Travel - The most mysterious places

Explore the most unusual and extraordinary mysteries in the world

What are the places, cities and countries where the strange meets the real?

The most mysterious places on earth

From the KarmaWeather "Travel" home page, set off to explore the most magical places in our world. What are the hidden secrets of the strangest, haunted and mystical places and what can they reveal and teach us for our lives? Whether in Asia, Europe, the Orient, America, Oceania or Africa, travel through ages and continents. Meet mythical characters and explore unique and mysterious places, whether ancient ruins, majestic tombs, haunted fortresses, thousand-year-old temples or mysterious islands.


Unusual places in the world

Unusual places in the world

By exploring the KarmaWeather section dedicated to unusual places in the world, set off on an adventure and discover the mysteries of the most mythical places on the globe.

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