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Birth years of the Rat, 1st animal sign of the Chinese zodiac:
05/02/1924 - 24/01/1925
24/01/1936 - 10/02/1937
10/02/1948 - 28/01/1949
28/01/1960 - 14/02/1961
15/02/1972 - 02/02/1973
02/02/1984 - 19/02/1985
19/02/1996 - 06/02/1997
07/02/2008 - 25/01/2009
25/01/2020 - 11/02/2021

📅 What is my Chinese zodiac sign?

The Rat is one of the most clever and gifted animals out of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. The Rat, pleasant and seductive, possesses extraordinary abilities that allow him to emerge victorious from the most delicate situations.

The Rat is one of the most charming and sociable Chinese zodiac signs. He loves to party until dawn with his many friends. Very comfortable in society, it is difficult to resist his sense of humor, as he manages to deal with salacious subjects with a surprising subtlety.

Knowing perfectly how to put his interlocutors at ease, the Rat nevertheless abstains from establishing a balance of power within the limited framework of a discussion. He is indeed sufficiently sophisticated and cunning to almost never need to resort to primitive forms of communication, such as intimidation or violence.

The Rat has a very dynamic and positive personality, which helps him set ambitious life goals for himself. Moreover, his meticulous and persevering nature allows him to successfully complete long-term projects.

His undeniable magnetism and intelligence arouse the curiosity and fascination of both his friends and his enemies, who fear him with reason. The Rat having the defects of his qualities, he will not hesitate to use the most obscure subterfuges to obtain what he seeks, for the pleasure of the game, to earn money easily or to take revenge on someone who would have had the presumption of stealing him.

Indeed, of a subtle and penetrating nature but also opportunistic and greedy, the thirst for wealth of the Rat seems disproportionate and his will to climb the social ladder insatiable. He might well and wrongly be suspected to be venal. However, money is in fact for him the only guarantee of security that can appease his existential anxieties.

In romantic relationships, the native of the Chinese Year of the Rat is very passionate and involved in his couple and his marriage. However, when he feels betrayed or neglected emotionally, he can easily let his heart dominate him. After a break-up, like a soul in pain, he wanders in constant agitation, between the warmth and the coldness of his lost hopes. Fortunately, he usually gets back to his senses quickly enough because he can't stand to stay alone for too long. Individualistic when it comes to his own interests and his wallet, he doesn't have a particular liking for loneliness and is fully aware of what a warm and loving home can bring as benefits.

Chinese zodiac Rat's best jobs and careers

Businessman, Entrepreneur, PR consultant, Politician, Writer, Actor, Artist, Athlete

Rat's Lucky Colors

Red, Black

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Rat's Lucky Numbers

1, 5, 9

Rat (Zodiac) eminent personalities - Celebrities born in the Year of the Rat

Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Scarlett Johansson, Antonio Banderas, Zinedine Zidane, Camille Claudel, Claude Monet, Benigno Aquino III, George H. W. Bush, Charles Prince of Wales, Prince Harry of Wales, Pope Francis (Franciscus), Richard Nixon, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Omarion, Lil Peep (Gustav Åhr), RiceGum, Tom Holland, Carter Reynolds, FaZe Rug, Lele Pons, Liza Koshy, Benjamin Pavard, Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III)

Rat's Love Match and Chinese zodiac compatibility triangle

The Rat, the Dragon and the Monkey are part of the first compatibility triangle of Chinese astrology. Indeed, the Rat, first sign-animal of the zodiac in the Chinese calendar, gets along naturally with the Dragon and the Monkey.

All 12 signs of the Chinese horoscope also have a secret friend: the Ox is the secret friend of the Rat. The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rat is incompatible with the Horse.

Astrology tip: to better understand your Daily Horoscope, regardless of the specific interpretation of the current Chinese New Year, the Rat should monitor the days and months governed by the energetic influence of the Horse.

💑 Chinese zodiac love compatibility

Western Zodiac Counterpart of the Rat

The Star sign of Sagittarius is the closest to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat. Indeed, the lunar calendar dates of the Month of the Rat correspond roughly to the solar calendar dates of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

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Year of the Rat  - The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac by  KarmaWeather, Free Chinese horoscope iPhone app

Year of the Rat - The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac by KarmaWeather, Free Chinese horoscope iPhone app

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🐭 Years of the Rat and element

Year Date Year
1924 05/02/1924 - 24/01/1925 Wood Rat
1936 24/01/1936 - 10/02/1937 Fire Rat
1948 10/02/1948 - 28/01/1949 Earth Rat
1960 28/01/1960 - 14/02/1961 Metal Rat
1972 15/02/1972 - 02/02/1973 Water Rat
1984 02/02/1984 - 19/02/1985 Wood Rat
1996 19/02/1996 - 06/02/1997 Fire Rat
2008 07/02/2008 - 25/01/2009 Earth Rat
2020 25/01/2020 - 11/02/2021 Metal Rat

Rat's birthstones

Feng Shui Bagua Basics for the Sign of the Rat (born in 1972, 1984, 1996)

🌳 Wood Rat

You’re a Wood Rat if you’re born in 1924 or 1984. In 2019, you’re 95 or 35 years old. Your Lucky Number is 1.

People born in the Year of the Wood Rat are alert and curious. Their urge to achieve great deeds in life can sometimes put a Wood Rat into hazardous situations. Opportunistic and pragmatic at the same time, the Wood Rat has remarkable flexibility. Precise, astute, intelligent, but also passionate and anxious, the Wood Rat stands out by his prodigality and his flair for business. The Wood Rat can excel in any artistic field, provided he manages to persevere in his efforts. If faced with a job or a lifestyle that doesn't suit him, the Wood Rat can easily let himself wither altogether.

🔥 Fire Rat

You’re a Fire Rat if you’re born in 1936 or 1996. In 2019, you’re 83 or 23 years old. Your Lucky Number is 12.

Creative and sociable, people born in the Year of the Fire Rat can only feel at peace and balanced in tangible situations. The Fire Rat is the most generous of his peers, but also the most unruly. Fiercely independent, he's however deeply devoted and chivalrous towards the persons he loves.

🗿 Earth Rat

You’re an Earth Rat if you’re born in 1948 or 2008. In 2019, you’re 71 years old or 10 years old. Your Lucky Number is 25.

People born in the Year of the Earth Rat take great care in preserving their tranquility. Earth Rats also need to be reassured by a job remunerative enough to preserve their material comfort in old age. The Earth Rat is the most greedy and the most conservative of his peers. Highly intelligent, he excels in professions that require analysis and organization. Not as interested in the accumulation of money and riches of all kinds as other Rats, the Earth Rat nevertheless works to maintain cordial relations with those less fortunate than himself. Possessive, even stingy when material assets are involved, the Earth Rat may however, while he gets older, learn to appreciate the benefits of generosity.

🛠 Metal Rat

You’re an Metal Rat if you’re born in 1960 (New Year 2020 will be the next Metal Rat generation to come). In 2019, you’re 59 years old. Your Lucky Number is 37.

A whole character in everything they do, people born in the Year of the Metal Rat love their freedom more than anything else, and hate being prompted or forced into a situation they dislike or have no interest for. The Metal Rat is the most jealous and most domineering of his peers. His thirst for recognition and admiration doesn't seem to have any limits. Brilliant and ingenious when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems, the Metal Rat however finds it very difficult to accept and learn from his failures. As he rarely enjoys any type of solitude, when he happens to be deprived of the unwavering moral support of his family, the Metal Rat becomes prone to depression. Smart and emotional when he's in a good mood, it's also important to note that he's considered to be the most generous of all Rats.

💧 Water Rat

You’re an Water Rat if you’re born in 1972 (New Year 2032 will be the next Water Rat generation to come). In 2019, you’re 47 years old. Your Lucky Number is 49.

People born in the Year of the Water Rat can tolerate many things provided to get a benefit from their patience and efforts. The more money a Water Rat earns, the better he / she works. The Water Rat is the most secret, but also the most tender of all Rats. Extremely pragmatic and farsighted, the Water Rat does not engage in a relationship unless he sees some value in it. Very sociable, enjoying a good chat, but also discreet and solitary depending on his mood, the Water Rat isn't the kind of Rat who will seek the spotlight at all costs. Always charming and charismatic, the Water Rat excels as much in negotiation than in revenge, brilliantly combining humor and insight in his relation with others.

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