Daily Chinese horoscope
Wednesday 14 April 2021

Free and accurate daily horoscope of 14 April 2021
By Karmaweather - 26 February 2019
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Chinese calendar:
Day of the Water Dragon
Month of the Water Dragon
Year of the Metal Ox

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Characteristics of 14 April 2021

Polarity of the day: Yang
Polarity of the month: Yang
Polarity of the year: Yin
Marriage and love: Inauspicious
Favorable directions: East Southeast
Lucky colors: Red, Pink, Orange
Energetic chart: Deficiency Fire
Destiny of birth (Yi Jing): Grace
Boy’s first names: Haydn, Ignace, Malo, Melchior, Nacho
Girl’s first names: Aurore, Delia, Pénélope, Sabah, Urielle

Daily horoscope of 14 April 2021

Water Dragon Day

A day marked by the energies of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Water Dragon announces an opening to dialogue and positive exchanges. It's a good day to save money and avoid frivolous expenses. In business, you may have to justify the quality of your work: like a self-respecting Dragon, proud and determined, do not let yourself be destabilized by the sneaky attacks of your rivals.If you’re married or in a couple, take the time to really agree on the choice of your next vacation destination. For bachelors: enjoy the virtues of celibacy as long as it lasts, and don’t try to imitate at all costs your friends already in a relationship.

3rd Lunar Mansion: the Root

The lodge of the Root is unfavorable. Saturday, the Earth element and the planet Saturn are symbolically attached to this house. It announces bad weather, flu, and burglaries, especially for couples who married that day. People whose birthday corresponds to the lodge of the Root are usually introverted and suffer from communication problems. They must also avoid trades with a direct link to the sea and sea voyages in general. During this period, it’s recommended to all to take care of the elderly.

Daily food and diet’s horoscope

Chinese stone of birth

Corrective stone of the day

yi king karma

Yi Jing hexagram of graciousness (賁, bì)

The being born under the "Yi Jing hexagram of graciousness" is a sensitive, refined and vigorous being. He hates more than anything vulgarity, violence and neglect. He has an objective view of the realities of life and aspires to live in peace and in conformity with the social environment in which he finds himself. Always irreproachably diplomatic, he always takes care to calibrate his communication mode according to his interlocutors. Because deep down, he wants sincere social relations and devoid of any form of hypocrisy. Beside this, the being of the "Yi Jing hexagram of graciousness" has natural abilities of creation and aesthetics, so much so that he is often attracted by different modes of artistic expression, even if he practices none. The main existential challenge of being born under the "Yi Jing hexagram of graciousness" is to question his ability to never change his behavior, especially if he had chosen superficiality as a philosophy of life. It is by giving ever more importance to depth that he will be able to achieve (or maintain) his full personal development.

Water Dragon's Pillar of Destiny

"The water of the long river" (Yang)