Daily Chinese horoscope
Thursday 29 October 2020

Free and accurate daily horoscope of 29 October 2020
By Karmaweather - 26 February 2019
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Chinese calendar:
Day of the Snake Wood
Month of the Dog Fire
Year of the Rat Metal

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Characteristics of 29 October 2020

Polarity of the day: Yin
Polarity of the month: Yang
Polarity of the year: Yang
Marriage and love: Auspicious
Favorable directions: South Southeast
Lucky colors: All colors
Energetic chart: WeaknessBalanced
Destiny of birth (Yi Jing): The dispersion
Boy’s first names: All names
Girl’s first names: All names

Daily horoscope of 29 October 2020

Wood Snake Day

The Wood Snake possesses a wisdom and a magnetic vital force which force the admiration of his peers as much a the eleven other signs of the Chinese zodiac. His seductive power is not, however, an artifice at the service of a passing whim. Quite the contrary, the Wood Snake knows how to use his many talents in the service of the arts, culture, not forgetting his personal enrichment. Faithful to those he loves, the Wood Snake can nevertheless be narcissistic, but who could blame him, in front of such generous charm and seemingly unlimited talents? A day of the Wood Snake is ideal for making big decisions. If you can find a quiet and secluded place, you can decide with lucidity and serenity of important subjects concerning your private and professional life.

13th Lunar Mansion: the Abode

The Lodge of the Abode is beneficial. Tuesday and the Fire element are symbolically attached to this house. The initiation of new projects is successful. Family meetings and the transmission of knowledge to the youngest bring luck and harmony.

Daily food and diet’s horoscope

Chinese stone of birth

Corrective stone of the day

yi king karma

Yi Jing hexagram of dispersion (渙, huàn)

The being born under the influence of the "Yi Jing hexagram of dispersion" is a lively, active and rather conservative individual. Progress and innovation often make him feel uncomfortable because he can perceive the negative upheavals that go along with any technical change. Young, his sometimes haughty temperament actually serves as a barrier to hide his inner fragility. Whether against an attack or an annoyance, he is always able to defend his opinions as well as his interests, even putting himself at risk if need be. Fortunately, as he grows older, he gains in wisdom and moderation. At work, he does not like receiving orders or feeling cramped in roles that do not suit him. He is very comfortable in professions that require independence and a cold responsiveness. Yet holding an important position in a humanitarian structure might actually be best for him. Indeed, he could flourish more if he fought for a collective cause. If he does not find his true vocation fast enough, it will be difficult for him to persevere in any direction. Also, the main existential challenge of the individual born under the influence of the "Yi Jing hexagram of dispersion" is to develop his faculty to remain fixed on a single objective and to take into account his needs as well as his abilities, if he wants one day to achieve lasting success.

Wood Snake's Pillar of Destiny

"The fire of the torchlight" (Yin)

The imaged destiny of the "fire of the torchlight" in its Yin form is more beneficial than its Yang version. It indicates a sensitive and intelligent temperament, attracted to artistic expression. Indeed, a strong creative potential can inhabit this individual, without sometimes being fully aware of it. However, it is especially the hope and the preservation of his comfort zone that can animate the decisive actions of this individual. Moreover, the humility with which he approaches his existence can open him to strong prospects of success, provided that he can catch a glimpse of them. That is why this pillar retains in itself strong promises of overtures to secret riches.

As a pillar of the day, the pillar of the "fire of the torchlight" is even more propitious. It is through artistic achievements that the being who possesses this imaged destiny on the day of his birth will be awarded the laurels of a deserved success.