Crown Chakra - Meaning, Color, Healing, Meditation

Crown Chakra - Meaning, Color, Foods, Herbs, Essential oils and Crystal healing, Yoga and Meditation
By KarmaWeather - 10 April 2018
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The crown chakra (Sahasrara) is the seventh chakra of the Hindu tradition and of the tantric and yoga doctrines

Complete guide to the crown chakra

Meaning, main qualities, properties, test, symptoms of openness and blockage, activation and balancing through diet, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, meditation.

According to Hindu tradition and the doctrine of yoga, the crown chakra, the seventh chakra of the human body, positioned at the top of the cranial vault or just above the head according to the schools, is the ultimate center of subtle energy. the culmination of a spiritual quest that leads to enlightenment and fusion with the cosmos. Seat of the god Shiva, it is only after a long journey that begins with the liberation of the root chakra that the serpent Kundalini, symbol of the goddess Shakti finally manages to find her beloved after opening one by one the 6 chakras that precede the crown chakra.

The renewed and total fusion of the two lovers, the masculine and the feminine, the sun and the moon, the white and the black, the pure consciousness with that of the earth and the nature, the lower chakras (the body) with the higher chakras (the spirit), allows the individual to free himself from cycles of reincarnations (karma) and to access a state of transcendental consciousness.

Main qualities and properties of the crown chakra

Crown Chakra glass jar candleThe crown chakra is represented by a thousand-petalled purple lotus, white or gold, which symbolizes the supreme stage of the elevation of human consciousness. The 7th chakra is traditionally associated with the spiritual enlightenment of the soul, which, through its perception of Shiva and its renewed union with Shakti, reaches beyond the perception of reality by thought.

This transcendental state of transcending the double nature of the body and the cosmos that surrounds it is the source of ecstatic bliss and absolute peace, which only the great yogi masters can hope to attain one day.

Crown chakra’s influence on personal development

The crown chakra, the seventh chakra from the center of the top of the head, if it influences our relationship with the supernatural and spirituality, is above all the source of a deep inner peace and a joy of living peculiar to those who reach to find the perfect harmony between their body, their spirit and the constant movement of the world and the cosmos.

Crown chakra stone list

Healing gemstones, precious stones and crystals of the crown chakra

Lithotherapy - Natural healing stone list for the crown chakra: black noble opal, cacholong, clear quartz, diamond, gold, Herkimer diamond, pearl, moonstone, rainbow obsidian, selenite, white calcite, white noble opal

Lithotherapy list of the crown chakra stones
Natural stones list for chakra healing, harmonization and color therapy:
Crown chakra stones

Crown chakra: Characteristics, properties, symbols, colors

7th chakra Sahasrara
Name Crown chakra
Deity Shiva
Mantra HA, OM
Vowel N.A.
Petals 1000
Location Top of the skull
Colors Purple, white, gold
Symbol Lotus flower
Element N.A.
Yoga Position of the mountain
Sense Cosmic consciousness
Nature Mountain peak
Planet Neptune
Animal Snake
Qualities Spirituality, enlightenment, cosmic union
Organs Brain (midbrain), eyes, the body as a whole
Positive Communion with the cosmos, universal knowledge
Negative Superstition, attraction to black magic, withdrawal from the world, isolation, depression

How to activate the crown chakra with foods and herbs?

Crown chakra Healing foods
Protein Artichoke, eggplant, beetroot, white radish, white mushroom
Protein White fish
Seeds, oil Rice
Dried fruit Nuts
Aromatic herb Thyme
Fruit Figs, cherries cherries, plum, coconut
Spices, tea Ginger, coffee
Fragrance, essential oil Rosewood, geranium

Crown chakra balancing with herbs and essential oil
Chakra harmonization with aromatherapy and foods:
Crown chakra balancing with herbs and essential oils

How to harmonize and balance the crown chakra?

Opening symptoms of the crown chakra

The activation of the 7th chakra, the crown chakra, is only really possible once the 6 previous energy centers have been opened. Indeed, only the opening of the crown chakra can allow the person who achieves it, in addition to being released from the reincarnation cycle (karma), to access supernatural powers (such as levitation). It is therefore the fervent and humble work of a lifetime that can allow one to hope one day to reach the state of extrasensory cosmic consciousness, certainly not a possible vain search for supernatural powers.

Crown chakra blocking symptoms - Is my crown chakra closed or too open?

When the crown chakra is blocked or closed, that is to say it is inactive or undeveloped, the individual tends to obsessively turn to magic and the occult arts, just as he persuades himself / herself that he / she has powers that allow him / her to influence reality. Also, a person whose crown chakra is poorly irrigated has a reading of his / her life from the almost exclusive angle of superstition, at the risk of becoming totally paranoid.

When the crown chakra is too open, that is to say it is too active or overdeveloped, it is possible that the associated symptoms are manifested by personality disorders, particularly complete rejection of the world and total isolation. The individual would thus far prefer to live reclusively and would refuse any communication with the outside world.

Crown chakra test

Perform the free test of your crown chakra to balance it if necessary, taking into account the blocking symptoms you have identified. Think of privileging the balancing of your chakras in a graduated way, starting with the first chakra (root) towards the seventh chakra (crown)

Healing gemstones, precious stones and crystals of the crown chakra

Lithotherapy stones list for the crown chakra: Black Noble Opal, Cacholong, Clear Quartz, Diamond, Gold, Herkimer Diamond, Pearl, Moonstone, Rainbow Obsidian, Rainbow Selenite, Fluorite, White Calcite, White Noble Opal

Yoga exercises for the crown chakra

The most beneficial yoga position to practice for activating the crown chakra is the position of the mountain.

Crown chakra balancing with yoga
Crown chakra harmonization and opening with yoga poses:
Mountain position
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