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Well-being is often associated with personal development. If this is of course the case, it would however be limiting its meaning to understand well-being only on an individual level, since any practice or method aimed at improving balance and harmony can hardly be envisaged without take into account what and those around us and who participate in our daily life.

Fans of the stove rarely cook large dishes made for themselves. It is the prospect of surprising and satisfying the delicate palate of their guests who push chefs and cooks to exceed their limits in the search for the most unforgettable taste combinations. Likewise, the choice of place or the layout of the room where meditation and yoga are practiced must make it possible to promote work on oneself, just as much that a healthy and balanced diet improves the quality of the skin, transit, sleep and mood. This is also why we also give an important place here to Feng Shui and its balancing virtues for the home and the office.

The meditation techniques and personal development from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism found a favorable response from the end of the 60s in the West, where they gradually spread. The growing interest in Ayurverdic cures has led many centers to develop outside India and it is now possible to have an Ayurverdic retreat nearby from home. The holistic therapies have an echo all the greater because they are a response to our ultra-connected and stressful lives where, lost in the middle of the concrete and the anonymity of big cities we feel alone in a society that harbors us by advertising how unique we are. Pushed to stage our life in a frivolous as narcissistic overbidding, how can we not think that a way out of this dead end is through a return to a simpler, less frenetic, less technological and closer to nature?


7 chakras


Open your chakras: the 7 chakras of the Hindu tradition

Discover the origins and meaning of the chakras of the Vedic and Chakric tradition, and what are the techniques from India that allow you to work and balance the 7 chakras. We also invite you to take our free 7 chakra test which, with its 70 questions, is certainly the most comprehensive online chakra test on the Internet. The proposed diagnosis allows you to have an overview at a given moment of your life on the possible work to be done on your chakras, if they are out of balance (too closed or on the contrary too open).

➔ 7 Chakras - Awaken your chakras


Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui: guide and tips for the home, Yin Yang, 5 elements

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition which, like Chinese astrology, uses the precepts of Yin Yang and the 5 elements, from Taoism and Chinese cosmology. The Feng Shui section covers Yin Yang, the 5 Chinese elements, the Feng Shui cures applied at home and in the office and the meaning of Kua numbers (Ba Gua). Before moving your furniture and questioning your interior decoration, first check your Kua number with our Kua number calculation page. For all other information on Feng Shui (colors of the year, flying stars, annual Feng Shui horoscope), go to the Annual Feng Shui section (via News in the menu).

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Lithotherapy: Stones and crystals

Protective zodiac birthstones and balancing crystals for the chakras

The Stones and crystals section, in addition to showing you the most suitable stones for each chakra, your Chinese zodiac sign and your astrological sign, gives you access to a dictionary of lithotherapy containing detailed files on birthstones and protective crystals, quartz, diamond, jade, pearl, emerald, opal, hematite, gold, silver, bronzite and many more.

➔ Healing stones & zodiac crystals
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