Mirror Hours: Meaning and Guardian Angel Message

True prophetic messages from your guardian angel, discover the hidden meaning of mirror hours and reverse mirror hours, for love, work, travel and health
By KarmaWeather - 3 December 2021
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The revelation of the secrets of the cosmos is obscured by our senses and particularly by the one to which we appeal the most on a daily basis, sight. However, our eyes have mainly evolved to respond to the issues of survival and perpetuation of our species. If our sight is less sensitive to movement than felines and less sensitive to colors than insects, our ancestors have on the other hand acquired thanks to it a great capacity of interpretation of their environment. This helped them to spot the dangers more easily (the presence of a wild animal in ambush, of a bear in a cave), but also, by extension, to become aware of the many mysteries that underlie our experience of reality, and that we try to translate by the abstraction of numbers and the geometry of signs and symbols.

After a short introduction aiming to briefly define mirror hours, we will come back to the meaning and symbolism of mirrors and numbers. Then, we will approach the functioning of the mirror hours with an angelic approach of their divinatory interpretation, considering that the hidden message of the mirror hours is transmitted directly by the guardian angel to whom we have decided to appeal. This does not of course exclude, in situations devoid of any conscious preparation, that falling on a mirror hour is rather the direct manifestation of a loved one who thinks of us.

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Meaning and differences between mirror hours, reverse mirror hours and double hours

There are two types of mirror hours, on the one hand mirror hours of the 03:03 type and on the other hand the inverted mirror hours of the 03:30 type. If the first ones would rather deserve to be called double hours or doubled hours, the second correspond much more to the original function of a mirror, namely the capacity that certain types of metallic or liquid surfaces have to reflect reality as it is picked up by our eyes and interpreted by our brain. However, we will stick to their commonly accepted name here, while in another article we will discuss the subject of Chinese double hours, which operate differently, but which also have a divinatory dimension.

Common questions about mirror hours

  • Why do I run into mirror hours all the time?
    The rarer a sign, the more valuable it will be, and therefore the more likely its meaning will be real and deep. One must therefore not overinterpret the fact of regularly stumbling upon mirror hours. Rather than indicating that someone is systematically thinking of you or that your guardian angel is sending you regular messages, it is probably more a sign that you are spending way too much time on your smartphone.

  • What are the mirror hours of love?
    The mirror hours of love are 10:01 and 15:15. The reverse mirror hours of amorous passion in all its forms are 01:10, 03:30, 15:51, 20:02 and 21:12. You will find below the hidden message of each mirror hour of love.

Mirror and numbers, the mystery revealers

The mirror is the magic object par excellence, by its capacity to open a dimension parallel to the only physical reality to which we have access with the help of our sensory organs. Among its many virtues, the mirror reveals, filters and transforms. Moreover, is not the mirror the true representation of reality, it alone being capable of restoring the correct meaning of things? Indeed, the one who looks at the reflection of a face (his or that of someone else) in a mirror actually sees their left eye on the left and their right eye on the right ...

Just as massive objects have the ability to bend space-time according to Einstein's rules of general relativity, mirrors too can transfigure the reflected image depending on whether they are flat, concave, convex or stained by imperfections, scratches, rust or breakage. Unlike photography and video which after having captured reality images freeze the captured reflection on a medium forever independent of the photographed subject (filmstrip, paper), the reflection of a mirror evolves at the same time as its subject. If the photograph and the film are snapshots of a moment of reality distorted by the focal length of a lens, on the contrary the reflection of a mirror is constantly modulating. In a way, the mirror escapes the constraints of time as it is usually perceived on a daily basis. No matter how far away a mirror is, your reflection will always be twice the size of your actual size. Further away, darker too, the reflection of the mirror seems to be part of the mists of the past or the future than in a tangible present.

This is also why the mirror is rightly considered by many civilizations as a vector of communication through which visual messages can emerge from bygone times or prophecies be announced.

As for numbers, well beyond their practical usefulness as measuring tools, since ancient times have also been carriers of ideas and secret forces, like the foundations of the architecture of the universe. Numbers, like mirrors, have in common their ability to reveal the hidden meaning of things. For Saint Martin, the numbers "are the visible envelopes of beings". If the numbers regulate the harmony of the cosmos, they are also carriers of deep and powerful mysteries, as well for the practitioners of the divinatory arts as for the mathematicians and the physicists, wether they are prime numbers, complex numbers or the golden ratio.

How mirror hours work

Numerological extrapolations of the mirror as a magic object, the mirror hours are an effective means to interpret the messages of your guardian angel. This is even more accurate if you have previously summoned a specific angel through prayer or meditation.

The observation on your watch or your mobile phone of one of the mirror hours below, at any time of the day or night, can be considered as a message sent by your guardian angel or any other kind spirit towards you. The interpretation of this message according to the mirror hour concerned always remains subject to caution, since it stems from an empirical tradition based on the cumulative experience of many astrologers and seers over the centuries. This is why, as part of a more efficient personal practice, it will always be more interesting to be able to associate the observation of a mirror hour with an important event in progress or a specific request made to your guardian angel in the 5 preceding days.

Complete list of mirror hours and reverse mirror hours

Divinatory interpretations of mirror hours
Exact hourHour typeGuardian Angel Secret Message Meaning
00:00MirrorMentally prepare for an absence or loss
01:01MirrorYou feel the need to isolate yourself
01:10Reversed mirrorSomeone watches over you with protective love
02:02MirrorYou won't achieve anything on your own
02:20Reversed mirrorLuck is definitely on your side
03:03MirrorYou manage to formulate your ideas accurately
03:30Reversed mirrorSomeone loves you in secret
04:04MirrorYour desire for power may be a sign of a lack of grounding
04:40Reversed mirrorWill you be remorseful after this betrayal?
05:05MirrorYour current creativity is matched only by your thirst for life
05:50Reversed mirrorSmile! A pleasant surprise awaits you
06:06MirrorYour instinct guides you to the right people
07:07MirrorMaturity or lucidity? Either way, you change your perspective
08:08MirrorLet justice be done!
09:09MirrorSeek to cultivate yourself to enrich your spiritual life
10:01MirrorThere is still time to catch up with the loved one
10:10Reversed mirrorYou gain confidence and the results are positive for your career
11:11MirrorYour fierce ambition can take you to the highest peaks
12:12MirrorWisdom wins you over! You renounce material temptations
12:21Reversed mirrorBeware! Gossip and betrayals lie in wait for you
13:13MirrorA change of cycle is coming
13:31Reversed mirrorAvoid any new initiatives for now
14:14MirrorThings are moving but still lacking stability
14:41Reversed mirrorYou have the feeling of having lost an object that is dear to you
15:15MirrorA consuming passion prevents you from seeing clearly
15:51Reversed mirrorSomeone loves you, but is it really mutual?
16:16MirrorYour pride pushes you to isolate yourself
17:17MirrorAn overflowing creative energy animates you
18:18MirrorYou are more sensitive to the secrets of the soul and the vagaries of fate
19:19MirrorTouched by divine grace, you thirst for creation
20:02Reversed mirrorA loved one thinks very hard of you, contact him?
20:20MirrorEvents are racing, take the time to reflect
21:12Reversed mirrorA protective and absolute love watches over you
21:21MirrorYour efforts are finally rewarded with well-deserved success
22:22MirrorYour talent is rewarded with success and glory
23:23MirrorYour word is freed or an inheritance protects you from want
23:32Reversed mirrorA malicious spirit spreads slander about you

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