6/10

You do not have to be always in the center of everything, pass your turn from time to time, because a little rest can not hurt you. Small annoyances to solve can follow each other and tarnish the atmosphere. Keep harmony in your home. Avoid accumulating fatigue and regain your strength before tackling serious things.

Dog's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Dog Rating: 7/10

It's a quiet time for the Dog. Do not be unduly suspicious with strangers. Open your horizon and look far ahead (beyond the wall of your garden), you could spot some buried treasures. Avoid small quarrels, especially if you are not concerned.

Pig's Horoscope from November 8th to December 6th, 2018
Monthly Pig Rating: 7/10

The situation is a little better than the previous month. Things are progressing slowly. An enlargement of the social circle is foreseeable, but beware of errors of appreciation. Measure your appetite in front of strangers. Learn how to impose yourself limits if you want to keep your assets. Strengthen yourself.

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Daily energy distribution of the 5 elements

Month of the Water Pig 2018 - Energetic distribution of the 5 elements (1/2)

This KarmaWeather chart displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from November 8th until November 30th, 2018.

Month of the Water Pig 2018 - Energetic distribution of the 5 elements (2/2)

This KarmaWeather chart displays the daily energetic distribution of the 5 elements from December 1st, 2018 until December 6th, 2018. Traditionally, interactions between Fire, Earth, Water and Metal greatly influence the course of the day and the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. We're all supposed to react to the 5 Elements’ influence accordingly with our zodiac sign’s karmic personality.

Elements’ Specifics

Fire Earth Metal Water
Colors Green Red Yellow White Blue
Senses Sight Speech Taste Olfaction Hearing
Feelings Angry Happy Introspective Anxious Fearful
Behavior Contained Watchful Thoughtful Talkative Attentive
Taste Acid Bitter Sweet Pungent Salty

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