Lucky Baby Names


Lucky Baby Names


Auspicious baby names according to Chinese astrology. Following your order, we'll send your results by email

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Lucky baby names

KarmaWeather calculates the daily energy cycle of the 5 elements of the Chinese cosmology of the period of your choice in order to best advise you in the choice of the most suitable first names for your child.

In addition to an astrological explanation concerning the period (annual and monthly) of the birth of your baby boy / baby girl, we suggest you 3 suitable first names for each day of the chosen period.

The energetic map of each of us is determined by the energies (or forces) represented symbolically by the five elements of Chinese astrology and Wu Xing.

In case of deficiency or excess of one or more elements, the first name helps to restore a balance and favor the destiny of your baby for the course of his life.

Indeed, each day, the quantity of elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood varies. It is therefore possible to harmonize the energy balance of your child by choosing a first or middle name whose origin, consonance or symbolism have a direct link with the rectifying element.

Let's remember that balance is the secret of a fulfilled, rich in emotions and happy life.