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By KarmaWeather - 19 September 2022
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Taurus sign: Dates & main characteristics

Taurus dates of birth range: the Sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Taurus from April 21st until May 20th
Symbol: the bull
Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Taurus zodiac birthstones by date: If you were born between between April 21st and May 20th, your Taurus lucky stone names are Alexandrite, Almandine Garnet, Aventurine, Bronzite, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, Diamond, Heliotrope, Herkimer Diamond, Pearl, Malachite, Manganocalcite, Moss agate, Rainbow Obsidian, Peridot, Pink Quartz, Pink Topaz, Rainbow Fluorite, Smoky Quartz, Tiger Iron, Watermelon Tourmaline, Tsavorite Garnet

📅 2024 zodiac predictions for Taurus:

House (constellation) of Taurus

Zodiacal House number: 2
Astrological House in opposition with Taurus: 8 (Scorpio)
Meaning of the House of Taurus: "I have", the acquisition and possession of wealth including real estate, trade and food. In world astrology, the House of Taurus deals with the stock markets, private and public banks as well as commercial relations.

Taurus personality traits and qualities

The second zodiac sign of the solar calendar, Taurus is traditionally associated with plowing, when the reading of constellations of Western astrology was still closely related to agriculture, the main activity of humanity for thousands of years.

Since these old days and after the industrial and technological revolution took over, we quickly came to forget our direct link and heritage with nature.

Taurus is physically strong, loyal and ambitious. If they have a materialistic and sometimes stubborn mind, it doesn't mean they are careless with their friends and family, quite the contrary. The slow pace of the May zodiac sign, combined with their taste for hard labour, allows them to stick to their goals and lead them to financial success in their business ventures, never mind how long it takes them to patiently build their wealth.

The patience and stability of Taurus are a great asset to raise a family, even though Taurus is not traditionally considered to be parent of a great number of children.

Taurus lucky numbers and colors

Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: white, pink

Taurus love compatibility

Taurus is the most compatible with Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

The Western zodiac sign of Taurus is the closest to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake. Indeed, the lunar calendar dates of the Month of the Snake correspond roughly to the solar calendar dates of the zodiac sign of Taurus.

On an individual level, if you want to know the personality of Taurus with the character of your Chinese zodiac sign, check if necessary your Chinese zodiac sign with the free calculator and click on the link below that best suits you.

Dual (combined) horoscope of Taurus with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs:
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Taurus RabbitTaurus DragonTaurus Snake
Taurus HorseTaurus GoatTaurus Monkey
Taurus RoosterTaurus DogTaurus Pig

Ideal jobs for Taurus

Farmer, agricultural engineer, lumberjack, carpenter, musician, artist

Celebrities - Famous Taurus and eminent personalities

Famous Taurus celebrities include: Albrecht Dürer, Catherine II of Russia, Alphonse Daudet, Charlotte Bronte, Calamity Jane, Alexander Pope, Andrei Sakharov, Almeida Junior, Aaron Spelling, Grace Jones, Aaron Yoo, Ahmad Javad, Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, Al Pacino, Adele, Azim Azimzade, Bernardino Rivadavia, Donatella Versace, Joana Lumley, Mallika Sarabhai, Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Taurus 2024 horoscope: A Year of Transformation & Growth

Discover Taurus' 2024 journey through love, career and health. Embrace change, solidify foundations and venture beyond your comfort zone in this transformative year.

For Taurus, 2024 is a year of introspection, transformation and growth. The celestial events of the year push the steadfast Bull to not only solidify its foundations in relationships and career but also to venture outside its comfort zone, exploring new horizons and embracing change. Relationships will undergo periods of healing and deepening, while career paths might see transformative shifts. Health and well-being become focal points, urging Taurus to listen to both their body and soul. As the year unfolds, Taurus will find that balance, intuition and adaptability are the keys to navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities that 2024 presents.

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Taurus 2024 Key Insights

The luck of the Taurus in 2024
Grade of the Year ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Annual Resolution I will embrace change, trust my intuition and prioritize my well-being, understanding that growth often comes from challenges.
Lucky Numbers 5, 12, 23
Lucky Colors Emerald Green and Rose Pink
Healing Stone Fuchsite (characterized by its green hues with pink dots, fuchsite aligns perfectly with the Heart Chakra. For Taurus, this stone amplifies the energy of love and understanding. It also aids in enhancing one's intuition and connection with nature, promoting emotional balance and harmony)
Chakra Heart Chakra (for emotional healing and love)
Foods Spinach, walnuts and blueberries (foods that ground and nourish)
Oils Rose (for love and heart healing) and Lavender (for relaxation)
Flowers Roses (for love) and Daisies (for purity and new beginnings)
Rune Gebo - Representing gifts, both in the sense of sacrifice and of generosity, indicating balance in partnerships and relationships.
Tarot Cart The Empress - Symbolizing fertility, nurturing and abundance, urging Taurus to embrace their nurturing side and to manifest their desires into reality.

Taurus Love & Friendships Horoscope in 2024

  • Winter (January, February, March)

    • Mercury Direct in Sagittarius (Jan 1): The year starts with clarity in your relationships. Open conversations become more accessible and misunderstandings from the past seem to dissipate.
    • Venus enters Capricorn (Jan 23): Your ruling planet in Capricorn deepens bonds and envelops you in an aura of loyalty. Commitments might be made or renewed during this period.
    • Conjunction of the True Node with Chiron (Feb 19): This celestial event reflects past relationship scars, nudging you towards healing and seeking closure, ensuring a healthier emotional foundation.

  • Spring (April, May, June)

    • Full Moon in Virgo (Feb 24): This lunar event casts a light on your friendships, helping you discern which connections truly enrich your life.
    • Jupiter enters Gemini (May 25): Your social calendar might see a spike. This planetary movement encourages mingling, meeting new faces and perhaps rekindling old friendships. Ensure you maintain depth and quality in connections.

  • Summer (July, August, September)

    • Full Moon in Capricorn (Jun 21): This lunar phase highlights pivotal moments in relationships. Trust your heart's compass when making crucial decisions.
    • Another Full Moon in Capricorn (Jul 21): Emphasizes the importance of structure, commitment and long-term goals in your relationships.
    • Mars enters Cancer (Sept 4): As summer winds down, you might find yourself feeling more protective and nurturing in your relationships. It's a period to express care, strengthen bonds and ensure the well-being of loved ones.

  • Autumn (October, November, December)

    • Pluto Retrograde enters Capricorn (Sept 1): As the year nears its end, relationships undergo a metamorphosis. Some might deepen, moving to the next level of commitment, while others might conclude, making way for new beginnings.
    • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (Sep 17): This celestial event might stir your emotional world, bringing to the surface deep-seated feelings. Revelations, both pleasant and challenging, might emerge.

Taurus Career & Money Horoscope in 2024

  • Winter (January, February, March)

    • Mars enters Capricorn (Jan 4): As Mars strides into the disciplined realm of Capricorn, a fire of ambition is ignited within you. This is a prime time to chart out your career trajectory and lay down financial blueprints.
    • Pluto enters Aquarius (Jan 20): With Pluto's groundbreaking entry into Aquarius, you might find yourself drawn to unconventional career paths or innovative business strategies. Traditional methods might not appeal as much and you could be inspired to explore uncharted territories in your profession.

  • Spring (April, May, June)

    • Jupiter sextile Neptune (May 23): The blossoms of spring bring with them a touch of fortune. This celestial alignment sprinkles luck in financial endeavors, be it through wise investments or serendipitous monetary gains.
    • Jupiter enters Gemini (May 25): As Jupiter flits into the dual sign of Gemini, it whispers the wisdom of diversification. Whether it's exploring multiple income streams or investing in varied sectors, spreading your wings is the key.

  • Summer (July, August, September)

    • Mars enters Cancer (Sept 4): The warmth of summer is mirrored in your career as Mars moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer. This period emphasizes collaboration and team efforts in your professional endeavors.
    • Full Moon in Capricorn (Jul 21): This moon phase might bring clarity regarding your professional goals and aspirations. It's a time to reflect on your achievements and set new targets.

  • Autumn (October, November, December)

    • Pluto Retrograde enters Capricorn (Sept 1): The transformative energy of Pluto hints at significant shifts in your professional landscape. Whether it's a change in job, a promotion, or even a complete career pivot, embrace the change as it promises growth and evolution.
    • Mars Retrograde in Leo (Dec 6): As the year progresses towards its end, be wary of Mars beginning its retrograde dance in Leo. This cosmic event advises prudence. Hold off on launching new ventures or making hefty investments until the skies are clearer.

Taurus Luck & Health Horoscope in 2024

  • Winter (January, February, March)

    • Conjunction of the True Node with Chiron (Feb 19): This celestial alignment beckons you towards holistic healing. It's not just about addressing physical ailments but also emotional scars. Whether it's therapy, a wellness retreat, or a healthier lifestyle, the cosmos encourages prioritizing your well-being.

  • Spring (April, May, June)

    • New Moon in Pisces (Mar 10): This lunar phase showers its ethereal energy upon you, making it an ideal time for spiritual pursuits like meditation, yoga, or even a spiritual retreat.
    • Jupiter enters Gemini (May 25): Your interest in alternative healing modalities might be heightened. From acupuncture to crystal healing, you're encouraged to explore various avenues for enhancing well-being.
    • Jupiter enters Gemini (May 25): Your interest in alternative healing modalities might be heightened. From acupuncture to crystal healing, you're encouraged to explore various avenues for enhancing well-being.

  • Summer (July, August, September)

    • Mars enters Cancer (Sept 4): This summer, channel your energy positively. Harness this nurturing energy for physical activities like sports, dance, or a regular gym routine. Emotions, if bottled up, can manifest as physical ailments. Therapeutic outlets, be it through art, journaling, or counseling, become paramount. Balance work pressures with relaxation, whether it's a weekend getaway or unwinding with a book.

  • Autumn (October, November, December)

    • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (Sept 17): This celestial event is a cosmic alarm. If you've been neglecting health warnings or pushing through discomfort, now's the time to pause and pay attention. Regular health check-ups and listening to your body's cues are essential.
    • Mars Retrograde (Dec 6): This retrograde is a celestial nudge to decelerate. It's a period to introspect, rejuvenate and prioritize mental tranquility over the hustle and bustle.

Zodiac birthstones of Taurus

Taurus zodiac birthstones infographic
Taurus lithotherapy:
chakra balancing with precious and semi-precious stones

What essential oils are good for Taurus?

Taurus zodiac oils infographic
Taurus Aromatherapy:
balancing of the solar plexus chakra with rose and cardamom perfumes and essential oils

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