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By KarmaWeather - 5 November 2016
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Scorpio dates of birth range: the Sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Scorpio from October 24th until November 22nd
Symbol: a scorpion
Element: Water
Planet: Mars
Scorpio zodiac birthstones by date: If you were born between between October 24th and November 22nd, your Scorpio lucky stone names are Alexandrite, Almandine Garnet, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Chrysoberyl, Citrine, Dalmatian Jasper, Diamond, Eudialyte, Fire Agate, Gold, Golden Topaz, Hematite, Herkimer Diamond, Pearl, Rainbow Obsidian, Rainbow Fluorite, Ruby, Smoky Quartz, Tiger Iron, Turquoise, Watermelon Tourmaline, Yellow Citrine

📅 2024 zodiac predictions for Scorpio:

House (constellation) of Scorpio

Zodiacal House number: 8
Astrological House in opposition with Scorpio: 2 (Taurus)
Meaning of the House of Scorpio: "We have", the break, the sensuality, the antiquities, the inheritance and the fortune of the spouses, the last years of life before death, the end of life. In world astrology, the House of Scorpio deals with social issues related to moral issues, fear of the unknown and violent deaths.

Scorpio personality traits and qualities

Eighth zodiac sign of Western astrology, the person born while the sun crosses the constellation of Scorpio is intelligent, creative, curious, sensual, but also prone to depression. He is faithful with his friends, but vindictive and underhanded when he feels threatened.

His indomitable pride, tenacity and independence are great qualities that can also turn into his bigger defects if misunderstood, as some people won't hesitate to find him imperious, stubborn, impulsive and manipulative.

Turbulent and pugnacious as a child, the native of the zodiac sign of Scorpio is a secretive and jealous partner when adults.

At work, and in business negotiations, he should take care not to challenge and criticize all the time, as this attitude could refrain his ability to achieve his projects.

Scorpio lucky numbers and colors

Lucky number: 4
Lucky color: black, purple, dark brown, reddish

Scorpio love compatibility

Scorpio is the most compatible with Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

The Western zodiac sign of Scorpio is the closest to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig (Boar). Indeed, the lunar calendar dates of the Month of the Pig correspond roughly to the solar calendar dates of the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

On an individual level, if you want to know the personality of Scorpio with the character of your Chinese zodiac sign, check if necessary your Chinese zodiac sign with the free calculator and click on the link below that best suits you.

Dual (combined) horoscope of Scorpio with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs:
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Ideal jobs for Scorpio

Doctor, chemist, physicist, athlete, military, policeman, sailor, engineer, art critique, journalist, astrologer

Celebrities - Famous Scorpio and eminent personalities

Famous Scorpio celebrities include: James Cook, Marie-Antoinette of France, John Adams, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo diCaprio, Emilia Clarke, Björk, Gordon Ramsay, Jodie Foster, Richard Burton, Albert Camus, Pelé, Charles Prince of Wales, John Cleese, Calista Flockhart, Whoopi Goldberg, Anne Hathaway, Peter Jackson, Ang Lee, Diego Maradona, Margaret Mitchell, Alan Moore, Frank Ocean, Daniel Ortega, P. Diddy, Omarion

Scorpio 2024 horoscope: Delving Deep & Embracing Transformation

Unveil the mysteries of 2024 for Scorpio! Plunge into a year of profound introspection, transformative energies and deepened connections. Harness the cosmic currents for self-awareness, resilience and metamorphosis.

2024 beckons Scorpio to delve even deeper into the realms of self-awareness and transformation. The cosmos invites you to harness your innate ability to regenerate and evolve, especially in the spheres of personal relationships and self-growth. The dance of Pluto, your ruling planet, as it enters Aquarius, will bring forth themes of rebirth and innovation. Meanwhile, the various lunar phases throughout the year will illuminate your path, guiding your emotions and instincts. Whether it's the allure of new professional opportunities or the deepening of intimate bonds, the universe is setting the stage for Scorpio to truly embrace its transformative essence.

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Scorpio 2024 Key Insights

The luck of the Scorpio in 2024
Grade of the Year ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Annual Resolution Dive deep into self-awareness and harness transformative energies for personal growth.
Lucky Numbers 2, 8, 13
Lucky Colors Deep Red and Black
Healing Stone Red Garnet (with its deep red hue, is known to revitalize feelings and enhance sexuality, the red garnet is a powerful stone for Scorpio, promoting strong, lasting relationships and ensuring balance in emotional and spiritual life)
Chakra Sacral Chakra (for emotional balance and creativity)
Foods Pomegranates, watercress and almonds (foods that rejuvenate, cleanse and empower)
Oils Patchouli (for grounding and sensuality) and Eucalyptus (for clarity and purification)
Flowers Hibiscus (for passion and attraction) and Marigold (for protection and restoration)
Rune Laguz - Representing water, intuition and the subconscious, guiding Scorpio to trust their instincts and embrace their emotional depth.
Tarot Cart The Death - Symbolizing transformation, endings and new beginnings, urging Scorpio to embrace change and the cyclical nature of life.

Scorpio Love & Friendships Horoscope in 2024

  • Winter (January, February, March)

    • Mercury Direct in Sagittarius (Jan 1): As Scorpio navigates the start of the year, there's an opportunity to clear up any lingering miscommunications in relationships. The direct motion of Mercury in a fellow water sign can help Scorpios articulate their feelings more transparently.
    • Last Quarter Moon in Libra (Jan 3): Scorpios may feel a pull towards re-evaluating their relationships, ensuring that there's a balance of give and take. It's a time to reassess and recalibrate connections.
    • Pluto enters Aquarius (Jan 20): As Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet, enters Aquarius, there's a shift in the dynamics of friendships. Scorpios might be drawn to more unconventional relationships or find themselves intrigued by unique and different personalities.

  • Spring (April, May, June)

    • Mercury in Pisces (Feb 23): This transit deepens Scorpio's intuitive communication. It's a period where unspoken feelings might be understood more easily and emotional bonds can grow stronger.
    • Full Moon in Virgo (Feb 24): A time for Scorpios to reflect on the practical aspects of their relationships. Are both partners contributing equally? This moon phase will highlight areas that need attention.
    • Mars enters Pisces (Mar 22): Passion and emotions intertwine. Scorpios might find themselves deeply connected to their partners, but they should also be cautious of becoming overly possessive.

  • Summer (July, August, September)

    • Full Moon in Scorpio (Apr 23): A powerful time for Scorpios. Emotions are heightened and there's potential for transformative experiences in relationships. It's a period of self-discovery and understanding personal desires in love.
    • Full Moon in Capricorn (Jun 21): This phase prompts Scorpios to consider the long-term stability of their relationships. Commitments might be made or re-evaluated during this time.
    • Mars enters Cancer (Sep 4): Scorpios may feel a surge of protective instincts towards their loved ones. It's a time to nurture and care, but also to ensure personal boundaries are respected.

  • Autumn (October, November, December)

    • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (Sep 17): Eclipses bring revelations and for Scorpio, this might mean uncovering hidden feelings or secrets in relationships. It's a time for healing and understanding.
    • Mars Retrograde in Leo (Dec 6): Scorpios should be cautious in their romantic pursuits. It's a period to reflect on past actions and understand the motivations behind them. Avoid making impulsive decisions in love during this retrograde.

Scorpio Career & Money Horoscope in 2024

  • Winter (January, February, March)

    • Mars enters Capricorn (Jan 4): As Mars enters the ambitious sign of Capricorn, Scorpios will feel a surge of determination and drive in their professional life. This is an excellent time to set goals and work towards achieving them.
    • Pluto enters Aquarius (Jan 20): With Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet, moving into innovative Aquarius, there's a push towards embracing new technologies and unconventional methods in the workplace. Scorpios in tech or innovative fields might find this period particularly rewarding.
    • Mercury in Aquarius (Feb 5): Networking and collaboration are highlighted. Scorpios might find themselves involved in group projects or team efforts that can lead to significant advancements in their career.

  • Spring (April, May, June)

    • Mars enters Pisces (Mar 22): This transit encourages Scorpios to trust their intuition when making career decisions. It's a period where creativity and imagination can lead to unique solutions and opportunities.
    • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra (Mar 25): A time for reflection on work relationships and partnerships. Scorpios might reconsider collaborations or contracts, ensuring that there's a fair balance of give and take.
    • Jupiter enters Gemini (May 25): Diversification is key. Scorpios might find opportunities in multiple areas or consider expanding their skill set. Learning and short courses could be beneficial.

  • Summer (July, August, September)

    • Full Moon in Sagittarius (May 23): Scorpios might feel an urge to explore new career horizons or even consider opportunities abroad. Travel related to work or expanding business in foreign lands can be highlighted.
    • Mars enters Cancer (Sep 4): Scorpios might feel a need to secure their financial standing. It's a period to be cautious with investments and focus on saving. In the professional sphere, they might be more inclined towards roles that offer security and stability.
    • Full Moon in Capricorn (Jun 21): A culmination point in career matters. Projects might come to completion, or Scorpios might receive recognition for their hard work.

  • Autumn (October, November, December)

    • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra (Oct 2): New beginnings in partnerships or collaborative projects are indicated. Scorpios might embark on a new venture with a business partner or consider joint investments.
    • Mercury Retrograde in Libra (Nov 25): Scorpios should be cautious with contractual agreements and communications at work. Misunderstandings can arise, so it's essential to double-check all details and avoid making significant career decisions during this period.
    • Pluto sextile True Node (Dec 31): As the year concludes, Scorpios are guided towards their true career path. There's a cosmic push towards aligning professional endeavors with personal destiny.

Scorpio Luck & Health Horoscope in 2024

  • Winter (January, February, March)

    • Pluto enters Aquarius (Jan 20): As your ruling planet shifts signs, there's a renewed focus on mental health and intellectual stimulation. Engaging in activities that challenge the mind can be both lucky and beneficial for overall well-being.
    • Uranus Direct in Taurus (Jan 27): Unexpected health insights might come to light. Scorpios could discover alternative treatments or therapies that prove beneficial.
    • Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio (Feb 2): A time for introspection and self-care. Scorpios might feel the need to retreat and recharge, which can be crucial for maintaining good health.

  • Spring (April, May, June)

    • Neptune Retrograde in Pisces (Jul 2): Dreams and intuition can offer insights into health matters. Scorpios might find solace in spiritual practices or meditation, which can also boost their luck.
    • Mars enters Pisces (Mar 22): Energy levels might fluctuate, but there's an increased sensitivity to the environment. It's a good period to engage in water-based exercises or therapies.
    • Jupiter sextile Neptune (May 23): This transit amplifies Scorpio's intuitive capabilities. Trusting gut feelings, especially regarding health decisions, can prove lucky.

  • Summer (July, August, September)

    • Full Moon in Capricorn (Jun 21): A time to evaluate long-term health goals and routines. Scorpios might feel motivated to start a new fitness regimen or diet that focuses on longevity and strength.
    • Mars enters Cancer (Sep 4): Emotional well-being comes to the forefront. Scorpios should focus on nurturing their emotional health, possibly through therapy or journaling.
    • Neptune Direct in Pisces (Dec 7): Clarity in health matters is achieved. If Scorpios have been dealing with unclear symptoms or diagnoses, solutions or treatments might become apparent.

  • Autumn (October, November, December)

    • Mercury Retrograde in Libra (Nov 25): Scorpios should be cautious with their mental health, avoiding overthinking or falling into negative thought patterns. It's a good time to disconnect from digital devices and practice mindfulness.
    • Saturn Direct in Pisces (Nov 15): Any health restrictions or challenges faced earlier in the year start to ease. Scorpios might find it easier to stick to routines and experience increased stamina.
    • Pluto sextile True Node (Dec 31): As the year concludes, Scorpios are guided towards practices and habits that truly align with their health and well-being. It's a fortunate time to start any health regimen that resonates deeply.

Zodiac birthstones of Scorpio

Scorpio zodiac birthstones infographic
Scorpio lithotherapy:
chakra balancing with precious and semi-precious stones

What essential oils are good for Scorpio?

Scorpio zodiac oils infographic
Scorpio Aromatherapy:
balancing of the crown chakra with pine and coffee perfumes and essential oils

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