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What is Spiritual astrology?

Conceptually, religion and spirituality share the same belief that supernatural forces beyond the control we can have on our destiny rule the world, both on Earth and in the Sky and that invisible links within space and time bind us all together, stars, planets and humans.

As such, one could give a definition of Spiritual Astrology as a set of horoscopic techniques that exclude any reference to religion in their natal chart and prediction readings. As Hellenistic astrology suffered from centuries of conflict with religion, which led it to disappear from Western field of knowledge where it used to be practiced by astronomers, physicists and mathematicians well after Isaac Newton (himself a keen alchemist!), contemporary practice of Western astrology has become devoid of any direct reference to religion whatsoever, if only from an Ancient astrology perspective, inherited from Hellenistic astronomy and Greek Mythology.

On the other hand, Indian astrology still has its roots firmly set in Hinduism, while Buddhism also plays an important part in many of the astrological techniques practiced in Asia, as they share the same Tantric traditions. However it is still possible to make use of reincarnation based astrologies without necessarily keeping its religious contributions. These schools of astrology consider themselves Spiritual astrologers in the sense that they practice Karmic astrology as a reading and predictive art, but without making any direct reference to Hinduism.

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💫 Balrāj

Main Specialty: Spiritual astrology

Balrāj is a yogin, psycho-spiritual astrologer, and (conversational) hypnotist. He helps people transform feelings of loneliness, self-criticism, and overwhelm into a deeper capacity for connection, self-love, inner peace, and a more grounded, spiritual, and fulfilling life. He offers a limited number of psycho-spiritual natal chart readings per month. Balrāj also offers existential teachings on traditional yoga.
Website: balraj.yoga
Contact: Contact Balrāj

Paul de Senquisse

💫 Paul de Senquisse

Main Specialty: Spiritual astrology

A professional writer, Paul de Senquisse has been using and studying the tarot for more than 20 years. With an approach combining historical, academic, psychological, and spiritual elements, he always keeps an open mind and does not believe in any single “universal truth” about the tarot arcana, their meaning, or any “proper” way to use them.
Website: Ask Astrology
Contact: Contact Paul

Jeffrey Ito

Jeffrey Ito

Specialty: Predictive astrology

Jeffrey Ito is a professional astrologer and site owner of numerologynamecalculator.com. Founded in 2017, it is the world’s largest resource for Astrology enthusiasts and experts of all things numbers.
Website: Numerology Name Calculator
Contact: Contact Jeffrey

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