Year of the Rooster: Personality, Horoscope for 2023

🐔 Year of the Rooster (Chicken): Men and women born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 and 2029 are of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster
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The Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster's Chinese horoscope and meaning: exact birth dates and elements, characteristics and personality traits, love compatibility and zodiac lucky stones

In brief: Elegant and lively as the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster... If one day you see a stylish and warm person proudly walking down the street, there's a great chance that you've just come across a person born in the Year of the Rooster.

The 10th animal of the Chinese zodiac has a radiant personality. He can embarrass or fascinate, but he never leaves anyone indifferent. The Rooster is thorough and has excellent management skills, especially when it comes to his own business.

📅 2023 Chinese zodiac predictions for the Year of the Rooster:

Year of the Rooster: Personality horoscope

Although the Rooster doesn't excel in tact and diplomacy, he is gifted with exemplary righteousness and loyalty. Very precise in everything he does, he is very fond of small details and nothing escapes his piercing eyes.

One can often cross the Rooster in the world of entertainment. He can easily become a celebrity adviser, meticulously taking care of the day-to-day management of his famous client. Attracted by art, if the Rooster loves the backstage, he doesn't disdain the opportunity to find himself in the spotlight.

His feet firmly anchored to the ground, the Rooster has exceptional vitality and seduction ability as long as he manages to keep control of the situation.

The strong personality of the Rooster might suggest that he is disrespectful with his neighbor, while nothing would be less true! Although it must be admitted that the Rooster doesn't mince his words and that he can't stand being contradicted, just as he won't allow anyone abuse one of his weaknesses with impunity. As a reader who was born in other years of the Chinese calendar, remember that the manifestations of benevolence and empathy expressed by a Rooster are often only a clever excuse to better direct those around him.

The Rooster uses this facade to make you believe in his infallibility and his sense of justice, while deep inside himself, his heart is heavy with doubts. When he gets jostled, the Rooster responds frankly and without detours, not hesitating if necessary to hurt the feelings of his friends or his partner, and only in order to have the last word.

If the Rooster seems unconventional or even libertine at first, he is actually rather conservative and even sometimes reactionary.

In her private life, a Rooster woman has great potential to become an exemplary grandmother, just as she has effectively and brilliantly organized the education of her own children.

Finally, the Rooster is a nice friend, loyal, very sensitive to flattery while remaining funny and capable of self-mockery, as long as it doesn't involve his appearance or fashion tastes. His emotional strength largely outweighs his pride.

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Year of the Rooster's birth dates

🐔 Rooster calendar years

Years and elements of birth for the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar:

Year of the Rooster Birth Date Ranges
Birth Year Date range Chinese Year
1921 08/02/1921 - 27/01/1922 Yin Metal Rooster Year
1933 26/01/1933 - 13/02/1934 Yin Water Rooster Year
1945 13/02/1945 - 01/02/1946 Yin Wood Rooster Year
1957 31/01/1957 - 17/02/1958 Yin Fire Rooster Year
1969 17/02/1969 - 05/02/1970 Yin Earth Rooster Year
1981 05/02/1981 - 24/01/1982 Yin Metal Rooster Year
1993 23/01/1993 - 09/02/1994 Yin Water Rooster Year
2005 09/02/2005 - 28/01/2006 Yin Wood Rooster Year
2017 28/01/2017 - 15/02/2018 Yin Fire Rooster Year
2029 13/02/2029 - 02/02/2030 Yin Earth Rooster Year

Chinese zodiac Rooster's best jobs and careers

Private detective, police commissioner, school director, teacher, interpreter, personal assistant, musician, singer, TV presenter, PR consultant, hairdresser, stylist, fashion designer, lawyer, project manager

Year of the Rooster: Fortune

Lucky Colors of the Rooster

White, yellow

Lucky Numbers of the Rooster

2, 6, 10

Rooster (zodiac) eminent personalities

Celebrities born in the Year of the Rooster

Benjamin Franklin, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Francis Bacon, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton), Aung San Suu Kyi, William Blake, Elton John, Silvio Berlusconi, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwen Stefani, Ben Harper, P. Diddy, Jay Z, Paris Hilton, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Rodrigo Duterte, Vanessa Lachey, Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt, Hayden Christensen, Britney Spear, Jessica Alba, Meghan Markle, Ivanka Trump, Natalie Portman, Kelly Rowland, Chad Michael Murray, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Eddy Redmayne, Harry Styles, Ice T, Ellen DeGeneres, Suga (BTS member)

Year of the Rooster: Love compatibility

The Rooster's Chinese zodiac compatibility triangle

The Rooster, the Ox (Buffalo) and the Snake are part of the second compatibility triangle of Chinese astrology. Indeed, the Rooster, tenth sign-animal of the zodiac in the Chinese calendar, gets along naturally with the Ox and the Snake.

All 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese horoscope also have a secret friend: the Dragon is the secret friend of the Rooster. However, also note that the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster is incompatible with the Rabbit (Hare, Cat).

💖 Rooster compatibility horoscope

Today's Chinese Horoscope for the Rooster

KarmaWeather's Free Daily Rooster Horoscope offers unique and accurate predictions for the 10th Chinese zodiac sign. To better understand his Chinese daily horoscope, regardless of the specific interpretation of the consulted period of the current Chinese year, the Rooster must monitor the days and months governed by the energetic influence of the Rabbit (in particular, avoid any trip, operation or signature of contract). On the other hand, the days of the Rooster, the Ox, the Snake and the Dragon are lucky days for the Rooster.

Year of the Rooster: Birthstones

Rooster Chinese zodiac lucky stones: Cacholong, clear quartz, diamond, gold, Herkimer diamond, moss agate, rainbow fluorite, selenite, tiger iron, white calcite, white noble opal, silver

Rooster's 2023 Chinese horoscope

Rooster 2023 Horoscope
Year of the Rooster's 2023 Horoscope
Feng Shui Colors 2023 for the Rooster: Golden yellow, Cyan blue

Chinese horoscope of the Rooster during the Year of the Rabbit 2023, in love, work, career, health, luck, studies and travels

The Chinese horoscope 2023 announces a mixed year for the Rooster, whose pride risks taking a hit. Many small difficulties will follow one another throughout the Year of the Rabbit 2023. This succession of obstacles will make the Rooster realize that he is not always right.

According to the 2023 career and work horoscope, the Rooster will have to evolve in atmospheres that are too calm and greyish for his taste. However, he will have to take care to preserve his professional assets in order not to lose hard-won achievements. A change of job is also not a good omen in the Year of the Rabbit for the Rooster, who risks overwork in the event of too hasty a decision. The Rooster will particularly monitor his physical shape in 2023 to prevent the accumulation of any form of fatigue. The advice of wise professionals will even be essential in order to limit the consequences of possible bad career decisions.

Small disappointments occurring here and there in everyday life will irritate the Rooster if he takes them too seriously. However, thanks to the Water element (main element of the year 2023), the Rooster has the potential to bring a little color and transformation to the rhythm of his professional life. The Year of the Rabbit provides him with the essential tools to sculpt his existence and make it more in line with his expectations. But first, the Rooster will have to empty his bag to restore order. Identification, extraction and evacuation will be the good habits to adopt throughout the year if he wishes to get out of the doldrums that surrounds him and successfully take the path of redemption.

Rooster Lucky Colors 2023: Download Mobile WallpaperAccording to the 2023 money horoscope, this year of wavering and hesitation is likely to cause slight financial losses, despite all the efforts made. The Rooster will probably find that it will be more advantageous to limit his risky investments rather than to try his luck at all costs, given this period of the Chinese calendar which is not the most favorable for him. Moreover, uncertainties about the results of his recent actions may also darken an already bleak picture. Unresolved administrative issues can also catch up with the Rooster and hinder his progress. A person from the past may even reappear to hold him accountable. In any case, despite the obstacles encountered, the Rooster will keep his accounts up to date and manage to hold his tongue so as not to be surprised by the consequences of his past carelessness. Despite the frustrations engendered by the Year of the Rabbit 2023, the lessons learned from his failures will serve as a shield for the Rooster for years to come. Without forgetting that any well-considered action will bear fruit sooner or later.

Regarding the 2023 love horoscope, the year will fortunately include cycles favorable to the Rooster. As long as he manages to maintain relative stability throughout the year, even in the most delicate phases of his sentimental life, the Rooster should manage to get by. A possibility of rupture or short-term isolation should be anticipated. His opinions, when too rigid, can make him seem like a narcissist who doesn't care about the feelings of others. The Rabbit watches the Rooster and punishes him for his excesses of language within the couple. Also, the Rooster is invited to take care of the quality of his mode of communication. Among singles, it is not the dating opportunities that will be lacking. However, in the majority of cases, the Rooster will have to lower his expectations if he wishes to experience a few moments of ephemeral pleasure. As for the prospect of a long-term relationship, luck will not be on his side in 2023. Always driven by a critical spirit sharpened by vexation, he risks scaring off suitors who are looking for a love wrapped in softness and suppleness. In 2023, the more the single Rooster will be demanding and looking at the faults of others, the more he will find himself trapped in situations that he does not like. It is better not to expect too much from the Year of the Rabbit 2023 and prefer to be discreet so as not to stir up contradictory feelings that could compromise the well-being of the years to come.

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Talismans and lucky charms 2023 of the Rooster

The luck of the Rooster in 2023
Rating of the year ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Resolution of the year The year of redemption
Luckiest months April 2023 (Month of the Dragon), May 2023 (Month of the Snake), September 2023 (Month of the Rooster), January 2024 (Month of the Ox)
Least lucky period March 2023 (Month of the Rabbit)
Color 2023 Golden yellow, Cyan blue
Protective Stone 2023 Amber
Correction element 2023 Earth
Chakra 2023 Solar plexus chakra
Tarot card 2023 The nameless arcana
Rune 2023 Nauthiz (Constraint)
Foods 2023 Squash, Lavender
Flowers and Oils 2023 Blue hydrangea, Passionflower

Rooster Monthly Horoscope 2023

  • Rooster January 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 12th lunar month (Month of the Water Ox): from December 23, 2022 to January 21, 2023

    According to the January 2023 horoscope, the Rooster is having a beneficial month. New acquisitions are possible, obstacles are overcome and career advancement is the order of the day. The Rooster is given new responsibilities. However, he must take the time to think about it before accepting. Financially, the gains outweigh the expenses. Now is the perfect time to save money. As to love, little jealousies between friends are intertwined with juicy disputes. You have to make sure it doesn't last too long.

  • Rooster February 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 1st lunar month (Month of the Wood Tiger): from January 22 to February 19, 2023

    According to the February 2023 horoscope, the Rooster starts the Chinese New Year in a pleasant way. Business trips and meetings result in successful transactions. It will be useful to listen attentively to the alerts of a colleague. Now is not the time to take reckless risks. On the financial side, it is advisable to greatly reduce expenses to avoid any difficulty. With regards to love, a promising meeting is looming. It might be a little too fast. Favorable period, for the moment.

  • Rooster March 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 2nd lunar month (Double Month of the Wood Rabbit): from February 20 to April 19, 2023

    According to the horoscope for March 2023, the Rooster is entering a month that is less favorable but without real danger. Disappointment at work. It is necessary to remain calm in all circumstances and not to seek to demolish the constructions in place. As far as finances are concerned, certain purchases or investments are likely to be regretted in the wake of their realization. In the event of reckless expenditure, only a stroke of genius can put things back in order. As to love, the Rooster needs time to demonstrate his worth. The feelings are intense but not mutual. No haphazard plans. Waiting for proposals to come your way is a much better idea. It's quits or double.

  • Rooster April 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 3rd lunar month (Month of the Fire Dragon): from April 20 to May 18, 2023

    According to the horoscope for April 2023, the Rooster is going through a better period than in previous weeks. Widening of the professional or collaborative circle. Beware of abuse of all kinds that can cause a little temporary discomfort. The Rooster needs to hold on, especially since the financial situation is finally improving. It is even possible to improve the comfort of the home. Regarding love, dialogue and sharing with the loved one are in good shape. Singles need to be careful not to have their best assets stolen. Luck is not inaccessible.

  • Rooster May 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 4th lunar month (Month of the Serpent of Fire): from May 19 to June 17, 2023

    According to the May 2023 horoscope, the Rooster can expect to have a decent month. At work, beware of annoyances that can be irritating. Effort may be required. Why not come up with a new strategy? Do not hesitate to abandon actions that do not succeed. In matters of money, respect for the law is paramount. Conjugal love is experienced under the prism of protection. The celibate Rooster still has to wait a bit. The second part of May 2023 is more conducive to meetings.

  • Rooster June 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 5th lunar month (Month of the Earth Horse): from June 18 to July 17, 2023

    According to the horoscope for June 2023, the Rooster is preparing for an even less favorable month than the previous one. It is necessary to learn to relax and accept life with serenity and philosophy. There is no point in setting the bar too high. Financially, the cautious Rooster carefully measures the consequences of his actions. It is advisable to have a lawyer proofread any possible contract before affixing your signature. Regarding love, pleasure, although fleeting, is within reach. Now is not the time to get too far from loved ones.

  • Rooster July 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 6th lunar month (Month of the Earth Goat): from July 18 to August 15, 2023

    According to the horoscope for July 2023, a relatively correct month awaits the Rooster. He must demonstrate ingenuity and creativity to mark his presence at work and showcase his qualities. Let him not meddle in affairs that do not concern him! In terms of finances, any temptation to spend recklessly is to be avoided. Providential help. In love, things improve. The loved one feels appreciated for their difference. Beware of the risks of small domestic accidents.

  • Rooster August 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 7th lunar month (Month of the Metal Monkey): August 16 to September 14, 2023

    According to the horoscope for August 2023, the Rooster is undergoing a small temporary drop in form. At work, the Rooster should not feel obliged to do things that he does not want. If necessary, he must involve one or two additional people to move his project forward. When it comes to money, a few unanswered questions can annoy him momentarily. Appearances can be deceiving. As to love, he must choose the places he frequents more carefully.

  • Rooster September 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 8th lunar month (Month of the Metal Rooster): September 15 to October 14, 2023

    According to the September 2023 horoscope, the Rooster realizes that it's time to show off his strengths during this new Chinese month. Luck is within reach of the Rooster, especially at work. His opinions and advice are appreciated and quickly applied, to his delight. Loyalty pays. As far as finances are concerned, none of the obstacles encountered present any major danger. On a sentimental level, the social circle expands thanks to new encounters or collaborations. And love is nestled somewhere within these new relationships.

  • Rooster October 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 9th lunar month (Month of the Water Dog): from October 15 to November 12, 2023

    According to the horoscope for October 2023, the Rooster benefits greatly from the beneficial energies of the Month of the Dog. Travel, meetings and evenings with friends brighten up the Rooster's somewhat dull daily life. Everything is fine. He can even agree to be supported to resolve professional concerns. The proposals are not lacking. Among the expenses allocated to the month, efforts must be made in priority for domestic comfort. Regarding love, simplicity and benevolence are often the essential ingredients for the well-being of the couple. May the Rooster not forget it!

  • Rooster November 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 10th lunar month (Month of the Water Pig): from November 13 to December 12, 2023

    According to the horoscope for November 2023, the Rooster must agree to make concessions if he wishes to take full advantage of the Month of the Pig. Indeed, whether in love or at work, nothing will be delivered to him on a silver platter. His natural elegance will, as always, be appreciated at dinners and social gatherings. As long as he makes the effort to be diplomatic, his criticisms will be heard as sound advice. As far as finances are concerned, things are not yet certain. As to love, the risk of separation is not unthinkable in the event of lasting disagreement. A pending issue needs to be resolved. Concerns within the household. Courage!

  • Rooster December 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 11th lunar month (Month of the Wood Rat): from December 13, 2023 to January 10, 2024

    According to the horoscope for December 2023, the Rooster is once again having a moderately pleasant month. At work, you should be extra vigilant in the event of sudden displacement. Be careful when confiding. The Rooster still has to wait a bit before carrying out a major transaction. Regarding love, dating is not crazy for singles. It is a month when it is good to stay quietly at home and with the people you appreciate, in a family setting. Caution.

  • Rooster January 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 12th lunar month (Month of the Wood Ox): from January 11 to February 9, 2024

    According to the January 2024 horoscope, the Rooster is getting back on his feet in this Month of the Ox. Good physical condition, luck is on the way, the worries dissipate. Finally the Rooster succeeds in regaining his professional stability. The time for happy times is back! In business, some profitable opportunities are comforting for the wallet. On the emotional side, it is a month conducive to romantic encounters and family reunions. Stay sober no matter what. Take advantage of the positive energies around you.

Chinese Horoscope for Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Roosters

Below, in accordance with the Chinese horoscope, you will find a detailed description of the personality and specificities of the 5 existing types of Rooster, which associate the terrestrial branch of the Rooster with the 5 Yin celestial trunks of WuXing and Feng Shui (Yin Wood, Yin Fire, Yin Earth, Yin Metal, Yin Water). Indeed, the Rooster being a Chinese astrological sign with Yin polarity, the elements of Nature to which he can be connected are always in their Yin form. Likewise, for each Rooster associated with his celestial trunk (Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster), discover the pillar of destiny he is associated with and its meaning, in relation to its imaged destiny.

🌳 Wood Rooster

Characteristics: You’re a Wood Rooster if you’re born in 1945 or in 2005. In 2023, you’re 78 or 18 years old. Your lucky number is 22.

Personality: The native of the Year of the Wood Rooster is the most peaceful and creative of his kind. Proud and respectable, he's also the most honest and trustworthy of all the Roosters. Faithful in love, luck is like a second nature to him. The Wood Rooster undertakes his projects with passion and enthusiasm. His openness to the world, his sense of responsibility and social justice, combined with his communicative warmth, enable him to attract lasting friendships and loyal collaborations. The talent and natural taste of the Wood Rooster for leadership, as well as his inexhaustible thirst for justice, are his best assets, as long as he manages not to disperse. Indeed, unlike his companions of the henhouse, the Wood Rooster will always be wiser to focus on only one project at a time.

Year of the Wood Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Wood Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil

Wood Rooster's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "Water from wells and springs" (Yin)
Meaning of the Wood Rooster's birth pillar: Generosity and honesty, importance of the family, strong belief in the virtues of education and traditions, quasi-military perfectionism, risk of rigidity and chronic anxiety.

🔥 Fire Rooster

Characteristics: You’re a Fire Rooster if you’re born in 1957. In 2023, you’re 66 years old. Your lucky number is 34.

Personality: Entrepreneur and autonomous, audacious and competent, the person born in the Year of the Fire Rooster can also be authoritarian and quarrelsome with those who may have the insolence to resist his ideas. The Fire Rooster, while gifted for management, tends however to only trust himself, and he's usually reluctant to delegate his responsibilities to others. The Fire Rooster, suspicious and pessimistic by nature, grants more easily his confidence to those who, in accordance with his principles, will be ready to follow him blindly in his ambitions of social peace for the collective interest.

Year of the Fire Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Fire Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil

Fire Rooster's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "Fire at the foot of the mountain" (Yin)
Meaning of the Fire Rooster's birth pillar: Professional rigor and natural authority, dazzling ideas and ability to implement them, incomparable gift for the organization, tendency to pessimism and nervous attacks.

🗿 Earth Rooster

Characteristics: You’re an Earth Rooster if you’re born in 1969 or 2029 (on Chinese New Year 2029, the next generation of Earth Roosters will be born). In 2023, you’re 54 years old. Your lucky number is 46.

Personality: The native of the Year of the Earth Rooster is an ascetic and a free-thinker, whose sharp critical sense is matched only by his passion for truth. A maniac collector, he can decide overnight to embark on the exhaustive classification of a family of rare insects of the Amazon, or start the collection of ancient stamps from Singapore. In reality, nothing can stop him in his constant quest for knowledge. The Earth Rooster differs from his fellows by his disinterest for fashion. Precise and studious in what he undertakes, the Earth Rooster is promised to brilliant and lasting successes. Gifted with a surprising humility for a Rooster, the Earth Rooster often puts his eloquence and exemplarity at the service of noble causes, in education and humanitarian missions. Loved and feared at the same time, the wit and the flair of the Earth Rooster open the way for professions such as journalism, private investigation, the army, or even to become a bodyguard, a fireman, an hotel manager or a bar owner.

Year of the Earth Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Earth Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil

Earth Rooster's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "The land of the great plains" (Yin)
Meaning of the Earth Rooster's birth pillar: Prudence and wisdom, ability to give more importance to things of the mind than to the material possessions of everyday life, attraction to an austere life if it allows him to live his passions, strong interest in the trades which consist in extracting knowledge of past events, can be severe and abrupt.

🛠 Metal Rooster

Characteristics: You’re a Metal Rooster if you’re born in 1921 or 1981. In 2023, you’re 102 or 42 years old. Your lucky number is 58.

Personality: Hard on task, clever of his hands, perfectionist, obstinate and always punctual, the person born in the Year of the Metal Rooster is also very concerned about his appearance and the look of others. Dreams of glory and a thirst for wealth are the main fuel of his disproportionate ambition. His ego, his inhibition, and his clinical analysis of events, offer the Metal Rooster the regrettable ability to easily cool the feelings of his loved ones towards him. The Metal Rooster often considers a career in politics, social sciences, and any trades asking for strategic and organizational qualities. Smart and resourceful, he can also be rigid and stinging in his relationship to others.

Year of the Metal Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Metal Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil

Metal Rooster's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "Pomegranate wood" (Yin)
Meaning of the Metal Rooster's birth pillar: Perseverance and precision in work, sense of aesthetics, public speaking skills, attraction to social recognition and why not fame and glory, permanent obsession for storage and hygiene.

💧 Water Rooster

Characteristics: You’re a Water Rooster if you’re born in 1933 or 1993. In 2023, you’re 90 or 30 years old. Your lucky number is 10.

Personality: The native of the Year of the Water Rooster is an intellectual, whose mind is keen and the sense of humor evident, from the first meeting onwards. A real magnet surrounded by many friends, endowed with a remarkable eloquence and an easy contact, the Water Rooster is a companion of choice. Is it worth mentioning that he's the most open and least conservative of all the Roosters? As talented for speech as for writing, the Water Rooster is also animated by an unstoppable and persuasive force. His credulity towards those who manage to impress him is one of the few of his weaknesses that should be emphasized. We can finally note that the Water Rooster usually has a strong interest in scientific research, applied sciences and medicine.

Year of the Water Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Water Rooster's balancing stone and essential oil

Water Rooster's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "Sword point steel" (Yin)
Meaning of the Water Rooster's birth pillar: Advanced intellectual skills, taste for literature, science and politics, oratory and organizational skills, sense of strategy, risk of almost pathological obsession with detail.

Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster

Main characteristics of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Roosters

The Rooster of Chinese Astrology: Complete Infographic
Chinese horoscope of the Rooster
Chinese zodiac elements, Birth Years and Hours of the Chinese calendar, lucky directions, zodiacal compatibility, pillar of destiny and planet for natives of the Year of the Rooster

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