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Arabic zodiac sign calculator - What is my birth sign, and how have I evolved?
By KarmaWeather - 6 January 2023
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According to traditional Arabic astrology, we are born in relationship with a specific weapon, among a list of 12 medieval weapons: Knife, Dagger, Cutlass, Arabian dagger, Iron mass, Peasant club, Axe, Chain, Sword, Lance, Slingshot and Bow.

To calculate your Arabic sign, you need to provide 3 parameters: your solar sign, the approximate size of your city of birth and the social background of your parents (their job). Indeed, what is interesting in the operation of this astrology is that it takes into account the chances you have at the time of your birth. Therefore, the bigger the city of your birth, the greater your opportunities to succeed and grow in your life. Similarly, the higher the social background of your parents, the better your chances of academic success and therefore your ability to get yourself a fulfilling and / or rewarding job.

This is also why, AstrOrient's calculator also offers you to add your current level of education or occupation, to indicate your level of evolution in life. In addition to a percentage of elevation or social descent, you will also discover your current weapon. Indeed, your birth weapon is only the starting tool that serves to accompany you and guide you in the first steps of your life. It's up to you to step into the 12 weapons graduation of Arabic astrology.

In Arab astrology, if there is a form of predestination at the time of birth, since in addition to the solar sign and therefore your astral chart, your chances also logically depend on other factors (city, parents). It's up to you to take control of your destiny later. Effort and perseverance will be rewarded!


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