🐵 Monkey 2017 Chinese horoscope - 2017 Chinese Horoscope of the Zodiac sign of the Monkey during the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Work, love, luck, money, discover our full predictions in 2017 for the sign of the Monkey.

People born during the following Chinese Calendar Years are Monkeys: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

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The Monkey in short

Brilliant, gourmet, skilful and inventive in everything he undertakes, the Monkey doesn't hesitate to use cunning and his natural charism to achieve his goals. Funny and cheerful, but also unstable in his relationship with others, the Monkey can change friends or home in the blink of an eye.

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2017, Year of the Fire Rooster: horoscope forecast for the Monkey

The year 2017 is a correct year for the Monkey. The natives of the ninth Chinese zodiac sign stay on course all along the year, but their specific energetic cycle of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology is a little less favorable for them than during the previous year, the Year of the Fire Monkey 2016.

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Love, birth and meetings

On the emotional side, the year 2017 is slightly tumultuous for Monkeys, while passing storms are to be expected. The first half of the year of the Fire Rooster 2017 is conducive to singles in search of the soul mate.

Monkeys who fall in love in 2017 must remain vigilant as to the reciprocity of the feelings of their partners. Let us never forget that love can blind us, and the obstinacy of the transient lover, with his heart pierced by the arrow of Cupid, can only predict bitter disappointments in perspective. The long-term success of a loving union requires balance and mutual respect for one another, as well as the preservation of their intimate space.

Work and social life

The Monkey can expect new professional opportunities, especially through influential people met in meetings or seminars. The potential gains generated by the Monkey in 2017 are also likely to cause him to neglect his family duties.

Chance and well-being

Like the period of the previous year of the Fire Monkey 2016, luck continues to smile at the Monkey during the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017. However, the Monkey must be careful to protect his interests, and to remain alert for the potential risk of being deprived of his property by his congeners.

Best Karma Weather 2017

Most favorable periods to the Monkey in 2017: Month of the Dragon (April 2017), Month of the Pig (November 2017), Month of the Rat (December 2017).

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Chinese Zodiac 2017 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Monkeys

The main Element of your Year of Birth determines which type of Monkey you are.

🌳 Wood Monkey (born in 1944, 2004)

2017 is a beneficial year for the Wood Monkey. He shall be attracted by new knowledge while preserving a distance with regard to new potential encounters. Finally, sport, travel and exchanges with foreign countries could be opportunities for the Wood Monkey to develop new interesting and fruitful prospects.

🔥 Fire MONKEY (born in 1956)

The Fire Monkey spends a rather average year in 2017. He must learn to rely only on his own personal achievements if he wants to obtain a recognized place in the field to which he has decided to devote himself. The year of the Rooster advocating honesty and frankness, if the Monkey wants to spend a pleasant year, he should absolutely need to respect these values.

🗿 Earth MONKEY (born in 1968)

In 2017, the Earth Monkey spends a decent year. The Earth Monkey who has unpaid debts to repay risks seeing his creditors emerge at an unexpected moment.

🔧 Metal MONKEY (born in 1980)

In 2017, the Metal Monkey is advised to focus on long-term investments rather than engaging in frivolous spending. It's an average year, nothing to declare.

💧 Water MONKEY (born in 1992)

-The Water Monkey could enjoy the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 to show his true colors at last to those he loves, and begin to clearly distinguish the professional paths that suit him best.

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