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By KarmaWeather - 19 January 2024
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What is my guardian angel called?

By consulting the calendar of angels below, you will discover not only the name of your guardian angel (also called Angels of the Shem HaM'phorash, or "Angels of the explicit name" in Kabbalah tradition) according to you birthday, but also their place within the celestial hierarchy, their main virtues, as well as their powers and attributes that can be called upon by prayer.

The 9 choirs of the angels

As we will see in this article, your guardian angel is not necessarily related to the patron saint corresponding to your first name (in the case where your first name is included in the list of the official calendar of Catholic saints). An esoteric tradition, strongly influenced by the Jewish apocryphal mystical tradition (Kabbalah), but also by Christian theology with the work of Pseudo-Dionysius in the 5th century, developed in parallel with the 3 religions of the Book (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). This does not mean, however, that the three Abrahamic religions, which give an important place to the angels in their scriptures, do not deign to make them a subject of study in their own right. So for the Catholic Church, it is the classification of angels as it was written by Saint Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century that is authoritative today, even if from the 4th century Saint Ambroise was already concerned with this theological subject which, if it never became dogma, has always occupied an important place among Christians.

Let us also recall this episode from the New Testament where Saint Paul, in the 1st chapter of his epistle to the Colossians, takes care to remind the primacy of Christ over the Angels to the young Christian community of Colossi, whose feared that their cult of angels, too advanced for his taste, would help keep them away from Jesus. In doing so, he is only concerned with the ordering of angels in the celestial hierarchy (called orders or choirs of angels) only in view of their total submission to Jesus Christ. He therefore does not seek to reject this rabbinical tradition with probable Persian and Babylonian roots, but rather chooses to integrate it fully into nascent Christianity,* on the sole condition that the heavenly orders are at the exclusive service of the Son of God. Saint Paul quotes in his letter 4 of the choirs of angels: "because it is in him that all things were created, in the heavens and on the earth, the visible and the invisible, Thrones, Lordships, Principalities, Powers; everything was created by him and for him". (Colossians 1:16)

The different sources from the sacred texts ultimately make it possible to distinguish 9 choirs (or orders) among the Celestial Spirits: Angels, Archangels, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Dominations, Thrones, Cherubim and the Seraphim. Each category of angels has its place in a celestial hierarchy, each choir having its own virtues, as well as its own symbolic attributes (objects and colors associated with their power) and anatomical (for example the number of their wings can vary).

Calculation of the name of the guardian angels

Find out the name of your protective angel

In parallel with the monotheistic religions which are based on a canon of their own (Tanakh, Bible, Qur'an), the esoteric tradition which has developed over the past two millennia has been keen to establish the complete list of names angels, their classification and the attribution of their powers.

The list of angels and archangels of the Catholic and Muslim esoteric tradition, which owes much to the Hebrew tradition and Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah or "Oral and Secret Law"), is part of the Gregorian calendar in its own zodiac cycle.

According to the most commonly accepted astrological variant of the calendar of angels, each of the 72 guardian angels has his home in a space of 5° of the zodiac, or about 5 days of the solar calendar (Gregorian). In addition, there is an archangel at the head of each of the 9 angel choirs, each choir being itself composed of 8 angels. It should be noted as an aside that famous kabbalists offer a different organization and lists of angels, with 10 angel choirs rather than 9, each choir being distributed in a hierarchy and a variable zodiac position depending on the authors.

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Double angelic protection

The name of your protective angel therefore follows from the astrological correlation between your date of birth and the position of the 72 angels in the Zodiac. The archangel choir leader brings you a second angelic protection, in addition to the angel of your date of birth. For example, if you were born between May 1 and May 5, your angel is Haziel. However, Haziel is part of the choir of Cherubim led by the Archangel Raziel. You therefore benefit from double protection, both from your personal guardian angel, Haziel, but also from his choirmaster, Raziel.

Angel Calendar - Find your Guardian Angel by birthday

Calculate your guardian angel based on your date of birth

Thanks to the KarmaWeather calendar of angels below, discover the name of your guardian angel according to your birth (as well as his archangel choirmaster), to which order he belongs in the celestial hierarchy and the main virtues associated with it. The angels are listed in ascending order, the highest in the hierarchy being the closest to God (from number 1), the lowest being the closest to men (up to number 72). Even if it should be remembered that angels are not sexed in the human sense of the term, let us note all the same that the names in "el" correspond to the masculine dimension of God while those in "iah" appeal to its resonance feminine. On a cosmic level, the angels therefore carry within them masculine or feminine energetic qualities, equivalent to the Yin Yang of the Taoist tradition, Feng Shui and Chinese astrology.

List of the 72 Guardian Angels

Calendar of the 72 guardian angels classified according to their choirs in the celestial hierarchy

Guardian Angels by birthday: complete list of the 72 Guardian Angels classified according to their respective choirs, their qualities and their powers
Angel Choir Archangel Quality Power (for prayer)
1 21/03
Vehuiah Seraphim Metatron Will Health, studies, creativity, success
2 26/03
Jeliel Seraphim Metatron Will Work, conflict resolution, family harmony, fertility
3 31/03
Sitael Seraphim Metatron Will Love, creativity, practicality, fruitfulness
4 05/04
Elemiah Seraphim Metatron Will Money, work
5 10/04
Mahasiah Seraphim Metatron Will Love
6 15/04
Lelahel Seraphim Metatron Will Love, money, health
7 21/04
Achaiah Seraphim Metatron Will Money, work
8 26/04
Cahetel Seraphim Metatron Will Money
9 01/05
Haziel Cherubim Raziel Love Love
10 06/05
Aladiah Cherubim Raziel Love Love, health
11 11/05
Lauviah Cherubim Raziel Love Love
12 16/05
Hahaiah Cherubim Raziel Love Love
13 21/05
Iezalel Cherubim Raziel Love Love, work
14 26/05
Mebahel Cherubim Raziel Love Money
15 01/06
Hariel Cherubim Raziel Love Love, work
16 06/06
Hekamiah Cherubim Raziel Love Money, work
17 11/06
Lauviah Thrones Binael Intelligence Love, health
18 16/06
Caliel Thrones Binael Intelligence Love
19 22/06
Leuviah Thrones Binael Intelligence Love, money
20 27/06
Pahaliah Thrones Binael Intelligence
21 02/07
Nelchael Thrones Binael Intelligence Love
22 07/07
Yeiayel Thrones Binael Intelligence Money
23 12/07
Melahel Thrones Binael Intelligence Love, money, health
24 17/07
Haheuiah Thrones Binael Intelligence
25 23/07
Nithaiah Dominations Hesediel Grace
26 28/07
Haaiah Dominations Hesediel Grace Money
27 02/08
Yeratel Dominations Hesediel Grace Love
28 07/08
Seheiah Dominations Hesediel Grace Health
29 13/08
Reiyel Dominations Hesediel Grace
30 18/08
Omael Dominations Hesediel Grace Love, health
31 23/08
Lecabel Dominations Hesediel Grace Money, work
32 29/08
Vasariah Dominations Hesediel Grace
33 03/09
Yehuiah Powers Camael Justice Work
34 08/09
Lehahiah Powers Camael Justice Money
35 13/09
Chavaquiah Powers Camael Justice Love
36 18/09
Menadel Powers Camael Justice Money, work
37 24/09
Aniel Powers Camael Justice Love
38 29/09
Haamiah Powers Camael Justice
39 04/10
Rehael Powers Camael Justice Love, health, work
40 09/10
Ieiazel Powers Camael Justice
41 14/10
Hahahel Virtues Raphael Serenity
42 19/10
Mikael Virtues Raphael Serenity Love, work
43 24/10
Veuliah Virtues Raphael Serenity Money
44 29/10
Yelaiah Virtues Raphael Serenity
45 03/11
Sehaliah Virtues Raphael Serenity Health, work
46 08/11
Ariel Virtues Raphael Serenity
47 13/11
Asaliah Virtues Raphael Serenity Love
48 18/11
Mahael Virtues Raphael Serenity Love
49 23/11
Vehuel Principalities Haniel Beauty
50 28/11
Daniel Principalities Haniel Beauty Health
51 03/12
Hahasiah Principalities Haniel Beauty Health
52 08/12
Imamiah Principalities Haniel Beauty Love
53 13/12
Nanael Principalities Haniel Beauty Health
54 17/12
Nithael Principalities Haniel Beauty Money, health
55 22/12
Mebahiah Principalities Haniel Beauty
56 27/12
Poyel Principalities Haniel Beauty Love, money, health
57 01/01
Nemamiah Archangels Mikael Truth Money
58 06/01
Yeialel Archangels Mikael Truth Health
59 11/01
Harael Archangels Mikael Truth Money
60 16/01
Mitzrael Archangels Mikael Truth Health, work
61 21/01
Umabel Archangels Mikael Truth Love
62 26/01
Iahhel Archangels Mikael Truth Love
63 31/01
Anauel Archangels Mikael Truth Money, health
64 05/02
Mehiel Archangels Mikael Truth
65 10/02
Damabiah Angels Gabriel Foundation Money
66 15/02
Manakel Angels Gabriel Foundation Love, money, health
67 20/02
Eyael Angels Gabriel Foundation Health
68 25/02
Habuhiah Angels Gabriel Foundation Health
69 01/03
Rochel Angels Gabriel Foundation Money
70 06/03
Jabamiah Angels Gabriel Foundation Health
71 11/03
Haiaiel Angels Gabriel Foundation
72 16/03
Mumiah Angels Gabriel Foundation Love, money, health, work

The saints and angels associated with the birth name

The Roman calendar associates each day of the Gregorian calendar with a saint from the Catholic tradition. This official calendar of the Roman Catholic Church links each day to a feast date in honor of the official saints and martyrs of Christian history. Traditionally, the choice of the first name of a baby boy or girl in Christian families is made after studying the Roman calendar and examining its patron saints. However, it is rare for a Christian family to decide to give their child the first name of their day of birth's saint. For example, a boy named Patrick is unlikely to be born on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. On the other hand, the child will have the opportunity during his life to celebrate both his birthday and the feast date of his patron saint. Likewise, let us remember that the saints can bear the name of an angel, but also that the most important angels have a full presence in the Roman calendar, in the same way as the saints and martyrs who are officially listed there. Thus, if your son is named Michael, he will then automatically be under the protection of the saints and martyrs who have borne this name in history, but also under the tutelage of the Archangel Saint Michael, whose feast day is September 29. Similarly, if the Roman calendar shows several saints of the same first name, without forgetting that several saints can be associated with the same date, parents generally decide to put their child under the patronage of the saint whose life them inspire the most. To take advantage of this special protection, it is often customary for the child's godmother to offer, at the time of the child'sbaptism (sacrament of admission to Christianity by water), a talisman medal bearing the image of the saint bearing the same birth name and sharing a spiritual affinity with the family. For example, for a girl named Therese, the two most famous saints who had this name are Saint Therese of Avila (in Spain) and Saint Therese of Lisieux (in France).

* If Saint Paul is rightly regarded as the founder of Christianity, it is among other things for his ability to understand the Greco-Roman world from which he came and which he undertakes to convert. From an obscure Jewish sect believing in the death and resurrection of a prophet rejected by his own people, he manages to develop, structure and above all to make coherent a set of small groups (churches) of Christians which develop in his lifetime throughout the Mediterranean. But Paul's universalist vision of Christianity could never have developed beyond the Jewish communities of the time if he had not succeeded in parallel in rendering obsolete circumcision and the food taboos specific to the religion of Jesus. Roman citizens would never have converted into numbers if they had to submit to such constraints, totally foreign to their culture. As for the Jewish communities which wished to take the path of Christianity, Saint Paul uses another argument to convince them of the uselessness of the practice of circumcision in the Christian faith. He does not pretend to despise or deny this founding rite of Judaism, he just makes it symbolic by the act of baptism. Still in the same letter to the Colossians, he writes: "It is in him that you have been circumcised of a circumcision which is not of human hands, by the total stripping of your carnal body; such is the circumcision of Christ: buried with him at baptism, you also rose from it with him, because you believed in the power of God who raised him from the dead." (Colossians 2: 11-12)
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