How to contact your guardian angel? Prayer, invocation

How to communicate with your guardian angel? Find out how to get in touch and talk to your Guardian Angel, and how to interpret the signs of their answers to your prayers
By KarmaWeather - 15 November 2021
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Special messengers between Heaven and Earth, angels are superior entities created by God to act discreetly with men, transmitting their requests and gratifying them with their graces and their beneficial powers. Key figures in the Hebrew tradition, angels also play an important role for the other two religions of the Book, Christianity and Islam.

When summoned, the Guardian Angel uses his powers to enlighten the man or woman who called upon him. If we ask them, any angel can bring his light and his powers, but also transmit to other angels with more adapted virtues the expressed needs.

👼 Meaning and origins of angels

Who is my guardian angel according to my date of birth?

Thanks to the calendar of angels, you can quickly identify the name of your guardian angel from your date of birth. Once his name is revealed to you, it will be easier for you to appeal to him directly through prayer.

How to know your guardian angel?

According to a tradition specific to Christianity, a unique guardian angel is assigned to each human being at the time of their birth and accompanies them until their last breath. It is therefore possible to consider that in addition to the guardian angel of the Kabbalistic tradition, whose identification is correlated with the Gregorian calendar according to a predetermined zodiacal position, an exclusive guardian angel is also assigned to us at the time of our birth.

On the other hand, the name of this personal guardian angel remains a mystery that only he can decide to reveal to the person placed under his benevolent protection.

You have to take the step yourself of asking his name and then manage to interpret the answer. Because communication with your guardian angel is based on an empirical approach specific to each of us, depending on our degree of sensitivity and openness to the spiritual world.

In any case, if we take into consideration both the Hebrew tradition and the Christian tradition, it is possible to believe that we have at least two guardian angels by our side to watch over us. On the other hand, if in your practice, you get into the habit of calling on a particular angel more often, or if your thoughts irresistibly draw you towards him, you may well decide to integrate him into your personal cohort of guardian angels.

Methods of invoking angels

Angels are superior spiritual beings who share with God the gift of ubiquity, that is, they are able to be present in several places at the same time, at the same time. So, no angel could claim to be too busy to listen to your vows. In addition, the Cosmic Law requires higher beings to respond favorably to the requests of the little ones. It is thus that superior to men, angels are nevertheless their servants.

When to invoke your guardian angel?

There is no ideal time to make contact with your guardian angel, even if times of solitude and silence are naturally the most suitable. On any occasion, even the most confused, your angel can see and hear you. On the other hand, it is best to find a quiet and peaceful place when you want to summon an angel, for example in your bed just before falling asleep.

How do I call on my guardian angel?

There are different methods to invoke and communicate with your guardian angel, or any other angel whose characteristics correspond to the wishes to be expressed. Among these techniques we can note:

  • Prayer: silent formulation of the vow in association with the recitation of the prayer or psalm concerning the called angel
  • Meditation: mantric repetition of the angel's name during a meditation session
  • Automatic writing: following the formulation of a question, silent or written, let yourself be guided along the sheet of paper until drawings or texts appear

Remember that prayer, a supernatural act to dialogue directly with the divine, is the most common traditional method to call on the powers of your guardian angel. It is also possible to ask the called angel to intercede with other angels whose powers relate more specifically to the expressed request.

How to invoke my guardian angel?
Guardian Angel of God: Methods of invocation and interpretation of messages

What kind of help can you ask your guardian angel for?

You do not ask your guardian angel just any question. Angels are intercessors between men and God, endowed with special powers of which they wish to share the graces for the men and women who express the request. If we can call on them at any time (remember once again that having the gift of ubiquity, it is impossible to disturb them), the type of help for which they can be requested must be exclusively benevolent.

For example, you can pray through your guardian angel (or any other angel, or even an assembly of angels that you specifically convene) for help with:

  • Pass a test
  • Find true love
  • Earn money
  • Find a job
  • Travel safely
  • Preserve or regain health
  • A happy marriage
  • Family and children protection
  • A favorable move
  • A successful business

Your wish may relate directly to you or be intended for someone else, whether you know that person directly or not. It is common for people who are renowned for their quality of mediumistic communication with angels to act as relays for those they choose to help. It is unthinkable to consider any financial transaction in return for this service, at the risk of totally distorting any angelic communication effort.

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How to communicate with your guardian angel?

Once the wish has been expressed, communication can only be complete once a response has been given. You have to be capable of great patience and stay on the lookout for strange or unusual signs that could have disrupted your daily life in the days following your request to your guardian angel.

It is obvious that the time of angels is not that of men. Our biological limitations force us into a tight temporality, which must seem almost instantaneous to the gaze of an immortal angel. It is therefore essential not to expect a response within minutes of calling your guardian angel, just as it is unlikely (but not impossible) that his response will be expressed through your interior voice. On average, it takes a maximum of 5 days to get a response, just as it is better to wait 5 days to ask for a new request or to appeal to another angel.

In order to facilitate the interpretation of the response of your guardian angel, especially for those who are new to this spiritual exercise, it is advisable to formulate a question that can be answered with yes or no.

Interpretation and meaning of angelic messages

How to interpret the messages of Angels?

Angels being purely spiritual beings, they cannot communicate directly with the physical world, or they do so in a subtle way. If our body offers us, thanks to our senses, the tools essential to the experience of the materiality of the living and the inanimate, we too often forget that we too are endowed with a unique spirit, capable of crossing the doors of spirituality.

Our brain constantly interprets all the sensory signals it receives from the outside world, with the sole aim of protecting us from dangers and helping us meet all our existential needs. What we see, touch, taste or hear is a form of determinism. It is the past experience of our parents and their ancestors that decided our way of seeing and understanding the world, starting with learning our mother tongue.

To understand your guardian angel's response to your prayer, you have to be able to decode the signals. For that, we must superficially unlearn the innumerable cultural constraints from which we are borrowed and which usually serve us to apprehend our daily life as serenely as possible.

In the hours following your request, and over a period of 5 days, be on the lookout for the slightest unusual sign in your environment. The possible types of messages are, among others:

  • A dream
  • Passing chills
  • A feeling of déjà vu
  • The shape of a cloud
  • Mirror hours
  • The unusual behavior of a pet
  • The presence of down or feathers
  • A bird sitting on the windowsill

The sensation that an angel has spoken to you by making his mark in the physical world may be enough for a positive interpretation of the expected response. The complete absence of a sign does not necessarily mean that the answer is negative. More often than not, it may be a poorly formulated request, or even that the question was premature.

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