🐮 Year of the Ox - Chinese horoscope, Chinese zodiac love compatibility, lucky charms for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water Ox

Years of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox (Buffalo), 2nd animal of the Chinese zodiac:
25/01/1925 - 12/02/1926
11/02/1937 - 30/01/1938
29/01/1949 - 16/02/1950
15/02/1961 - 04/02/1962
03/02/1973 - 22/01/1974
20/02/1985 - 08/02/1986
07/02/1997 - 27/01/1998
26/01/2009 - 13/02/2010
12/02/2021 - 31/01/2022

📅 What's my Chinese zodiac sign?

Quiet strength irradiates from the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox. A person born during the Year of the Ox, the second animal of the Chinese zodiac, is very self-confident and knows his / her life goals.

Powerful and balanced, the Ox always manages to find the energy needed to get back on his feet, even when going through difficult times. Able to carry heavy loads, to fall just to better to rise again, the tenacity and the perseverance of the Ox allows him to raise mountains and to protect those whom he likes from the most fierce weather conditions.

Concerning his sentimental life, the Ox has an immoderate love for his family. Life would have no meaning for him without the presence of his family and friends. He is faithful in love and cares very carefully about the education of his children. Very territorial, the Ox is also jealous and possessive. It is better not to enter his domain without having his prior blessing.

On a morphological level, it is not uncommon for people born during a year of the Buffalo to be broad-shouldered, just as they generally have good bone strength.

Very disciplined in his daily life, loyal and rather honest, his opinions are generally conservative and respectful of the established order. As a result, the Ox sometimes suffers from a lack of fantasy, which doesn't prevent him from excelling in the creative trades whose high level of requirement is up to his abilities.

Self-disciplined and organized, the Ox favors when he can the creation and development of his own business rather than having to report to a superior. That is why, when the conditions allow it, the Ox would rather choose a solitary job, in order to preserve his peace of mind and his productivity, especially as speed not being his best asset, he needs to manage his progression to the rhythm that suits him best.

In the business world, the Ox is a trustworthy professional, with whom one can work serenely, despite his highly developed ego and his lack of flexibility. In case of too much frontal contestation or if he feels betrayed, always beware of the Ox; even wounded, he will always have the strength and agility needed to grip his enemy in the whirlwind of his violent and destructive anger.

Chinese zodiac Ox's best jobs

Archeologist, Politician, Economist, Teacher, Cook

Lucky Colors

Green, Black

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Lucky Numbers

2, 6, 10

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Eminent personalities and Celebrities born in the year of the Ox

Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Barack Obama, David Hockney, Peter Paul Rubens, Vincent Van Gogh, Cédric Villani, Sergey Brin, Bernard Arnault, Diana Princess of Wales, Walt Disney, King Henri IV of France, Napoleon I, Larry Page, Albert Camus, Marc Lévy, Mylène Farmer, Wengie, Eugene Lee Yang, Bruno Mars, Michael Phelps, Dominic Sandoval, Wayne Rooney, Toby Turner, Chris Paul, Keira Knightley, Arden Cho

🐮 Chinese zodiac Ox
Main traits and compatibility

Element Polarity Directions Match Secret
Earth Yin West, Southwest Snake, Rooster Rat Goat

Love Match and Chinese zodiac Compatibility triangle

The Ox, the Snake and the Rooster are part of the second compatibility triangle of Chinese astrology. Indeed, the Ox (Bull), second sign-animal of the zodiac in the Chinese calendar, gets along naturally with the Snake and the Rooster.

All 12 signs of the Chinese horoscope also have a secret friend: the Rat is the secret friend of the Ox.

The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ox is incompatible with the Goat.

Astrology tip: to better understand your Daily Horoscope, regardless of the specific interpretation of the current Chinese New Year, the Rat should monitor the days and months governed by the energetic influence of the Goat.

💑 Chinese zodiac love compatibility

Western Zodiac Counterpart of the Ox

The Western zodiac sign of Capricorn is the closest to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox (Bull). Indeed, the lunar calendar dates of the Month of the Ox correspond roughly to the solar calendar dates of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

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Year of the Ox-Buffalo-Bull - The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac by KarmaWeather, Free Chinese horoscope iPhone app

Year of the Ox-Buffalo-Bull - The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac by KarmaWeather, Free Chinese horoscope iPhone app

🐮 Years of the Ox (Buffalo) and their related Chinese element

Year Date Element, Chinese Year
1925 25/01/1925 - 12/02/1926 Year of the Wood Ox
1937 11/02/1937 - 30/01/1938 Year of the Fire Ox
1949 29/01/1949 - 16/02/1950 Year of the Earth Ox
1961 15/02/1961 - 04/02/1962 Year of the Metal Ox
1973 03/02/1973 - 22/01/1974 Year of the Water Ox
1985 20/02/1985 - 08/02/1986 Year of the Wood Ox
1997 07/02/1997 - 27/01/1998 Year of the Fire Ox
2009 26/01/2009 - 13/02/2010 Year of the Earth Ox
2021 12/02/2021 - 31/01/2022 Year of the Metal Ox

🌳 Wood Ox

You’re a Wood Ox if you’re born in 1925 or 1985. In 2018, you’re 93 or 33 years old. Your Totem Number is 2.

Attached to traditional values just like his congeners, the Wood ox is a bit more sociable than them. In a perpetual analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of his direct environment, he is a formidable businessman. Great worker, the Wood Ox won't hesitate to sacrifice his pleasure if necessary, social success being such an absolute life goal for him. Clever and independent, his remarkable honesty doesn't prevent him from rallying the majority opinion, rather than defending his own ideas, especially when he feels that he risks not benefiting from a given situation. The Wood Ox is also not the kind to weep for the bad fate that can happen to others, so that one can sometimes find him insensitive and even rigid.

Finally, the Ox Buffalo has a much better team spirit than the others of his kind, with the only condition, of course, to be the captain of the ship.

🔥 Fire Ox

You’re a Fire Ox if you’re born in 1937 or 1997. In 2018, you’re 81 or 21 years old. Your Lucky Number is 14.

The fame and recognition the Fire Ox can get from social networks exposure are very important to his well-being. Dynamic and productive, the Fire Ox must however ensure that his pride doesn't lead him to making bad decisions against people who love and support him. The quicker he succeeds in respecting and accepting the differences of others, the more notoriety and legitimacy he can expect in return.

🗿 Earth Ox

You’re an Earth Ox if you’re born in 1949 or in 2009. In 2018, you’re 69 or 9 years old. Your Lucky Number is 26.

The Earth Ox doesn't like to express his feelings. Patience, stability and perseverance give the Earth Ox efficiency in action, despite a tendency to persist even when it's time to give up and move on, and a rather slow work rate.

🛠 Metal Ox

You’re a Metal Ox if you’re born in 1961. In 2018, you’re 57 years old. Your Lucky Number is 38.

Tireless worker, the Metal Ox rarely thrives in occupations where hierarchy is too strong, or to his disadvantage. Stingy with his words, when he speaks, it's usually with great clarity. When it comes to convince someone about a fundamental issue, the Metal Ox is ready to bluntly deploy an intense and direct energy.

💧 Water Ox

You’re a Water Ox if you’re born in 1973. In 2018, you’re 45 years old. Your Lucky Number is 50.

The Water Ox may well be ambitious, opportunistic and calculating, he nevertheless remains endowed with a deep moral sense. His respect for the established order, as well as his patience and righteousness, greatly back up his reputation for being a pleasant and effective partner/collaborator. The Water Ox is also the less stubborn of his fellows.

Feng Shui BaGua basics for the sign of the Ox (born in 1973, 1985, 1997)

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