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What is Vedic astrology and how to find a good Hindu astrologer?

Hindu or Indian astrology, which is more commonly called Vedic astrology nowadays, is the traditional astrological system used in India, whose original name is Jyotisha, which means “heavenly body” in Sanskrit. In Hindu astrology, natal chart reading is done by relying on Sidereal zodiac calculations based on the Fixed stars, rather than the Tropical zodiac system which is used in Hellenistic (Western) astrology.

However, Hellenistic astrology influenced Hindu astrology as it integrated the twelve zodiac signs and houses system, along with other astronomical findings the Greeks brought with them during Alexander the Great’s conquests. It is interesting to notice that Indian astronomers and astrologers of that time (around 200 BCE to 100 CE), thanks to their retranscription work of Hellenistic astronomical writings managed to preserve this important part of Greek culture. We can also note that similarly to Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology also uses its own system of the Lunar Mansions.

While in Europe astrology slowly became rejected into occultism both by the Church and the rise of modern science which considers astrology a pseudo-science, astrology is still an important part of Indian culture today (it is even studied at university) and is used before important events and decision making, such as the planning of a wedding, a birth, moving into a new home or starting a new business. Vedic astrology is a Karmic astrology and makes reincarnation a central part of its practice. As such, it means that the study of one’s natal chart consists in analyzing one’s past life as written in one’s horoscope before making appropriate decisions. Indian astrologers are usually also expert in the study of chakras meditation techniques, tantra, mantra, birthstone / gemstone readings and yoga, which are for the most part a shared tantric tradition of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

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List of astrologers

Priyanka Mittal

💫 Priyanka Mittal

Main Specialty: Vedic astrology

Making accurate predictions and helping society is my passion more than a profession, which started as a hobby grew into a passion over the time of 10 years. By guiding my closed ones and helping young people from severe depression and psychological distress, I strongly feel that science of vedic astrology can be of great help! Thereby, I bring forth my online platform “Foresight by Priyanka” where I believe I can take my passion to next level and “BE THE CHANGE” for society.
Website: Foresight by Priyanka
Contact: Contact Priyanka



Specialty: Spiritual astrology

Balrāj is a yogin, psycho-spiritual astrologer, and (conversational) hypnotist. He helps people transform feelings of loneliness, self-criticism, and overwhelm into a deeper capacity for connection, self-love, inner peace, and a more grounded, spiritual, and fulfilling life. He offers a limited number of psycho-spiritual natal chart readings per month. Balrāj also offers existential teachings on traditional yoga.
Contact: Contact Balrāj

Paul de Senquisse

Paul de Senquisse

Specialty: Spiritual astrology

A professional writer, Paul de Senquisse has been using and studying the tarot for more than 20 years. With an approach combining historical, academic, psychological, and spiritual elements, he always keeps an open mind and does not believe in any single “universal truth” about the tarot arcana, their meaning, or any “proper” way to use them.
Website: Ask Astrology
Contact: Contact Paul

Jeffrey Ito

Jeffrey Ito

Specialty: Predictive astrology

Jeffrey Ito is a professional astrologer and site owner of Founded in 2017, it is the world’s largest resource for Astrology enthusiasts and experts of all things numbers.
Website: Numerology Name Calculator
Contact: Contact Jeffrey

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