Rabbit: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐰 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit (Hare, Cat), fourth animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 1 April 2019
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Rabbit

The person from this combination is the most cautious of the Western sign of Aries and the most adventurous of the Chinese sign of the Rabbit. The Rabbit-Aries has a gift for diplomacy and a talent for good words which are always useful to him in the worldliness to which he doesn't disdain to take part. Usually spontaneous and pleasant, when he becomes upset, the Rabbit-Aries can scream incendiary invectives, having great difficulty to channel and moderate his remarks. Lucky like all Rabbits, the Rabbit-Aries is more likely to experience success during the second part of his life. Jobs based on the accumulation of intellectual and artistic knowledge, or even academic careers, suit him perfectly. The Rabbit-Aries also has a marked predisposition for careers related to trade and finance. A lively and alert spirit behind his mask of quiet strength, the Rabbit-Aries may nevertheless appear superficial in love, which can sometimes make him miss rare and unlooked-for occasions of conjugal happiness.

Taurus Rabbit

House, love and family, this is the motto of the Rabbit-Taurus! Indeed, the Rabbit-Taurus always gives priority to his family on any other occupation that may also interest him. Possessive in love, he's also a formidable seducer. The caution that is found in the Rabbit and Taurus is reinforced for the bearer of this combination. One might think that this charming person has a very high self-esteem, when in reality he simply seeks to present himself to others in his best light. The Rabbit-Taurus is often in a changing mood, which is why he appreciates all the more the soothing benefits of nature. Above all, he accepts urban life with difficulty, not liking too much its many surprises and unexpected events. In business, no one, nor even a hierarchical superior, can force the Rabbit-Taurus to undergo an imposed meeting. As he gets older, the Rabbit-Taurus becomes more apt to manage his anxieties and develop his composure. Though lazy, but very effective when he wants to, the Rabbit-Taurus knows perfectly how to achieve his objectives, thanks to his oratorical talent and his calculated absences, especially when it comes to financial and social success.

Gemini Rabbit

With a sense of diplomacy that is found in both signs, the Rabbit-Gemini is endowed with a quick wit and a capacity for forthright repartee. In case of open conflict, the Rabbit-Gemini seeks first to convince his interlocutors by subtle and sought-after arguments. The aerial lightness of the Gemini, combined with the refinement of the Rabbit, allows the Rabbit-Gemini to judge finely good and bad opportunities. Particularly suitable for careers requiring a great deal of tact and diplomacy, the Rabbit-Gemini sees and feels the events in advance, thanks to his great deduction abilities. Yet, what gives him the advantage in the trades that require anticipatory skills, make him fail when he chooses to put his personal interests before those of the common interest, even if it means being regarded as a selfish and heartless individual. Very agile and efficient at work, the Rabbit-Gemini often succeeds in realizing important achievements by cleverly managing the effort to be provided over the duration of his projects. This intelligent and very sociable person, apparently quasi-peaceful, is also prey to periods of stagnation at key moments of his life. This is due to an overflow of melancholy, the accumulation of which eventually prevents the Rabbit-Gemini from taking action to change his situation. Capable of humility while taking great care to balance his relations with others, the Rabbit-Gemini ends up, after long consideration, taking essential risks for his emotional fulfillment and career development.

Cancer Rabbit

The Rabbit-Cancer is sympathetic, sensitive, but also shy and irascible. Particularly fearful, the Rabbit-Cancer needs the benevolent attention of his partner to blossom. Even if he normally tends to let his partner take overall responsibility, he won't hesitate to participate when his personal interests are at stake. For this solitary dreamer and fertile spirit, the place of the imaginary is always preponderant. The Rabbit-Cancer is often labeled as lazy, when in reality the projections of his imaginary world are a work in its own right. In love, the Rabbit-Cancer is sometimes blinded by his own illusions, as he develops a romantic and fantasy vision of his partner. On the other hand, the visionary aspect of his character is an undeniable asset for the Rabbit-Cancer who chooses to embark on an artistic, musical or literary career. It is good to keep in mind that a dissatisfied Rabbit-Cancer can become morose and easily irritable, especially if he doesn't see his dreams come true. The Rabbit-Cancer needs to feel protected, admired and supported in his choices by those who love him, and in all circumstances.

Leo Rabbit

The Rabbit-Leo has an unsuspected flair to identify the right opportunities and when to seize them. The strength of Leo, combined with the stubbornness of the Rabbit, give surprising results. The Rabbit-Leo likes to dress to show off, and his participation in the conversations has as main object to emphasize his own importance. The Rabbit-Leo is a charismatic individual. He naturally gets the favors and support of people at the top of the social ladder, which greatly helps him to fulfill himself professionally. During a commercial or diplomatic negotiation, the Rabbit-Leo always succeeds brilliantly in applying his proposals, highlighting the qualities of the subtle and sought-after character of the Rabbit, without letting anyone suspect the presence of the authoritarian and ambitious personality of Leo. However, the Rabbit-Leo categorically rejects anything that can taint his reputation or distort the refinement of his living environment. He can also lose foot in the face of vulgar behavior, not hesitating in reaction to roar or give a claw, eventually to regret it later. Very attached to his family and faithful in love, the Rabbit-Leo knows how to give as much as he knows to receive, provided that he controls the unfolding of the events.

Virgo Rabbit

Uncomfortable with the unknown, the Rabbit-Virgo hates unforeseen and direct confrontations. Graceful and scrupulous in his relations with others, the Rabbit-Virgo also has an analytical and delicate spirit. Indeed, before every action he undertakes, he will check its logic and scope, which is an essential characteristic that emerges from the combination of the two signs. His ability to order his life and to make commitments give the Rabbit-Virgo an ability to find the most appropriate solution in case of unexpected events. Similarly, during a possible fall, alone or in a group, the Rabbit-Virgo falls on his paws without too much damage. The love of detail, characteristic of the Rabbit-Virgo, as well as his way of caring for the well-being of others, is often expressed by his manners, always courteous and polite. True to his work, more for fear of the insecurity of finding himself unemployed than for the passion that his craft could animate in him, the Rabbit-Virgo is often dissatisfied with his existence, because of his deeply anxious nature. He thus tends to multiply missed opportunities and not to live in the present, especially if he has accumulated too many negative experiences in the past.

Libra Rabbit

Master of his appearance, the Rabbit-Libra reveals or conceals his mood according to his interlocutors, as he prefers to advance in life quietly. He's generally a dilettante worker, inhabited by an intense desire for absolute comfort. His interests or moral integrity must be directly threatened until he reveals his know-how in terms of cunning or negotiation. Indeed, doubly creative thanks to the influence of the two signs of the Rabbit and Libra, the Rabbit-Libra has very little appreciation of open conflicts. At the slightest sign of agitation or annoyance, the Rabbit-Libra is one of those who immediately desert the premises, which often leads them to be labeled as cowardly or irresponsible. However, the lively and curious mind of the Rabbit, combined with the ethics of Libra, can often serve to ease tensions. The Rabbit-Libra is able to conform to all the crafts requiring taste and a sense of aesthetics, even more if they don't ask too much effort. Delicate, sensitive and endowed with an artist's soul, the person born under this combination is particularly sociable and refined, like the people he accepts in his entourage, as he will always prefer quality rather than quantity in his relationships and his life choices.

Scorpio Rabbit

The Rabbit-Scorpio is organized, almost always irreproachable, in love as at work. Little talkative about the swirling feelings and passions that animate him, the Rabbit-Scorpio ingeniously mixes the courage and lively intelligence that characterize him, allowing him to exploit effectively the opportunities that are available to him. Master of his emotions, the family home is an important supply base for him, as for all Rabbits. Tolerant if it suits him, the lunar sign of the Rabbit is the source of his affable side and good wits, while his tendency to be drawn to secret and dissimulation comes from the solar sign of Scorpio. This peculiarity of the Rabbit-Scorpio allows him to mask his personal ambitions behind a light, gentle and neat appearance. His competitors won't hesitate if they can to use the ambivalence of his character to make him lose credibility. Deeply independent, the Rabbit-Scorpio hates all the more being unmasked or disturbed in his inner world, and he never hesitates to sting the first who would dare venture without warning on his territory. His mysterious side brings an undeniable charisma to the Rabbit-Scorpio, allowing him to enjoy the company of the many admirers who willingly support him without expecting and compensation in return. It's during the second part of his life that the Rabbit-Scorpio finally manages to attain a certain degree of emotional stability. Having difficulty to express his deep feelings when he is in a couple, he will always tend to refuse a proposal many times before finally accepting it. However, when the Rabbit-Scorpio is in love, his sincerity and his attachment to his beloved are such, that in case of treason, he doesn't hesitate to be harsh and cruel, in order to calm his vindictive impulses.

Sagittarius Rabbit

In this combination, the idealism of Sagittarius strengthens the prudence of the Rabbit. Thus, the Rabbit-Sagittarius has well-defined aspirations in life, and he advances with moderate steps in order to firmly anchor each of his actions. Pleasant, warm and sociable, the Rabbit-Sagittarius is greatly appreciated by his friends and family. On the other hand, he has difficulty to ignore tradition when it comes to innovation, for the prudence associated with the character of the Rabbit is doubly reinforced by an attachment to the traditional values, characteristic of Sagittarius. The word freedom has a special meaning for the Rabbit-Sagittarius, who loves traveling and new encounters, for the well-being they can provide for his narcissism. Indeed, the Rabbit-Sagittarius loves to be seen and recognized for his originality and his singularity. Deeply self-centered, the Sagittarius Rabbit lives very badly the possibility of being isolated or ignored. He can also become irritable and loose his legendary elegance if his interlocutors have the misfortune not to share his vision of the world. Usually peaceful and tolerant, the Rabbit-Sagittarius doesn't hesitate to throw incandescent arrows while keeping a smile, in case one strives in his presence to touch the moral principles that are dear to him. The apparent calm which he succeeds in expressing in a verbal joust disrupts his opponents far more than they will admit. However, the Rabbit-Sagittarius prefers to discreetly desert the battlefield, rather than engaging body-and-soul in a muddy and endless fight. In love, it's only when he feels that he's been locked in a relational straitjacket by a possessive partner that the Rabbit-Sagittarius can decide to leave, usually at the most unexpected moment.

Capricorn Rabbit

Intelligent, persistent, stable and clairvoyant, the Rabbit-Capricorn loves to enjoy life. Passionate about the world's gastronomy, the combination of the signs of the Rabbit and Capricorn also gift him with a great rhetorical aptitude. The Rabbit-Capricorn generally expresses his ideas with clarity and conviction, and he's excessively suspicious of those who dare to contradict him, or worse, to those who try to question his intellectual integrity. In love, even if his partner mostly has the impression of dancing a waltz of happiness in a peaceful garden, he shouldn't be surprised to be told to pack his stuff, the very second he tried to change. Sensitive to the unexpected, to him love is almost synonymous with food, and equally indispensable to his balance. But once satisfied, it doesn't mean that he will spontaneously help his partner to clear the table. Terribly endearing and affectionate, but assiduously negligent in his daily life, careers requiring analysis and technical application are perfectly suited to the Rabbit-Capricorn. He can also demonstrate his intellectual and manual skills in the legal, artistic and culinary professions. When he grows older and become more experienced, the Rabbit-Capricorn is able to defend and showcase his know-how and achievements so that he can climb to the top of the social ladder.

Aquarius Rabbit

From the astral combination of the Rabbit and Aquarius emerge a dreamy, optimistic and curious being, very charming for his entourage. With a strong spirit and a well developed empathy for others, the Rabbit-Aquarius always succeeds in capturing the nuances of his environment. An adept of permanent relativity, the versatility of Aquarius makes the Rabbit's mind less contradictory, thus preserving the Rabbit-Aquarius from endless and inflamed disputes over the current state of the world. Although he aspires to peace and universal harmony, the main fault of the Rabbit-Aquarius is always to try to justify himself about everything and anything, which can sometimes lead him to forgive reprehensible acts. Usually devoid of traditions, the Rabbit-Aquarius can flee his responsibilities whenever he feels stagnant, as a vital need to innovate permanently inhabits this individual. Creative above all, he has difficulty managing his expenses, and usually has little appetite for financial transactions. Far too confident, the Rabbit-Aquarius must manage to master its over-optimism, at the risk of being misled by malicious beings.

Pisces Rabbit

The Rabbit-Pisces is a shy, intelligent and compassionate being. He's attracted by the unknown, the occult or mysticism. Prudent in his choices, but also stubborn when he has a fixed idea, one could say that his generosity is second to none. Sociable, astute and possessing an innate sense for creation, the Rabbit-Pisces needs a strong emotional support to flourish. Indeed, without this indispensable support of a partner, the Rabbit-Pisces can have difficulty to bear solitude, or to follow a professional path in line with his expectations. However, he dislikes taking too much responsibility, preferring to take refuge in his illusory fantasies. With remarkable politeness, the Rabbit-Pisces is capable of putting the harshest languages back in their place by the simple grace of his benevolence, his oratorical qualities and the charm that overflows from his lively imagination. The Rabbit reinforces the flexibility of Pisces, allowing the individual from this combination to be able to adapt to many inextricable situations, despite his awkward appearance when first meeting him. Finally, generous in material as much as in emotional terms, the Rabbit-Pisces tends to give his heart without worrying about the possible non-reciprocity of his partner, especially when he believes to perceive in the eyes of his loved one the magnificent reflection of his own image.

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