Who is my Guardian Angel? Free Calculator by Birthday

Among the 72 protective angels of the Judeo-Christian tradition, who is my guardian angel? Free and complete Quiz to find your guardian angel from the date of birth
By KarmaWeather - 1 September 2023
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Do you sometimes feel a protective presence by your side, as if a higher force is watching over you? This feeling can be a sign that your guardian angel is by your side, ready to guide you on the path to your destiny. But how do you know the name of this celestial being who watches over you since your birth?

Thanks to the most commonly accepted astrological variant of the angel calendar, you can discover your guardian angel according to your date of birth. Each of the 72 protective angels has their domicile in a space of 5° of the zodiac, that is to say approximately 5 days of the solar calendar (Gregorian). And to top it off, there is an archangel at the head of each of the 9 choirs of angels, each choir being made up of 8 angels.

The name of your guardian angel is thus determined by the astrological correlation between your date of birth and the position of the angels in the Zodiac.

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How to find out who your guardian angel is

Thanks to KarmaWeather's Guardian Angel Calculator, you can easily find out the name of your celestial protector according to your date of birth. Take this free test to find out the name of your guardian angel and the choir to which he belongs, the archangel to which he is subordinate, as well as the nature of his main powers. You will thus be able to perceive the secrets of the heavens and know the virtues which are specific to you through the particular dispositions of your main protective angel.

The angels are classified according to a precise hierarchical order, each number corresponding to a particular proximity with the Creator. From the highest (from #1), to the closest to human beings (until #72), each angel has unique characteristics of their own. Moreover, although they are not strictly speaking gendered, the name that God has given them can reveal a part of masculine or feminine divine energy, which confers on them a particular complementary wisdom.

Thus, thanks to our guardian angel calculator, accessible simply by selecting your day and month of birth using the drop-down lists below, you will be able to know the name of your protector and discover the secrets of your destiny. So, let yourself be guided by the wings of the angel and take flight towards the celestial heights. Discovering your guardian angel can help you better understand your life path and connect to a higher force that guides you in your life.

Guardian Angel Calculator

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What is the role of the regent of my guardian angel's choir?

Did you know that you can also benefit from double angelic protection? Indeed, the archangel choirmaster of your guardian angel brings you a second celestial protection. If you were born between March 21 and March 25, your angel is Vehuiah, himself part of the choir of Seraphim led by the Archangel Metatron. Thus, you benefit from a double protection, both from your appointed guardian angel, Vehuiah, but also from his choir leader, Metatron.

Portrait of a guardian angel
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The guardian angel, first of the 3 protective angels

In the Jewish and Catholic tradition, your guardian angel is assigned to you on the day of your birth. Also called physical angel or angel of incarnation, he is accompanied by two other angels, the emotional angel (or angel of the heart) and the spiritual angel (or angel of the spirit). Although specific protective angels have accompanied you since your birth, the first of which being your guardian angel, you retain complete freedom in the choice of angels or groups of angels that you can choose to invoke to support you in key moments of your journey on earth.

How do I contact my guardian angel?

Angels can be invoked at any time through song, prayer or meditation. Belonging to the world of the spirit, the angels have a mode of communication of their own, which implies that we must be attentive to the responses they make to our calls. The breath of an angel is manifested by discreet and unexpected signs in the real world (the presence of a colored feather or a bird, a mirror hour, a surprising encounter) or even within a dream.

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