🐴 Horse 2017 Chinese horoscope - 2017 Chinese Horoscope of the Zodiac sign of the Horse during the Year of the Fire Rooster

Work, love, luck, money, discover our full predictions in 2017 for the sign of the Horse.

People born during the following Chinese Calendar Years are Horses: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

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The Horse in short

7th sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Horse is an athlete, always in motion and passionate for far away adventures. Very comfortable in society, he's also a skilled and cultured speaker. However, the Horse tends to shirk his responsibilities, especially when one tries to tame him without his agreement.

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2017, Year of the Fire Rooster: horoscope forecast for the Horse

In 2017, the Horse feels safe all along the year. The Year of the Fire Rooster is a good year for him, though somewhat trivial. Nothing very new or surprising in perspective. This year, the Horse actually enjoys and takes full advantage of his cozy stable, chewing some good hay on a regular basis.

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Love, birth and meetings

During the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, being less sociable and more homebody than usual, the Horse can count on his family and his loved ones to allay his anxieties.

Work and social life

The Horse can expect small turbulences at work, but nothing to worry about too much. 2017 is not the ideal time for him to expect a promotion. This year, the Horse's professional life looks more like a quiet hike in the forest than a frantic gallop on the lawn of a crowded stadium.

Chance and well-being

In 2017, luck may smile exceptionally at the Horse, provided he doesn't neglect his relatives and supporters, and that he demonstrates some perseverance and regularity in the accomplishment of his daily tasks.

Best Karma Weather 2017

Most favorable periods to the Horse in 2017:  Month of the Tiger (February 2017), Month of the Horse (June 2017), Month of the Goat (July 2017), Month of the Dog (October 2017).

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Chinese Zodiac 2017 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Horses

The main Element of your Year of Birth determines which type of Horse you are.

🌳 Wood Horse (born in 1954, 2014)

In 2017, the Wood Horse prefers to receive his friends at home. He takes care of his well-being by choosing activities and places represented by the Yin Water element, such as the swimming pool, the spa, the thermal cures or the hammam. The Sea being a Yang Water Environment, it's not necessarily the most relaxing place for the Wood Horse in the course of the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017.

🔥 Fire Horse (born in 1966, 2026)

In 2017, especially during the months of May, June and July, the Fire Horse must monitor his nerves in order to avoid being carried away by endless and useless anger. Fiercely independent, the Fire Horse must show unusually great patience in 2017, while enduring uncomfortable situations during which he shall be forced to justify the quality of his work to his boss or his clients.

🗿 Earth Horse (born in 1978)

In 2017, the Earth Horse must resist the temptation to multiply his activities beyond his capacity. The energy gained by the Fire of the Year of the Rooster 2017 can benefit him only if he concentrates on only one task at a time. It's a good year overall, during which the Earth Horse takes time to enjoy good times with his family and his friends.

🔧 Metal Horse (born in 1990)

2017 is a fruitful year for the Metal Horse, as the efforts of the past years are slowly beginning to bear fruit. On a sentimental level, the Metal Horse will tend to flee at a gallop if he feels restricted in his living space.

💧 Water Horse (born in 1942, 2002)

In 2017, the Water element energy which accompanies him brings to the Horse of Water the necessary balance to his personal and family flourishing. It's a beneficial year for the Water Horse, in spite of the ambitious and agitated atmosphere announced by this Year of the Fire Rooster.

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