Ox: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐮 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox (Buffalo), second animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 8 May 2016
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Ox

The Ox-Aries is gifted with powerful charisma, thanks to the spirit of innovation specific to Aries combined with the perseverance of the Ox. Born to lead, the Ox-Aries knows how to manage lengthy fights. However, he tends to be conservative in choosing his professional and social relations. Moreover, the authoritarianism and heated temper (real or perceived) of the the two combined astrological signs are largely channeled through an ingenious productivity. In love, the Ox-Aries doesn't easily reveal his feelings, but when starting a serious relationship, he can turn jealous and impatient, which doesn't mean he shall actually become unfaithful. Naturally honest and clairvoyant, it's very important for the Ox-Aries to feel confident in his relationships. In all circumstances, he does remain extremely protective of those he carries close to his heart.

Taurus Ox

Straightforward, decided and determined, the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox (Bull, Buffalo) and the Western zodiac sign of the Taurus are very similar. The practicality of the Ox-Taurus, his enthusiasm for long-term work, as much as his robustness, make this zodiacal combination one of the most powerful of the Chinese and Western zodiac personalities. Intelligent and pragmatic, one could sometimes blame the Ox-Taurus’ slowness, mainly originating from the traits specific to the Ox. However, the combination of the sign of the Ox with the performing power of Taurus allow the Ox-Taurus to easily secure the future success of their business. Having an aversion to hypocrisy and lying, the unwavering honesty of the Ox-Taurus often leads him to hold bluntly speeches. Faithful in love, when he's upset or worse, when he feels deceived, his legendary anger explodes until the culprits eventually bite the dust. If his hoof shots have no immediate effect, the Ox-Taurus is quite apt at putting his revenge aside for later. Stubborn but determined, when he has an idea in mind, nobody can make him change his opinion or vision of the truth, at the risk of making him lose his priceless pride.

Gemini Ox

The personality traits of the Ox make it easier for the Ox-Gemini to channel the insatiable thirst for knowledge of the sign of Gemini, whose many activities tend to consume lots of energy for not much in return. Through this combination, the Ox-Gemini is more quiet, responsible, and more able to anticipate his future. The character of the Ox also becomes less rigid, thanks to the flexibility and duality provided by the Western zodiac sign of Gemini. However, although the methodical and persevering spirit of the Ox-Gemini allows him to achieve success in business, in love he's possessive and reserved. He should rather avoid getting into a serious relationship until having come upon someone who can resonate to them as a mirrored image of himself.

Cancer Ox

The fact that the Ox-Cancer may appear cold and without compassion is actually due to the fact that the sensitivity linked to the Western zodiac sign of Cancer is contained and neutralized by the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox, making him impervious to the emotions felt by his fellow human-beings. Still able to reveal a very gentle side towards his beloved, the slow and steady perseverance of the Ox, confronted with the pungent whims of the dreaming Cancer, create a rigid personality, unwilling to compromise and change. Capable of great professional success thanks to his flair and his analytical skills, the Ox-Cancer needs to set his mind clear and free from torment to be fully effective in his endeavors. The Ox-Cancer is also totally allergic to anything that appears light and frivolous. Faithful and exclusive in love, he can indulge in spectacular tantrums whenever he finds out that his wishes aren’t obeyed.

Leo Ox

The Ox-Leo is gifted with a strong personality, and he's able to withstand most dangers unscratched, as he indeed enjoys the perseverance of the Ox, combined with the courage and practicality of Leo. However, the stubbornness and strength found in the two signs can hardly hide his uncompromising and authoritarian temperament. Powerful and reliable like the Ox, steady and brilliant like the Leo, the Ox-Leo is ambitious and resourceful, always ready to share his know-how, provided he keeps the lead. Barely demonstrative in love, the Ox-Leo can only love one person in their lives.

Virgo Ox

Individuals born under the zodiacal combination of the Ox and Virgo have a rigid temperament, not very open to the outside world. As critical and severe with the others as they can be with himself, the Ox-Virgo doesn’t accept ignorance nor carelessness. Clever and thirsty for new knowledge, it’s only by learning new things than he can feel fulfilled in his life, and he is very good at avoiding to repeat twice the same mistake. However, people born under this zodiac combination are in constant search of serenity in all their activities, while they can happily indulge in fleeting amusement whenever they have the opportunity. Efficient, the Ox-Virgo isn't made to live in a noisy environment. At an older Age, his intransigence increases, especially against younger people. Naturally balanced and joyful, the Ox-Virgo is also a person of great trust, with whose attention to detail and perfection is very strong, at work and in private. Rationalism associated with righteousness makes the Ox-Virgo quite comfortable with the legal professions. When falling in love with an Ox-Virgo, one should remember that he gives his job a prominent place, while love and family are set as a second priority.

Libra Ox

In this combination, the Ox regulates and moderates the lack of seriousness that can be found in Libra, bringing to the combined zodiac signs personality traits method and perseverance. A such, Libra brings malleability to the rigid and stubborn character of the Ox, who becomes more flexible and willing to compromise. From a critical and competitive spirit, the Ox-Libra likes to concentrate on his business in order to guarantee his financial security. This doesn't mean that the Ox-Libra believes that life is entirely summed up by work. Very sensitive and attached to his ideals, the Ox-Libra knows perfectly well how to enjoy the fun of life. While he doesn't grant his trust easily, and usually chooses to keep his distance from other people, the Ox-Libra is capable of great sacrifice and loyalty to his beloved ones. Moreover, thanks to the flexibility of Libra, the Ox-Libra becomes more inclined to forgive and give a second chance, without forgetting the initial betrayal.

Scorpio Ox

the Ox-Scorpio is literally allergic to whining, and to people who wake up the deep torments he has trouble to control deep inside himself. The Ox-Scorpio is gifted with a very open and curious personality. However, when someone makes a critical comment, combative like the Scorpio and strong like the Ox, in the case of open conflict against an opponent that doesn't threaten his interests, he can be uncompromising with zero compassion. If he can't engage in open criticism, the Ox-Scorpio prepares his revenge in submarine mode, taking his time to ensure maximum destruction with minimum visibility. Courageous, the person born under the combination of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox and the western sign of Scorpio has a strong character and an above average attention to detail. The Ox-Scorpio has the ability to become a great man of justice as much as to become a dangerous gangster. Jealous and passionate in love, the Ox-Scorpio prefers to destroy what belongs to him rather than letting it taken hold of by unknown hands.

Sagittarius Ox

The Ox-Sagittarius is direct, frank, and conservative. Resourceful like the Sagittarius and resistant like the Ox, the individual resulting from this combination gains in pragmatism and openness. Charitable, he likes to preserve the traditions of his ancestors without imposing them to anyone. Although in a conversation the Ox-Sagittarius may insist on getting his point on existential subjects, he also loves helping others and learn new things. Reliable and smitten with a strong sense of justice, he would rather lead in most circumstances, not to get rich but rather to bring balance and serenity around him. In love, the Ox-Sagittarius is very complicated to understand at first. When his love is shared, he has the ability to become a wonderful parent. Less jealous than his peers, the Ox-Sagittarius is more apt to collaborate, provided he gets the part he feels he deserves by right.

Capricorn Ox

People born under the Ox-Capricorn combination are patient beings, whose strong aspirations for professional success are expressed from an early age. The taste for painstaking work of  Capricorn, combined with the persistence of the Ox, give brilliant results in business ventures. Stubborn as both signs can be, but also very honest with his entourage, the Ox-Capricorn is quite likely to live alone to preserve the tranquility of his work environment. Very happy as a bachelor, The Ox-Capricorn doesn’t easily get in a relationship. However, when he decides to start a family, his partner should better leave him enough freedom in order for their relationship to last. The one who manages to get along with the austere lifestyle of an Ox-Capricorn shall also benefit from the raw and sensual strength which was previously hidden under a thick armor, as well as an immutable protection.

Aquarius Ox

The Ox-Aquarius, although gifted with the creative imagination of Aquarius and the methodical spirit of the Ox, takes too much time to think before deciding to take any action. The Ox-Aquarius needs to check all the tiny details of his business projects before submitting anything to critical review. Prone to occupations that require knowledge and discipline, the Ox-Aquarius can unexpectedly achieve great deeds. Charismatic but versatile, the Ox-Aquarius is very uncompromising when his way of life is at threat. Inventive but stubborn, once he has set a goal for himself, nothing will make him change his mind. The most delicate of the Oxen, thanx to the influence of the solar zodiac sign of Aquarius, the Ox-Aquarius shall rather express his revenge by disappearing unexpectedly, rather than risking a brutal confrontation.

Pisces Ox

The Ox-Pisces is the most mystical of all Oxen, and the strongest of all Pisces. Regardless of social class, the individual resulting from this combination shall always be very respectful to others. The Ox-Pisces is extremely concerned about the good manners and courtesy expressed by his interlocutors. The Ox-Pisces is balanced and practical, deep-thinking and disciplined. Although the shyness of Pisces, combined with the slowness of the Ox, are not ideal traits for daily life activity, it can become an asset when it comes to making important decisions. Thus, the Ox-Pisces is regarded as the most clairvoyant of all Oxen. In love, the Ox-Pisces hides his large reserve of affection and sensuality for a partner who can demonstrate enough patience and mutual respect. Caring and loyal to those he carries in his heart, the Ox-Pisces prefers to defeat his opponents with cunning and patience.

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