🐯 Tiger 2017 Chinese horoscope - 2017 Chinese Horoscope of the Zodiac sign of the Tiger during the Year of the Fire Rooster

Work, love, luck, money, discover our full predictions in 2017 for the sign of the Tiger.

People born during the following Chinese Calendar Years are Tigers: 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

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The Tiger in short

The Tiger is a natural charmer, gifted with an irresistible magnetism. Courageous, often reckless, the Tiger never runs away from adversity. Prone to depression when he feels limited by a job that doesn't suit him, the Tiger actually doesn't foresee any position for himself apart from being a leader.

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2017, Year of the Fire Rooster: horoscope forecast for the Tiger

2017 is an average year for the Tiger. He can occasionally feel assailed by temporary and unnecessary worries. The Tiger can expect to receive the precious help of a friend in the course of the year, while emotional disappointments are also to be considered.

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Love, birth and meetings

2017 isn't an ideal year for the Tiger concerning potential major decisions of his life, such as a move or a marriage. For the single Tiger, it may be more rewarding to take the time to heal his relationships within his circle of friends, rather than expecting to meet the great love.

Work and social life

The Tiger can expect a strong improvement in his career expectations in 2017. The third sign of the Chinese horoscope intends accordingly to take new managerial responsibilities.

Chance and well-being

An unexpected meeting, or the come back of a long gone friend, could greatly help the Tiger to overcome any difficulties he may encounter during 2017.

Best Karma Weather 2017

Most favorable periods to the Tiger in 2017:  Month of the Horse (June 2017), Month of the Dog (October 2017), Month of the Pig (November 2017).

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Chinese Zodiac 2017 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Tigers

The main Element of your Year of Birth determines which type of Tiger you are.

🌳 Wood Tiger (born in 1974)

In 2017, the Wood Tiger can possibly suffer the consequences of decisions that are out of his reach. In order to spend the year with confidence, it's advised for the Wood Tiger to fully assume his words as much as his actions, and not to try to escape reality by delegating tasks that seem too subordinate or tiring in his eyes.

🔥 Fire Tiger (born in 1986)

In 2017, the Fire Tiger needs to take a step back, to strive to be less obtuse in love, and to train himself to stay calm in troubled situations.

🗿 Earth Tiger (born in 1998)

2017 is a year of preparation regarding the personal and professional projects of the Earth Tiger. His seriousness and his perseverance are his best allies in the building of his inevitable success. Throughout the life of the Earth Tiger, it will never be too late for him to develop new skills in the fields of interest he chooses. Better get serious about it from the very start of the Chinese New Year 2017, especially for those who, waking up a bit late, might be tempted by New Year's resolutions.

🔧 Metal Tiger (born in 1950, 2010)

In 2017, the Metal Tiger spends a hectic year, just like his other siblings born in the Year of the Tiger. However, the Metal Tiger would do well to monitor his spending habits and to keep calm in all circumstances.

💧 Water Tiger (born in 1962)

In 2017, the Water Tiger has in his hands the necessary strength that should enable him to defuse the most awkward situations. Gifted with a great concentration power, his fine qualities in psychology, as much as his natural charm in society, allow the Water Tiger to quickly detect the origins and the solutions to the worries he might encounter in the course of the year.

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