Year of the Ox: Horoscope Predictions 2024, Personality

🐮 Year of the Ox (Buffalo): Men and women born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 and 2021 are of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox
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The Year of the Ox

Year of the Ox's Chinese horoscope and meaning: exact birth dates and elements, characteristics and personality traits, love compatibility and zodiac lucky stones

In brief: Quiet strength irradiates from the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox. A person born during the Year of the Ox, the second animal of the Chinese zodiac, is very self-confident and knows his life goals.

Powerful and balanced, the Ox always manages to find the energy needed to get back on his feet, even when going through difficult times.

Able to carry heavy loads, to fall just to better to rise again, the tenacity and the perseverance of the Ox allows him to climb mountains and to protect those whom he likes from the most fierce weather conditions.

📅 2024 Chinese zodiac predictions for the Year of the Ox:

Year of the Ox: Personality horoscope

Concerning his sentimental life, the Ox has an immoderate love for his family. Life would have no meaning for him without the presence of his family and friends. He is faithful in love and cares very carefully about the education of his children. Very territorial, the Ox is also jealous and possessive. It is better not to enter his domain without having his prior blessing.

On a morphological level, it is not uncommon for people born during a year of the Ox to be broad-shouldered, just as they generally have good bone strength.

Very disciplined in his daily life, loyal and rather honest, his opinions are generally conservative and respectful of the established order. As a result, the Ox sometimes suffers from a lack of fantasy, which doesn't prevent him from excelling in the creative trades whose high level of requirement is up to his abilities.

Self-disciplined and organized, the Ox favors when he can the creation and development of his own business rather than having to report to a superior. That is why, when the conditions allow it, the Ox would rather choose a solitary job, in order to preserve his peace of mind and his productivity, especially as speed not being his best asset, he needs to manage his progression to the rhythm that suits him best.

In the business world, the Ox is a trustworthy professional, with whom one can work serenely, despite his highly developed ego and his lack of flexibility. In case of too much frontal contestation or if he feels betrayed, always beware of the Ox; even wounded, he will always have the strength and agility needed to grip his enemy in the whirlwind of his violent and destructive anger.

🐮 Which kind of Ox are you?

Positive and negative personality traits of Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Oxen

Year of the Ox: The 5 types of Oxen in Chinese astrology
Ox Type Birth Year Characteristics (Man & Woman)
🌳 Wood Ox 1925, 1985 Honest, powerful, protective, reliable, harsh, relentless, obtuse, intolerant
🔥 Fire Ox 1937, 1997 Observer, idealist, constant, tenacious, critical, authoritarian, brutal, selfish
🗿 Earth Ox 1949, 2009 Robust, methodical, stable, patient, misanthropic, agoraphobic, lazy, conformist
🛠 Metal Ox 1961, 2021 Independent, loyal, parsimonious, discreet, jealous, vindictive, intransigent, insincere
💧 Water Ox 1973 Placid, quiet, unfazed, balanced, slow, bad player, resentful, disconcerting

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Year of the Ox's birth dates

🐮 Ox calendar years

Years and elements of birth for the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox

Year of the Ox: Birth Date Ranges
Birth Year Date range Chinese Year
1925 25/01/1925 - 12/02/1926 Yin Wood Ox Year
1937 11/02/1937 - 30/01/1938 Yin Fire Ox Year
1949 29/01/1949 - 16/02/1950 Yin Earth Ox Year
1961 15/02/1961 - 04/02/1962 Yin Metal Ox Year
1973 03/02/1973 - 22/01/1974 Yin Water Ox Year
1985 20/02/1985 - 08/02/1986 Yin Wood Ox Year
1997 07/02/1997 - 27/01/1998 Yin Fire Ox Year
2009 26/01/2009 - 13/02/2010 Yin Earth Ox Year
2021 12/02/2021 - 31/01/2022 Yin Metal Ox Year

Chinese zodiac Ox's best jobs and careers

Archeologist, politician, economist, teacher, cook

Year of the Ox: Fortune

Lucky Colors of the Ox

Green, black

Lucky Numbers of the Ox

2, 6, 10

Ox (zodiac) eminent personalities

Celebrities born in the Year of the Ox

Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Barack Obama, David Hockney, Peter Paul Rubens, Vincent Van Gogh, Cédric Villani, Sergey Brin, Bernard Arnault, Diana Princess of Wales, Walt Disney, King Henri IV of France, Napoleon I, Larry Page, Albert Camus, Marc Lévy, Mylène Farmer, Wengie, Eugene Lee Yang, Bruno Mars, Michael Phelps, Dominic Sandoval, Wayne Rooney, Toby Turner, Chris Paul, Keira Knightley, Arden Cho, Jungkook (BTS member)

Year of the Ox: Love compatibility

The Ox's Chinese zodiac compatibility triangle

The Ox (Buffalo), the Snake and the Rooster (Chicken) are part of the second compatibility triangle of Chinese astrology. Indeed, the Ox (Buffalo), second sign-animal of the zodiac in the Chinese calendar, gets along naturally with the Snake and the Rooster.

All 12 zodiac signs of the Chinese horoscope also have a secret friend: the Rat is the secret friend of the Ox. However, also note that the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ox is incompatible with the Goat (Sheep).

💖 Ox compatibility horoscope

Today's Chinese Horoscope for the Ox

KarmaWeather's Free Daily Ox Horoscope offers unique and accurate predictions for the 2nd Chinese zodiac sign. To better understand his Chinese daily horoscope, regardless of the specific interpretation of the consulted period of the current Chinese year, the Ox must monitor the days and months governed by the energetic influence of the Goat (in particular, avoid any trip, operation or signature of contract). On the other hand, the days of the Ox, the Snake, the Rooster and the Rat are lucky days for the Ox.

Year of the Ox: Birthstones

Ox Chinese zodiac lucky stones: Black noble opal, black tourmaline, bronzite, carnelian, cat's eye, chrysoberyl, citrine, Dalmatian jasper, eudialyte, hawk's eye, golden rutilated quartz, golden topaz, moonstone, rainbow fluorite, septaria, silver rutilated quartz, starry obsidian, tiger iron, white noble opal, yellow citrine, silver

Ox's 2024 Chinese horoscope

Ox 2024 Horoscope
Year of the Ox's 2024 Horoscope
Feng Shui Colors 2024 for the Ox: Light gray, Dark olive green

Chinese horoscope of the Ox during the Year of the Dragon 2024, in love, work, career, health, luck, studies and travels

According to the Chinese horoscope 2024, the Ox during the Year of the Dragon 2024 advances in an astrological cycle which, well anchored in ancestral traditions, serves as a compass towards paths of potential and eventualities in the different facets of the 'existence. This portends a period of singular interest for those born under the sign of the Ox. Known for their resilience, determination, and pragmatism, the Ox seems ready to experience a diversity of experiences and scenarios that have the capacity to redefine their life trajectories. This is a time when, if managed with balance and caution, progress can be made and balance found. However, excessive impulsivity and unawareness of details can lead to tension and imbalance, requiring increased introspection and a deeper understanding of instincts and intuitions.

Ox Lucky Colors 2024: Download Mobile WallpaperThe Ox in the Year of the Dragon 2024 could find fertile ground in emotional relationships, where a range of emotions and discoveries seem likely. Relationships, whether new or already established, have the opportunity to become stronger and deeper, paving the way for mutual understanding and intimacy. However, these emotional areas are just one area where careful thought and attention are required. Aspects relating to career and learning, which orchestrate a large part of our daily lives, also present their own dynamics and challenges. Sustained vigilance for health and well-being, and continuous exploration of new knowledge and perspectives, are essential for harmonious and balanced personal and professional development. This year reveals the opportunity to discover new methodologies, innovate in various fields and acquire new skills and knowledge.

When examining what the Year of the Dragon has in store for the Ox, it is essential to understand that these insights are not irrevocable sentences, but guides to decode and personalize. The substantial challenge for the Ox lies in its ability to interpret these prophecies with discernment, determination, and informed adaptability. Synergy and balance between the different parts of life are crucial to building a rewarding and stable life. It is also imperative to avoid hasty judgments and superficiality in all approaches and relationships. Each lived experience becomes an opportunity to refine perceptions and deepen self-knowledge, catalyzing individual transformation and progression aligned with life aspirations and goals. Ultimately, balanced management of emotions, building authentic relationships, and embracing the diversity of life are steps toward full realization, thus sculpting the Ox life experience in this astrological cycle full of promises and contingencies.

According to the 2024 love horoscope for the Ox, the Year of the Dragon proves to be a source of opportunities for the Ox, paving the way for enriching relationships and unions with great meaning. The chances of inspiring encounters and already established relationships could well evolve into bonds marked by emotional richness and harmony. A sincere and transparent exchange is essential for forging strong and lasting relationships, thus creating an environment favorable to mutual fulfillment within romantic unions. However, the Ox shows aversion to noise and boasting. At times, it will be necessary for him to close his ears or look away to avoid showing himself in an unfavorable light. The Wood element is not suitable for Oxen born in years other than 1985. They could tend to ruin what has been built with effort. Finesse and tolerance will present themselves as the most reliable companions for the Ox wishing to maintain their romantic balance during the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024. With a bit of restraint, this year has the potential to become a period where Establishing harmonious and balanced relationships could lead to emotional prosperity and deep spiritual connection.

According to the Ox's 2024 work and career horoscope, the Year of the Dragon promises to be dense, full of challenges and embellished by remarkable moments of elevation for the Ox. The presence of complications and sudden changes will require wise leadership and unwavering resilience to achieve set professional goals. The Ox could benefit from the help and teachings of friendly colleagues and advisors, serving as levers for professional growth and achievement. It is essential to combine firmness and adaptability in order to navigate the complexities of professional life, while restraining hasty conclusions and cultivating a balanced outlook and intuitive sensitivity. This year, the Ox must focus on innovative strategies and demonstrate cooperation and synergy, in order to amplify its chances of success and prosperity in its businesses.

Looking at the Ox 2024 health horoscope, reserving balance and vitality proves to be of vital importance for the Ox this year. It requires a comprehensive and preventive approach to health. The use of relaxing and invigorating methods, such as yoga and meditation, combined with balanced nutrition and constant physical activity, is crucial to maintaining a harmonious state. It is vital to adequately manage stress and integrate moments of relaxation, in order to avoid abandoning one's own needs and to ensure both mental and physical revitalization, thus revitalizing one's vital essence. This is a time when careful attention to restoring and preserving internal balance could reduce the risks associated with neglect and superficiality when it comes to well-being.

Is 2024 a lucky year for the Ox? The current year seems to be marked by a positive aura for the Ox, revealing promising avenues in various sectors of his life. However, it is essential not to rely solely on fortune, but rather to harmonize personal effort and strong will to fully exploit these providential opportunities. The Ox will need to balance impulse and intuition judiciously, thereby recognizing genuine opportunities and avoiding prejudices and impulses that could harm their advancement.

According to the 2024 Ox horoscope dedicated to studies, the stars favor intellectual development and the accumulation of knowledge for the Ox. Whether as part of formal learning or a quest for personal development, numerous opportunities to enrich and diversify one's knowledge will present themselves. Meticulous planning and infallible discipline will be decisive for his intellectual and academic development. Guidance and support from mentors and advisors can inform one's educational journey, making the assimilation of new skills and in-depth understanding of various subjects more accessible.

This Year of the Dragon 2024 awakens a thirst for exploration and intense discoveries for the Ox. Journeys, whether for relaxation or for professional commitments, are likely to become channels for new awareness and influential relationships. Precise planning and a respectful and inclusive approach to the different cultures encountered will increase the value of the experiences, opening up to a renewed vision and surprising personal enrichment.

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Talismans and lucky charms 2024 of the Ox

The luck of the Ox in 2024
Rating of the year ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Resolution of the year The Ox, faced with the unexpected and the rapid change of circumstances in this year, must favor flexibility, open-mindedness, and innovation, while avoiding dependence on routine and usual methods.
Luckiest months December 2024 (Month of the Rat), May 2024 (Month of the Snake), September 2024 (Month of the Rooster), January 2025 (Month of the Ox)
Least lucky period July 2024 (Month of the Goat)
Color 2024 Light gray, Dark olive green
Protective Stone 2024 Hematite (for its gray color and its properties linked to Metal, promoting anchoring and concentration)
Correction element 2024 Metal, Wood
Chakra 2024 Root Chakra (Muladhara) – Associated with stability and security, helping the Ox to stay grounded despite changes.
Tarot card 2024 The Wheel of Fortune - Symbolizing cycles, change and opportunity, encouraging the Ox to adapt and evolve.
Rune 2024 Eihwaz – Associated with transformation and resilience, reminding the Ox of the importance of flexibility and growth.
Foods and Drinks 2024 Nuts (for Wood and brain health), olive tea (for Wood and its relaxing benefits), dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach or kale, for Wood and vitality), mineral water ( for its link with the Metal element and hydration).
Flowers and Oils 2024 Gray chrysanthemums (for their color and their symbolism of longevity), olive leaves (for the Wood element and peace), cedar essential oil (for its anchoring properties and its link with Wood), bergamot essential oil ( to encourage flexibility and mental clarity).

Monthly horoscope for the last part of the year 2023 for the Ox

  • Ox November 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 10th lunar month (Month of the Water Pig): from November 13 to December 12, 2023

    According to the November 2023 horoscope, the Ox is going through a neutral period, punctuated by annoying events. At work, an old decision can be reconsidered to ensure better relational comfort. Not all fights are worth fighting. Letting go is often life-saving. In terms of finances, relative stability must be maintained through better day-to-day management. Every penny counts! In love, caution is in order. Fine empty words should be listened to with humor and indulgence. A close love affair can bring you to your knees for a while. You have to know how to get up.

  • Ox December 2023

    Gregorian dates of the 11th lunar month (Month of the Wood Rat): from December 13, 2023 to January 10, 2024

    According to the December 2023 horoscope, the Ox can take advantage of the month to try to recover a lost position at work. Numerous solicitations should not make him lose sight of his own interests. At the end of an important work meeting, the Ox can expect sudden gains combined with an interesting professional proposal. Within the couple, family reunions can be tricky. The Ox's charm increases the more he is envied. Perseverance pays.

Ox Monthly Horoscope 2024

  • Ox January 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 12th lunar month (Month of the Wood Ox): from January 11 to February 9, 2024

    According to the January 2024 horoscope, the Ox is surprised to appreciate the adage "unity is strength" in the context of his work. Each activity must be scrupulously supervised. Professional commitments should not take precedence over private life. Financially, it is a favorable month for financial transactions. However, it is better not to be stubborn when a major acquisition is slow to come to fruition. Regarding love, it is advisable to circumvent obstacles gradually, without rushing hearts. A distant but sure love protects the Ox.

  • Ox February 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 1st lunar month (Month of the Fire Tiger): from February 10 to March 9, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for February 2024, the month presents challenges for the Ox, however, its endurance and resilience allow it to surpass them. Patience will be essential, with the rewards of his plowing potentially delayed. This month, prejudices must be put aside, and it would be wise for the Ox to reflect and adjust their plans, and avoid any hasty decisions. The simple joys of life provide refuge, a time to cherish personal relationships and affections

  • Ox March 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 2nd lunar month (Month of the Fire Rabbit): from March 10 to April 8, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for March 2024, this period allows the Ox to advance towards its aspirations without encountering substantial resistance, establishing a favorable climate for the accomplishment of its projects. A measured and carefully considered approach is recommended, as haste can be harmful. It is a beneficial period for strengthening romantic relationships and creating charming and harmonious memories. It is wise for the Ox to be patient, nurture existing connections, and take advantage of opportunities to communicate their desires and dreams in a positive way.

  • Ox April 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 3rd lunar month (Earth Dragon Month): April 9 to May 7, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for April 2024, the Ox is invited to exercise extreme vigilance and increased sensitivity. There is no shortage of challenges, but his insight and intuition will be his best allies in overcoming them. A focus on personal contributions and informed financial management are crucial. Even in the face of obstacles, he can maintain financial strength and enjoy happy moments with his family. It's time for him to listen to his sixth sense, be alert to opportunities and adopt a proactive attitude towards possible complications.

  • Ox May 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 4th lunar month (Month of the Earth Snake): from May 8 to June 5, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for May 2024, the Ox finally sees the fruition of his constant efforts. Honors and awards pour in, testifying to his successes and accomplishments. Positive and lasting transformations are emerging in different areas of one's life, whether professional, financial or personal. He must be receptive to unexpected positive news, consolidate his financial situation and plan for the future with serenity and confidence. Doors to prosperity are opening, and it is imperative for him to remain conscious and vigilant in his choices and actions.

  • Ox June 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 5th lunar month (Month of the Metal Horse): June 6 to July 5, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for June 2024, the month has no shortage of challenges for the Ox, with adversities coming from various quarters. Nevertheless, he remains strong and resilient, persisting in the face of adversity. Patience is his ally, in the face of rewards that seem to be long in coming. It is important to preserve your health and honor your promises. Maintaining a balance between obligations and personal needs will be crucial, as will adapting to unforeseen situations and finding creative solutions to emerging problems.

  • Ox July 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 6th lunar month (Month of the Metal Goat): from July 6 to August 3, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for July 2024, the month takes place in an atmosphere of relative tranquility for the Ox, despite some inconveniences. The anticipated complications seem to evaporate, and he can progress without much turbulence. Financial prudence and moderate optimism are nevertheless required. Serenity reigns in the family sphere. It is advisable to maintain a positive state of mind, value moments of peace and joy, and use this calm month to recharge your batteries and plan for the future.

  • Ox August 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 7th lunar month (Month of the Water Monkey): from August 4 to September 2, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for August 2024, it is a month of luck and abundance for the Ox. He is valued and sought after by influential figures, and professional and financial opportunities come knocking at his door, accompanied by good news on the family front. It is an auspicious month for consolidating relationships, exploring new avenues and developing strategies to capitalize on present opportunities. Wisdom and thoughtful action will be his allies to maximize the benefits of this prosperous month.

  • Ox September 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 8th lunar month (Month of the Water Rooster): from September 3 to October 2, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for September 2024, the Ox is going through a pleasant period, maintaining its achievements and successes. Although some unexpected incidents may arise, they do not alter its positive trajectory. However, vigilance is required in the face of possible disappointments or betrayals. This month also offers the opportunity to build beneficial connections for the future. It is essential to stay alert, value positive relationships and be ready to seize opportunities for growth and personal development.

  • Ox October 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 9th lunar month (Month of the Wood Dog): October 3 to October 31, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for October 2024, even if certain problems may seem worrying, they ultimately turn out to be less severe than they seemed. The Ox advances without major obstacles or opposition. However, temporary separations or unforeseen changes may occur. It is therefore crucial to remain adaptable, embrace changes with a positive attitude and look for innovative ways to overcome small everyday challenges. Creativity and flexibility will be your best assets to get through this month successfully.

  • Ox November 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 10th lunar month (Month of the Wood Pig): November 1 to November 30, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for November 2024, it is a month of excitement for the Ox. The fruits of his efforts may not be immediate. It establishes beneficial connections for the future. Tensions at home and at work may appear but are fleeting. Despite the obstacles, the evolution is palpable, and the Ox brilliantly overcomes the challenges that present themselves.

  • Ox December 2024

    Gregorian dates of the 11th lunar month (Month of the Fire Rat): from December 1, 2024 to December 30, 2024

    According to the Chinese horoscope for December 2024, the month is auspicious and flourishing for the Ox. Luck is on his side and previous problems dissipate. He is valued for his contributions and could embrace new responsibilities. The month is favorable for strengthening family ties and consolidating achievements. The concept of synergy could play a key role in realizing one's aspirations and consolidating one's accomplishments during this month.

  • Ox January 2025

    Gregorian dates of the 12th lunar month (Month of the Fire Ox): from January 1 to January 28, 2025

    According to the Chinese horoscope for January 2025, the Ox is experiencing a particularly auspicious phase, even if this month remains strewn with pitfalls and unforeseen surprises. Businesses might require slower completion than expected, but the Ox, with determination and tenacity, overcomes obstacles. Chances for alliances or collaborations appear, as well as warm family moments. He must remain receptive to impromptu travel and entertainment, potential sources of personal enrichment. Innovation could be an unexpected ally, transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Chinese Horoscope for Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Oxen

Below, in accordance with the Chinese horoscope, you will find a detailed description of the personality and specificities of the 5 existing types of Ox, which associate the terrestrial branch of the Ox with the 5 Yin celestial trunks of WuXing and Feng Shui (Yin Wood, Yin Fire, Yin Earth, Yin Metal, Yin Water). Indeed, the Ox being a Chinese astrological sign with Yin polarity, the elements of Nature to which he can be connected are always in their Yin form. Likewise, for each Ox associated with his celestial trunk (Wood Ox, Fire Ox, Earth Ox, Metal Ox, Water Ox), discover the pillar of destiny he is associated with and its meaning, in relation to its imaged destiny.

🌳 Wood Ox

Characteristics: You’re a Wood Ox if you’re born in 1925 or 1985. In 2024, you’re 99 or 39 years old. Your Totem Number is 2.

Personality: Attached to traditional values just like his congeners, the person born in the Year of the Wood Ox is a bit more sociable than them. In a perpetual analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of his direct environment, he is a formidable businessman. Great worker, the Wood Ox won't hesitate to sacrifice his pleasure if necessary, social success being such an absolute life goal for him. Clever and independent, his remarkable honesty doesn't prevent him from rallying the majority opinion, rather than defending his own ideas, especially when he feels that he risks not benefiting from a given situation. The Wood Ox is also not the kind to weep for the bad fate that can happen to others, so that one can sometimes find him insensitive and even rigid. Finally, the Wood Ox has a much better team spirit than the others of his kind, with the only condition, of course, to be the captain of the ship.

Year of the Wood Ox's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Wood Ox's balancing stone and essential oil

Wood Ox's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "The gold at the bottom of the ocean" (Yin)
Meaning of the Wood Ox's birth pillar: Accurate analysis and lucidity, relentless will, ambition sometimes difficult to control, lack of patience.

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🔥 Fire Ox

Characteristics: You’re a Fire Ox if you’re born in 1937 or 1997. In 2024, you’re 87 or 27 years old. Your lucky number is 14.

Personality: The fame and recognition the native of the Year of the Fire Ox can get from social networks exposure are very important to his well-being. Dynamic and productive, the Fire Ox must however ensure that his pride doesn't lead him to making bad decisions against people who love and support him. The quicker he succeeds in respecting and accepting the differences of others, the more notoriety and legitimacy to match his ambition.

Year of the Fire Ox's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Fire Ox's balancing stone and essential oil

Fire Ox's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "Water that penetrates and fertilizes" (Yin)
Meaning of the Fire Ox's birth pillar: Transmission of knowledge (school and university education), fertility rooted in tradition and concrete reality, slow but constant ascent.

🐮🔥 Learn more about the Year of the Fire Ox

🗿 Earth Ox

Characteristics: You’re an Earth Ox if you’re born in 1949 or in 2009. In 2024, you’re 75 or 15 years old. Your lucky number is 26.

Personality: The person born in the Year of the Earth Ox doesn't like to express his feelings. Patience, stability and perseverance give the Earth Ox efficiency in action, despite a tendency to persist even when it's time to give up and move on, and a rather slow work rate.

Year of the Earth Ox's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Earth Ox's balancing stone and essential oil

Earth Ox's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "The fire of lightning" (Yin)
Meaning of the Earth Ox's birth pillar: Acute intelligence and understanding of the vagaries of the soul, ability to reach the heights of success, lucidity at the risk of paralyzing concrete actions, risk of introversion.

🐮🗿 Learn more about the Year of the Earth Ox

🛠 Metal Ox

Characteristics: You’re a Metal Ox if you’re born in 1961 or in 2021. In 2024, you’re 63 years old or 3 year old. Your lucky number is 38.

Personality: Tireless worker, the native of the Year of the Metal Ox rarely thrives in occupations where hierarchy is too strong, or to his disadvantage. Stingy with his words, when he speaks, it's usually with great clarity. When it comes to convince someone about a fundamental issue, the Metal Ox is ready to bluntly deploy an intense and direct energy.

Year of the Metal Ox's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Metal Ox's balancing stone and essential oil

Metal Ox's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "The earth of the wall" (Yin)
Meaning of the Metal Ox's birth pillar: Protection and consolidation of the home and the family, patient and persevering pursuit of the objectives to be achieved, insightful analysis of the situations, lack of flexibility and tendency to repeat.

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💧 Water Ox

Characteristics: You’re a Water Ox if you’re born in 1973. In 2024, you’re 51 years old. Your lucky number is 50.

Personality: The person born in the Year of the Water Ox may well be ambitious, opportunistic and calculating, he nevertheless remains endowed with a deep moral sense. His respect for the established order, as well as his patience and righteousness, greatly back up his reputation for being a pleasant and effective partner/collaborator. The Water Ox is also the less stubborn of his fellows.

Year of the Water Ox's balancing stone and essential oil
Year of the Water Ox's balancing stone and essential oil

Water Ox's Pillar of Destiny

Imaged destiny: "The mulberry wood" (Yin)
Meaning of the Water Ox's birth pillar: Natural aptitudes for patient and meticulous work (crafts, agriculture), fierce will, possible difficulties in apprehending the unknown and the new, risk of intolerance.

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Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox

Main characteristics of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Oxen

The Ox (Buffalo) of Chinese Astrology: Complete Infographic
Chinese horoscope of the Ox
Chinese zodiac elements, Birth Years and Hours of the Chinese calendar, lucky directions, zodiacal compatibility, pillar of destiny and planet for natives of the Year of the Ox (Buffalo)

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