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Top 10 list of the most famous and influential astrologers in history

  1. Claudius Ptolemy (Greece, 170 – 100 BCE)
  2. Galileo Galilei (Italy, 1564 – 1642)
  3. Dorotheus of Sidon (Greece, 25 – 75 CE)
  4. Berossus the Chaldean (Babylon, 330 – ? BCE)
  5. Nostradamus / Michel de Nostredame (France, 1503 – 1566)
  6. Giordano Bruno (Italy, 1548, 1600)
  7. Abū ‘Abdallāh Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī (Persia, 780 – 850 CE)
  8. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (Germany, 1486 – 1535)
  9. William Lilly (England, 1602 – 1681)
  10. Johannes Kepler (Germany, 1571 – 1630)


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