🎨 Feng Shui 2017 - What are the Feng Shui lucky colors to wear for 2017? Chinese New Year 2017, Year of the Fire Rooster, begins on Jan. 28, 2017

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Feng Shui colors 2017 - KarmaWeather's Lucky tips: What is the Lucky color 2017 of your Chinese zodiac sign, and what's the luckiest Feng Shui color 2017 for business?

In order to counterbalance the negative effects of Fire, the 2017 Rooster element for this year, which faces Metal, the stable element of the Rooster, the lucky colors to wear in 2017 are colors symbolizing the Earth element: yellow, ocher or brown.

The same Feng Shui colors 2017 used for fashion are to be considered for the re-decoration of your house (living-room, bedroom, kitchen, front door), as well as to earn more money in 2017 and make your business more successful (office and logo design).

Indeed, the Earth element has the capacity to drain the excess of Fire that dominates the year 2017, and to stabilize the Metal element of the Rooster.

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For example, when you use red (Fire) and white (Metal), always remember to add a touch of color representing Earth (yellowocherbrown) in order to harmonize the energy flows produced by this set-up.

As a consequence, if one set of colors to wear in priority had to be selected as the 2017 Color of the Year, it would be Earth related colors.

Another Feng Shui lucky color technique: if you use white (Metal) with green (Wood), knowing that Metal cuts Wood, be sure to introduce Water element colors to your combination, blue or black.

For more information on the creative and destructive cycles of the five elements of Chinese cosmology and their relationship with Feng Shui colorsclick here

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Lucky color of the year 2017 for the 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar

🐭 Rat 2017 lucky colors: yellow, lemon green, emerald green

🐮 Ox (Buffalo) 2017 lucky colors: khaki green, brown

🐯 Tiger 2017 lucky colors: blue, black

🐰 Rabbit (Hare, Cat) 2017 lucky colors: yellow, blue

🐲 Dragon 2017 lucky colors: straw yellow

🐍 Snake 2017 lucky colors: apple green, turquoise blue

🐎 Horse 2017 lucky colors: turquoise green, cyan blue

🐑 Goat (sheep) 2017 lucky colors: ultramarine blue

🐵 Monkey 2017 lucky colors: green

🐔 Rooster (Chicken) 2017 lucky colors: larch green, yellow, blue

🐶 Dog 2017 lucky colors: pine green, blue

🐷 Pig (Boar) 2017 lucky colors: yellow, ocher yellow

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Happy Chinese New Year 2017!

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