🐮 Ox 2017 Chinese horoscope - 2017 Chinese Horoscope of the Zodiac sign of the Ox during the Year of the Fire Rooster

Work, love, luck, money, discover our full predictions in 2017 for the sign of the Ox.

People born during the following Chinese Calendar Years are Oxen-Bulls:  1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

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The Ox in short

Amongst the 12 signs of the Chinese calendar, the second sign of the Chinese zodiac is definitely the most conservative and the most attached to his family and to traditional values. Hardworking and persevering, the Ox is also jealous, likely to be carried away by one of his legendary tantrums.

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2017, Year of the Fire Rooster: horoscope forecast for the Ox

This is the end of a long dull period for the native of the Year of the Ox. 2017 is a calm and happy year, under good omens for the Ox. The projects which are under development are likely to materialize. However, the Ox shouldn't relax his guard, whereas a disappointment is always possible, coming from a partner or a friend.

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Love, birth and meetings

A year of Fire Yin, like this year 2017, is generally more favorable to arranged marriages and blended families. The Year of the Rooster, synonymous with vitality, organization, and advanced conservatism, is also propitious to the Ox who enjoys a birth at home. Indeed, a child born in the Year of the Rooster is a guarantee of compatibility with a mother or father born in the Year of the Ox.

Work and social life

A shining success is possible in 2017. However, it's in the interest of the Ox to remain discreet, especially by avoiding to spread the fruits of his success in the open, at the risk of fanning stubborn jealousy from friends and strangers alike. Increased vigilance is called for during the course of the year, in view of a possible betrayal by a loved one or business partner.

Chance and well-being

In 2017, fortune smiles to the most discreet of the natives of the sign of the Ox.

Best Karma Weather 2017

Most favorable periods to the Ox in 2017:  Month of the Rat (December 2017), Month of the Rabbit (March 2017), Month of the Snake (May 2017), Month of the Rooster (September 2017).

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Chinese Zodiac 2017 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Ox

The main Element of your Year of Birth determines which type of Ox you are.

🌳Wood Ox (born in 1985)

In 2017, much more open and social than usual, the Wood Ox even learns to cultivate compassion. His motivation to undertake new projects is increased tenfold, and in general, his relationships with others are more peaceful and productive.

In 2017, the risk for the Wood Ox of facing treason or strong disappointment from a loved one is particularly acute. To maximize his potential in 2017, the Wood Ox can rebalance his personal karmic cycle of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology, by leveraging an increased presence of the Water element in his life, for example by wearing blue and black, colors of Water, as often as possible.

🔥Fire Ox (born in 1997)

The Yin Fire of the Year 2017 strengthens the energy provided by the Yin Fire specific to the Year of Birth of the Fire Ox, born in 1997. His fame amongst his social circle (and on social networks) is increasing all along the year.

Dynamic and productive, the Fire Ox must however ensure that his pride doesn't lead him to making bad decisions against people who love and support him. The quicker he succeeds in respecting and accepting the differences of others, the more notoriety and legitimacy he can expect in return.

The Fire Ox can be tempted in 2017 to engage in law enforcement-related careers (army, justice, police, firefighting). Before taking the plunge, it's better for the Fire Ox to make sure that he not only has the mind, but also the physical condition required for such careers.

🗿Earth Ox (born in 1949, 2009)

In 2017, some periods of fatigue can be foreseen, especially in the ending of seasons. However, the Ox can find ways to regenerate by developing an artistic practice, or by writing his private diary.

🔧Metal Ox (born in 1961, 2021)

A tireless worker, the Metal Ox rarely thrives in occupations where hierarchy is too strong, or to his disadvantage. Stingy with his words, when he speaks, it's usually with great clarity. When it comes to convince someone about a fundamental issue, the Metal Ox is ready to bluntly deploy an intense and direct energy.

2017 is a good year for the Metal Ox. Summertime is the least favorable period of the year for business, as the Fire element (in conflict with Metal) is then being increased. This may be an opportunity to take a break and finally enjoy a real holiday.

💧Water Ox (born in 1973)

In 2017, the Water Ox takes full advantage of the annual energetic cycle of the 5 elements of Chinese cosmology. He's likely to succeed in all his undertakings, both in the field of business and love. His quiet demeanor, logical and methodical, allow him to surprise and surpass his competitors, without any need for him to give his horns.

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