Daily Chinese horoscope
Monday 18 October 2021

Free and accurate daily horoscope of 18 October 2021
By Karmaweather - 26 February 2019
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Chinese calendar:
Day of the Earth Pig
Month of the Earth Dog
Year of the Metal Ox

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Characteristics of 18 October 2021

Polarity of the day: Yin
Polarity of the month: Yang
Polarity of the year: Yin
Marriage and love: Auspicious
Favorable directions: North Northwest
Lucky colors: Red, Pink, Orange
Energetic chart: Weakness Fire
Destiny of birth (Yi Jing): Before completion
Boy’s first names: Aodh, Cirius, Haydn, Munir, Teo
Girl’s first names: Elena, Etney, Séraphine, Urielle, Ámbar

Daily horoscope of 18 October 2021

Earth Pig Day

In the Chinese tradition, the Earth Pig is known to be the most stable and mature of his peers. Not lacking in humor, the Earth Pig is able to apply a strategic vision to the projects he undertakes, as well as he generally has a strong sense of responsibility towards his family. Thus, a day under the auspices of the Earth Pig is favorable to trade negotiations and the completion of complex projects. The Earth Pig being a perfectionist, so you can count on a much higher capacity of concentration and precision than usual in what you undertake during the day. In the evening, a good family meal, preferably at home rather than at the restaurant, will end the day pleasantly.

13th Lunar Mansion: the Abode

The Lodge of the Abode is beneficial. Tuesday and the Fire element are symbolically attached to this house. The initiation of new projects is successful. Family meetings and the transmission of knowledge to the youngest bring luck and harmony.

Daily food and diet’s horoscope

Chinese stone of birth

Corrective stone of the day

yi king karma

Yi Jing hexagram of before the achievement (未濟, wèi jì)

The being born under the influence of "the Yi Jing hexagram of before the achievement" is a passionate, insightful, progressive and pioneering individual. He knows first and foremost that change and evolution are inherent to life. Thus, thanks to his analytical mind and critical language, he is able to perceive and analyze the warning signs that precede the decline or fall of human organizations. At work, he is able to lead others with admirable passion. However, he excels more in occupations that require deep knowledge of the history of civilizations and social psychology. He needs quality training from an early age in order to exploit his true potential. On the other hand, one who happens to be sincere and friendly with others often lacks audacity and decision in terms of his emotional relationships. At their peak, excessive caution and reserve may even lead to paranoia in case of stress or sentimental competition. Therefore, the main existential challenge of the person born under the influence of "the Yi Jing hexagram of before the achievement" is his ability to dominate his sickly shyness, which may cause him to miss out on love occasions or worse, to lead him to live an emotional relation by default, which can be very regrettable in the long term.

Earth Pig's Pillar of Destiny

"The wood of the plain" (Yin)

In the Yin version of the imaged destiny of the "wood of the plain", what predominates here is the idea of budding and fertility that occur at the start of seasonal cycles. Initiation, production and development are inspired by an inner vision of things. However, the imagination is partially slowed by an exacerbated sense of reality. It will take effort to ensure that creativity succeeds in effectively feeding the existential quest. A misconfiguration with the other pillars can result in a tendency to scatter or lasciviousness. Be that as it may, this pillar is well suited to individuals whose main occupation combines inventiveness with human relations.

As a pillar of the day, efforts to achieve one's goals can be more difficult. Only passion will allow good fortune to express itself freely and to bear fruit.