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What is Native American astrology?

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If Native American astrology has had a real interest since the 1970s, it is viewed with caution by many First Nations people, who consider that Native American astrology (unlike Mayan astrology, which has common denominators with Western Astrology) is a New Age syncretism that is confusing with their culture and doesn’t take into account the wealth and variety of First Nations practices.

Sun Bear (Vincent LaDuke, 1929-1992), the founder of Native American astrology, has indeed integrated traditional elements of Native American culture with components of Western astrology and in particular a medicine wheel composed of 12 spirit or totem animals, each corresponding to a Western zodiac sign.

While this Native American zodiac doesn’t have any common historical source within the many Native Amercian groups, Sun Bear’s astrological treatise “Medicine Wheel” however has the merit of opening to the rest of the world aspects of Native American culture that can always lead those who wish to go further to immerse themselves more deeply in the rich complexity and mysteries of North America’s First Nations.

List of astrologers

Paul de Senquisse

Paul de Senquisse

Specialty: Spiritual astrology

A professional writer, Paul de Senquisse has been using and studying the tarot for more than 20 years. With an approach combining historical, academic, psychological, and spiritual elements, he always keeps an open mind and does not believe in any single “universal truth” about the tarot arcana, their meaning, or any “proper” way to use them.
Website: Ask Astrology
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Jeffrey Ito

Jeffrey Ito

Specialty: Predictive astrology

Jeffrey Ito is a professional astrologer and site owner of Founded in 2017, it is the world’s largest resource for Astrology enthusiasts and experts of all things numbers.
Website: Numerology Name Calculator
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