Daily Chinese horoscope
Tuesday 11 May 2021

Free and accurate daily horoscope of 11 May 2021
By Karmaweather - 26 February 2019
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Chinese calendar:
Day of the Earth Goat
Month of the Water Dragon
Year of the Metal Ox

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Characteristics of 11 May 2021

Polarity of the day: Yin
Polarity of the month: Yang
Polarity of the year: Yin
Marriage and love: Inauspicious
Favorable directions: South Southwest
Lucky colors: All colors
Energetic chart: WeaknessBalanced
Destiny of birth (Yi Jing): Moulting
Boy’s first names: All names
Girl’s first names: All names

Daily horoscope of 11 May 2021

Earth Goat Day

Creative but slightly immature, intelligent but gullible, the Earth Goat is sympathetic, generous, but also capricious, sensitive and pessimistic. However, his capacity for self-derision and his dark sense of humor protect him from the assaults of melancholy that regularly assail him. Artistic activities are also an effective way for him to sublimate his doubts and anxieties. Materialist, the Earth Goat needs not to lack anything to feel confident and safe. He can then flourish and give full measure of his abilities, especially in music, theater, art and design, literature, but also in politics, where he can excel. An Earth Goat Day is marked with the seal of creation. A curious and caring muse accompanies you throughout the day. Your daily life seems much less dull and repetitive, while you surprise yourself to note your impressions on a small notebook or on your smartphone, in the form of free and wild poems.

12th Lunar Mansion: The Roof

The lodge of the Roof is neutral. Monday and the Moon are symbolically attached to this house. It’s a day for building construction and real estate trades. On the other hand, travel is to be avoided during the passage of this lodge.

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Chinese stone of birth

Corrective stone of the day

yi king karma

Yi Jing hexagram of the revolution (革, gé)

Earth Goat's Pillar of Destiny

"The fire in the sky" (Yin)

The imaged destiny of the "fire in the sky" in its Yin form expresses the characteristics of a being of a lively intelligence and a charming nature whose sensitivity to aesthetics is undeniable. The pillar is conducive to a favorable social rise, despite an almost uncontrollable dynamic. Indeed, despite the intrinsic strength and steadiness present in its composition, a tendency to repetition and recklessness must be regularly fought to gain stability. The presence of another favorable pillar can contribute to the early advent of lasting success. On the other hand, in the event of antagonism with another pillar, it will be necessary to count on a benevolent external help to mitigate an exacerbated realism tinged with cynicism, which will have the tendency to generate obstacles to the progression of the individual.

As the pillar of the day of birth, obstinacy and difficulty in getting rid of one's past prevents providence from being truly effective by giving the pillar's native a lag time.