Daily Chinese horoscope
Monday 06 July 2020

Free and accurate daily horoscope of 06 July 2020
By Karmaweather - 26 February 2019
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Chinese calendar:
Day of the Dog Metal
Month of the Horse Water
Year of the Rat Metal

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Characteristics of 06 July 2020

Polarity of the day: Yang
Polarity of the month: Yang
Polarity of the year: Yang
Marriage and love: Auspicious
Favorable directions: West Northwest
Lucky colors: Black, Blue
Energetic chart: Excess Water
Destiny of birth (Yi Jing): The march
Boy’s first names: Adrián, Delmar, Jonas, Jordan, Laiken
Girl’s first names: Azul, Cordelia, Meredith, Murielle, Nanami

Daily horoscope of 06 July 2020

Metal Dog Day

The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Metal Dog, whose energies dominate the day, creates a climate of nobility, righteousness and justice. A certain austerity fills the atmosphere. If the splinters of a party are heard in the distance, it will be an official or martial celebration, marked by the sound of the drums and the brilliance of the uniforms. At the workplace, the day is conducive to administrative and logistical activities. In love, if you're married or in a couple, the evening won't be surprising, but it doesn't really matter. The repetitive cadence of the daily tasks of the home also bring the feeling of security that we all look for to relax and flourish. If you're single, avoid planning a first romantic date during the evening, you would take the risk of getting strongly bored and watch your pretender yawn.

7th Lunar Mansion: The Basket

The lodge of the Basket is beneficial. Wednesday, the Water element and the planet Mercury are symbolically attached to this house. The day of the 7th lodge of the Basket is traditionally attached to the professional world, and especially to agriculture. It's a good day for business. People wishing to change their career path are also favored. Any new initiative is potentially a source of success and gains are multiplied.

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Chinese stone of birth

Corrective stone of the day

yi king karma

Yi Jing hexagram of the march (履, lǚ)

Metal Dog's Pillar of Destiny

"The gold of ornaments and hairpins" (Yang)

The imaged destiny of the "gold ornaments and hairpins" refers, as one can easily guess, to the idea of ​​beauty and elegance. Here, the desire to be fulfilled as a human being necessarily implies using the weapons of seduction. Pleasure is essential to maintain a dynamic of social climbing, even if it occasionally compromises the balance between passion, common sense and the ardor that can be found in the character of the Metal Dog. A beneficial pillar, it is nevertheless more suited to a prominent individual who is entrusted with negotiating responsibilities. Politician, lawyer or commercial trader are the main professional profiles that can be associated with this pillar.

In an unfavorable configuration with the other pillars, the imaged destiny of the "gold of ornaments and hairpins" indicates an opposition between two powers of the same caste or the same society. It is then a duality between two comparable symbolic forces: on the one hand that of the adornments which cover the whole body, and on the other that of the hairpins placed at the top of the head.

In a family, conflict can be fueled by mutual misunderstanding between parents and children. In world astrology, at the scale of a nation, it is rather the indicators of a power struggle between the people and an army at the service of a dominant caste, between the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, the religious and civil society.

As a pillar of the day of birth, this pillar in its Yang form is very conducive. Fortune and luck are at hand, provided you rely on the art of dialogue and the quality of oral expression.