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How does it work?

To register for the Astrologers’ Directory, you can choose between 3 subscribing plans, Discovery (Free), Basic and Featured, which are fully described above. More details about the services:

  • Profile details: Your profile include your Professional Name and Photo, a short biography and description of your services, your contact details (Email, Phone number, Website name and link). Featured Plan members can also add their Skype; The Discovery plan doesn’t include Email and Phone details;
  • Discovery and Basic Plan visibility: Your profile is visible on one category page (Specialty) of your choice;
  • Featured Plan visibility: The Featured Plan includes the full description of your biography and services. Your profile is visible on as many categories pages (Specialties) as listed in the directory. The selected specialties must correspond to the specialties you make available on your Profile’s description;
  • Account: Use the Customer portal to login and manage your payment methods, subscriptions, profile information and personal data;
  • Billing: Basic and Featured Plans memberships are billed monthly;
  • Set up: Set up fees are included in the pricing for Basic and Featured Plans, while the Discovery Plan includes a Setup fee;

Why the directory of astrologers and divinologists?

It seems to us relevant and useful to be able to propose a list of competent and recognized professionals to the many people who are looking for answers to their questions thanks to astrology and divination. However, we realize that a necessary information on the different disciplines that make up the vast field of expression of astrology and divination must be available in parallel, in order to help the public choose the best expert when they need it.

That is why, in addition to highlighting the professionals of the directory with the description of their experience, their services, their photo and their contact details, we wish to develop an approach that can go beyond a classical listing by category, country and names. Thus, each of the category pages present in the directory is intended to be just as informative as to its qualitative corresponding list, dedicated to the most competent astrologers in the world, in India, in the UK, in Singapore, in Hong Kong, in Malaysia and more specifically in your country of residence.

As the decision making of an astrological consultation is done after careful and in-depth thinking, we want to bring as much clarity and knowledge as possible to the readers of the directory, so that your new customers can choose you with serenity and confidence. To do this, we make sure that your skills and experience are as valued as they deserve to be.

Why subscribe to the list of astrologers?

As a professional astrologer and divination arts consultant, we know that you have at the heart of your expertise one or more specialties that set you apart from your competitors and that occupy most of your practice. Indeed, your experience has necessarily led you to cross and feed your knowledge with different techniques of which you have experienced the effectiveness over the years.

Thus, following your registration in the directory of astrologers and divinologists, you have access to a personalized and effective communication tool which aims to allow you to significantly increase your visibility on the Internet. Thanks to your presence in the directory, you give Internet users the opportunity to discover the services that you offer, both as regards your main expertise, but also concerning other fields of expertise that you have developed.

* KarmaWeather® by Konbi® declines all responsibility in the relationship between astrologers and divinologists listed in KarmaWeather’s directory of professionals of astrology and their clients. If you subscribed to appear in our directory, you also agreed to KarmaWeather’s full Terms and Conditions. Use the Customer Portal to login and manage your payment methods, subscriptions, profile information and personal data. Please note that it usually doesn’t take longer than 48 hours for new professional profiles to be added to the Online Directory.