Year of the Monkey - The Monkey (Chinese zodiac)

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By KarmaWeather - 28 June 2015
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The Monkey in brief

The Monkey is an excellent speaker, while his inquisitive mind is always fresh and alert. The native of the 9th astrological sign of the Chinese zodiac has an agile personality and is never out of ideas. The Monkey also has a special talent for detecting events before they happen.

Despite his very useful pragmatic side, the Monkey is also in permanent agitation, the only way for him to feel alive and enjoy life on a daily basis.

📅 Monkey 2020 Chinese horoscope

Monkey's years of birth

🐵 Monkey calendar years - Years and elements of birth for the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar:

Year of birth Exact date range Chinese year name
1920 20/02/1920 - 07/02/1921 Metal Monkey
1932 06/02/1932 - 25/01/1933 Water Monkey
1944 25/01/1944 - 12/02/1945 Wood Monkey
1956 12/02/1956 - 30/01/1957 Fire Monkey
1968 30/01/1968 - 16/02/1969 Earth Monkey
1980 16/02/1980 - 04/02/1981 Metal Monkey
1992 04/02/1992 - 22/01/1993 Water Monkey
2004 22/01/2004 - 08/02/2005 Wood Monkey
2016 08/02/2016 - 27/01/2017 Fire Monkey
2028 26/01/2028 - 12/02/2029 Earth Monkey

Monkey's personality horoscope

In the business world, one would do well to be more attentive to what the Monkey has to say, his mind being always ready to find the solutions to solve the most complex situations. A person born during the year of the Monkey can indeed provide the best professional advice, on the condition that he feels respected, listened to and admired. If ever his word is put in doubt, the Monkey can instead turn into a manipulative and unscrupulous being.

In his love life, the Monkey's appetite and curiosity for new experiences can only bring him temporary satisfaction. Rather than the euphoria produced by the moment shared, the native of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey, torn by his intense desire for freedom, will instead choose to take off. It is only in the second part of his life that the Monkey can finally find a better balance and stability within his home.

In business, having an indescribable love for money, the Monkey is constantly on the lookout for new ideas of enrichment. His self-confidence, charm, ingenuity and practical sense help him find creative and effective solutions to the majority of the problems he faces.

Some take the Monkey's assurance for arrogance. His opponents don't hesitate to try to turn around his passionate spirit against him. But the Monkey doesn't have a fragile mind and any attempt to harm his ego and slow him down is as much effort wasted.

The Monkey is a strategist with a friendly personality. When he decides it, he can, thanks to his charm and intelligence, convince and seduce even the worst of his enemies.

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Chinese zodiac Monkey's best jobs and careers

Comedian, actor, artist, musician, singer, diplomat, lawyer, attorney, real estate agent, art gallery dealer, photographer, painter, astrologer, craftsman, osteopath

Monkey's fortune

Lucky Colors of the Monkey

Purple, black

Lucky Numbers of the Monkey

1, 5, 9

Monkey (zodiac) eminent personalities

Celebrities born in the Year of the Monkey

Leonardo da Vinci, Paul Gauguin, Caligula, Jacques Chirac, Ernesto Che Guevarra, Ban Ki-moon, Robert Mueller, Haruhiko Kuroda, Jennifer Aniston, Louise Bourgoin, Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, Macaulay Culkin, Dalida, Céline Dion, Alicia Keys, Kylie Minogue, Sıla, Justin Timberlake, Channing Tatum, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Gosling, Ronaldhino, Steven Gerrard, Gisele Bundchen, Yao Ming, Ashanti, Chris Pine, Krystian Zimerman, Didier Deschamps, Neymar Jr., 6lack, Jin (BTS member)

Monkey's love compatibility

The Monkey's Chinese zodiac compatibility triangle

The Monkey, the Rat and the Dragon are part of the first compatibility triangle of Chinese astrology. Indeed, the Monkey, ninth sign-animal of the zodiac in the Chinese calendar, gets along naturally with the Rat and the Dragon.

All 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese horoscope also have a secret friend: the Snake is the secret friend of the Monkey. The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey is incompatible with the Tiger.

💖 Monkey compatibility horoscope

Astrology tip: to better understand his daily horoscope, regardless of the specific interpretation of the current Chinese New Year, the Monkey should monitor the days and months governed by the energetic influence of the Tiger.

Monkey's birthstones

Monkey Chinese zodiac lucky stones: Black noble opal, black tourmaline, cacholong, cat's eye, clear quartz, Dalmatian jasper, diamond, eudialyte, hawk's eye, gold, Herkimer diamond, moss agate, rainbow fluorite, selenite, septaria, starry obsidian, tiger Iron, white calcite, white noble opal, silver

🌳 Wood Monkey

Characteristics: You’re a Wood Monkey if you’re born in 1944 or in 2004. In 2019, you’re 75 or 15 years old. Your lucky number is 21.

Personality: The influence of the Wood element of his year of birth makes the Wood Monkey more of an aesthete, and a more flexible and altruistic person. He's a cheerful character, full of humor, who loves good wine and enjoys the company of his friends. The most prudent among the Monkeys, his professional success is very important to him. The Wood Monkey knows how to be discreet and not to mingle with situations that don't concern him directly. His neutrality in the face of the conflicts encountered in his existence is reinforced by his practical spirit, which always inspires him the perfect solutions to solve his problems.

Wood Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil
Wood Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil

🔥 Fire Monkey

Characteristics: You’re a Fire Monkey if you’re born in 1956. In 2019, you’re 63 years old. Your lucky number is 33.

Personality: The Fire Monkey is the most energetic and the most assured among all the Monkeys. He has a strong natural charm, which helps him greatly to obtain the favors of others. Intelligent, pragmatic and skilled, the Fire Monkey derives its motivations from the image he projects of his own personal success. Very uncomfortable with old age, this type of Monkey will do anything to look younger. Innovative and focused on progress, the Fire Monkey has many ideas in his infancy that might never become reality, as long as he persists in wanting to do everything on his own. Furthermore, the Fire Monkey only accepts the help of others as long a he can dominate them thanks to his sharp analytical mind. Even though he remains very endearing and ready to compromise in love, the Fire Monkey has great difficulty in accepting betrayal. When he suffers a disappointment or a bad turn of life, the Fire Monkey can easily turn moody and become vindictive with his entourage.

Fire Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil
Fire Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil

🗿 Earth Monkey

Characteristics: You’re an Earth Monkey if you’re born in 1968. In 2019, you’re 51 years old. Your lucky number is 45.

Personality: The Earth Monkey is more discreet than his congeners. He's generally a scholar, and probably the most honest of the Monkeys, at least in appearance. The Earth Monkey is a very good speaker and a born seducer, who takes great care of his appearance. Gifted for trade, excellent negotiator, one can often find Monkeys in real estate, perfumery, luxury trade, wine, cruises, or in finance and banking. If the Earth Monkey can sometimes give the appearance of being disinterested, even generous, in reality he never loses sight of his personal interests. Like all Monkeys, the Earth Monkey always ends up recovering his investment in one way or another.

Earth Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil
Earth Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil

🛠 Metal Monkey

Characteristics: You’re a Metal Monkey if you’re born in 1920 or 1980. In 2019, you’re 99 or 39 years old. Your lucky number is 57.

Personality: The Metal Monkey is intelligent, ambitious and determined. Proud and conscious of his many assets, the Metal Monkey also tends to lose his nerves easily, and even to abuse his strength if he has the opportunity. Rigorous and passionate in his work, he doesn't hesitate to be manipulative to achieve his goals more quickly. If the Metal Monkey can, like his fellows, succeed in all trades, he's also reputed to be a pioneer, a trendsetter and a discoverer of talents. He's a gold prospector in the literal and figurative sense, very at ease in the artistic professions, actor, graphic artist, illustrator, choreographer or contemporary artist.

Metal Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil
Metal Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil

💧 Water Monkey

Characteristics: You’re a Water Monkey if you’re born in 1932 or 1992. In 2019, you’re 87 or 27 years old. Your lucky number is 9.

Personality: The Water Monkey tends to take his dreams for realities. He's an eccentric and a creative, whose talent is only limited by his excessive emotionality and his immoderate taste for secrecy. Pleasant, refined and of elegant company, the Water Monkey tends to be less talkative than its fellows. He prefers to act in the shade to advance his interests and he never does anything for free. A service rendered is a service due.

Water Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil
Water Monkey's balancing stone and essential oil
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