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KarmaWeather® by Konbi is one of the first Chinese astrology websites in the world, dedicated to the themes of leisure and entertainment

KarmaWeather® is a leading website on the following targets: Women, Young and Urban. A powerful support for all brands and advertisers looking to communicate with a target of young urban women by partnering with our quality content, using the prescription strength of KarmaWeather’s astrology news and services.

Since 2014, thanks to our Chinese astrology website (as well as the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility app for iPhone KarmaWeather), we’ve been building a unique global mesh of services for a passionate audience, on the themes of well-being, entertainment and leisure: Culture, Glamor and Lifestyle, Travel and Gastronomy.

Present in more than 50 countries (United States, Brazil, France, Belgium, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Peru, Poland, Philippines, Venezuela, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Bolivia, Paraguay, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan…), brings together over 2 million unique visitors each month worldwide.*

Some key figures on (Fall 2020)

English & Spanish are the 2 main languages

Traffic Breakdown by country (%)

A predominantly female readership

A young, dynamic and urban readership

A predominantly mobile web traffic

Main areas of interest by market segment

  1. Employment
  2. Apparel & Accessories / Women’s Apparel
  3. Travel / Hotels & Accommodations
  4. Apparel & Accessories
  5. Education / Post-Secondary Education
  6. Real Estate / Residential Properties
  7. Home & Garden / Home Decor
  8. Consumer Electronics / Mobile Phones
  9. Travel / Air Travel
  10. Real Estate / Residential Properties / Residential Properties (For Sale)

Services offered by Konbi Studio

KarmaWeather® by Konbi is a publication specialized in Chinese, Vedic and Western astrology, Feng Shui and Wu Xing. Konbi Studio supports and advises its clients in the definition and implementation of their digital strategy, and offers them advertising and content marketing solutions tailored for

Our best talents, editors, illustrators and experts in digital and audiovisual creation are made available to our brands and media partners in their editorial and event projects, with objectives of notoriety or performance.

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  • Advertising inventory

    For each web and mobile page, our internal advertising agency gives you the choice between 3 click-optimized positions for your ad banners: top-left, middle-left and top-right. Similarly, you have the possibility, for maximum exposure, to choose a top banner (on home pages, underneath the navigation bar), as well as a fully personalized “horseshoe” format that coats the top and sides of the website.

    In addition, to make your campaign as effective as possible, you can decide to give visibility to your advertisements on the pages of the website most correlated to your services. Our advertising spaces are classified in the following categories: Default, which offers maximum visibility, as well as Meditation & Dietetics, Childhood, Jewelry, Daily Horoscope and Travel, each being highly targeted categories corresponding to closely related articles on the website.

    We are very attentive to the quality of the campaigns presented to our readership. Just as we limit the number of ad formats visible on each page, we only use the Google Ad Network in parallel with our custom campaigns for our clients, which we can manage directly with them using Google Ad Manager. Please also note that we do not post sponsored articles or links on


  • Strategies for brand and media partners


    Konbi® develops original communication strategies based on Chinese, Vedic and Western astrology, Feng Shui and Wu Xing, taking advantage of our editorial expertise, our talents and our digital, audiovisual and production team.

    Our team of experienced art directors, editors and graphic designers is able to design for you the advertising banners that will best value your products and services, for an advertising campaign on and other publishers of your choice.

    Engage a large and dedicated audience

    Relay your advertising campaign on with its 2 million unique visitors and 5 million page views every month worldwide.*

    Editorial team

    The editorial quality of karmaWeather® by Konbi is based on the experience of our in-house writers specialized in Chinese, Vedic and Western astrology, WuXing and Feng Shui.

  • Freelance press service in astrology

    You are, for example, a lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine and you want to outsource the writing of annual, monthly or semi-annual astrology articles for your readers. Indeed, you have noticed that your regulars are fond of discovering their personalized horoscope for their zodiac sign as well as for their Chinese astrological sign. In addition, you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering an original, exclusive and qualitative reading.

    The authors of KarmaWeather® offer you a serious and didactic approach, with a touch of humor and a dash of irony, on the subjects of which they are experts.

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KarmaWeather® is produced and published by Konbi Studio
* Internal source KarmaWeather® by Konbi (January 2018)