Horse: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐴 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Horse, seventh animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 26 July 2017
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Horse and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Horse

The Horse-Aries brings life to its fullest and projects himself into the future with passion and enthusiasm. Lover of adventure and travel, the Horse-Aries also has a warm personality, always eager to be at the center of his social relations, just as he tends to have friends all over the world. He’s also an excellent speaker and is well aware of the sustained interest of his listeners when he speaks. Thanks to this very useful capacity, he often excels in occupations where speech has a predominant role. However, if he’s able to carry out strong and remarkable actions, the Horse-Aries at times has difficulty to project himself in the long term. With regard to important subjects that don’t concern him directly, he must make a constant effort on himself to hold his tongue, as any indiscretions might prejudice him. Yet the Horse-Aries, if not deceitful or dishonest, tends to say what he truly thinks of people or situations, even though he may appear hurtful or give the impression of being unfair. He also has the annoying mania to lose interest in people or a particular subject in the blink of an eye. This is particularly true on the sentimental level, for he inherits both the selfishness of the Chinese sign of the Horse, for whom only his own feelings and interests count, and the fiery individualism of Aries, who can only be fulfilled on the sole condition of getting the biggest slice of the cake. The Horse-Aries remains, however, a great sentimentalist who, when he can’t find an advantageous reciprocal love, can go through periods of trouble and anxiety that will lead him the hard life, after he having gone through phases of excitation and aggressiveness.

Taurus Horse

The Horse-Taurus is an ambitious, Cartesian and lively individual, gifted with an extremely creative mind. He’s the kind of person who can’t consider his existence without love or passion. The main life objective of the Horse-Taurus is to create for himself the conditions for a stable life, sheltered from all need. The legendary solidity and robustness of Taurus, combined with the colorful and flamboyant force of the Horse, gives this individual a charismatic personality doubled with a high potential for accomplishment. The Horse-Taurus likes to earn money as much as he likes to spend it. Travel and discovery are part of his lifestyle, or at least his deepest aspirations. In general, not only the Horse-Taurus doesn’t need to be given any directions, but he also knows how fast can hard work guarantee success. His determined character is highly sought after in the trades which demand resistance, courage and perseverance. However, in order to get what he wants, the Horse-Taurus can perfectly put his conscience aside and become harsh or even merciless with his opponents. Very stubborn, the Horse-Taurus is also very possessive. He’s a born dominator, who accepts badly that one could try to deny him anything, especially in his couple and his home. He fears above all the possibility of being the impotent witness of the misfortunes of the people he loves, which may lead him into periods of depression or crises of desperate anger he will find difficult to contain. With age and experience, the Horse-Taurus learns to relax and becomes more able to create a healthy living environment for himself and his loved ones, up to his aspirations.

Gemini Horse

The Horse-Gemini has a young, dynamic, charming and social spirit. As for all individuals born a year of the Horse, passion is a source of life for which the Horse-Gemini draws one of the main reasons for his existence. Thus, he won’t hesitate throughout his life to multiply experiences, in search of intense and unique sensations. Anything that may sound morose and sad makes him literally run away. The Horse-Gemini is entirely devoted to the life and pleasure of the senses. He also has a great capacity for self-derision, which makes his company very pleasant, and makes him very sympathetic to his friends. However, the Horse-Gemini tends to only listen to himself, always giving priority to his own needs, to the detriment of collective necessities. If he ever finds himself stuck in a monotonous work with repetitive schedules, he shall always seek ways to brighten the atmosphere within the team in order to dispel the heaviness of the daily routine. This notable quality will contribute, at least in the eyes of his closest companions, to hide his relative selfishness. As casual as it may seem, the Horse-Gemini always keeps in mind the importance of his personal value and unique destiny. The Horse-Gemini has a habit of analyzing and reviewing all the behaviors and reactions he provokes, without changing his way of interacting with others. He can also excel in commercial trades and in comedy, where he can develop a real talent. However, throughout his life, the Horse-Gemini spends a lot of time choosing or taking directions rather than fully accomplishing himself, not because he doesn’t know what he wants, but rather because he would like a little of everything at once. As a result, he can waste precious time, or even miss out on tremendous opportunities, both professional and sentimental. On this latter point, his paradox is that he needs to understand the reason for his love before committing himself fully, which is as meritorious as it is risky when the relationship is put on hold for too long.

Cancer Horse

The Horse-Cancer is the most active of Cancers and the least agitated of the Horses. Above all attached to his personal comfort, he’s endowed with a gentle, intuitive and obstinate temperament. The customs and inheritances of the past have a great importance in his daily life. Moments of doubts, whims and swings of mood are common, in spite of an external appearance of calm and serenity. However, in spite of his tendency to relate everything to himself and to concern himself only with his well-being to the detriment of solidarity, the Horse-Cancer shows a lot of emotions in his relations with the outside world. Because the Horse-Cancer has an existential need to maintain social relations at all costs in order to fully exist. The Horse-Cancer is also less likely to develop possessive ties with people who share his daily life. Often elegant and refined, he knows how to receive and is appreciated by his many friends. Inside a company, the Horse-Cancer doesn’t like to face face problems. In the event of a crisis, he’s more likely to seek an emergency exit, which he finds quickly and almost instinctively. He usually finds a solution that can preserve his advantages to the detriment of the collective interest. Let us remember, however, that in his relation to existence, professional success is not the sine-qua-non condition for his personal fulfillment. Sharp and smart, with a little effort, the Horse-Cancer often succeeds in creating for himself a fulfilled, colorful and original life. On a sentimental level, the Horse-Cancer is rather faithful. But his love stories are just as remarkable for their degree of intensity as for the frequency of their renewals. Although the Horse-Cancer is capable of being carried by the languishing and ephemeral waves of love, he realizes as he grows older that only deep and lasting feelings are capable of bringing him the serenity he so badly needs.

Leo Horse

The Horse-Leo is intelligent, ambitious and honest. An excellent speaker, able to tackle many tasks at once, the Horse-Leo is always struggling to stay in place because his interests are multiple. He’s on a permanent quest for explorations of all kinds, which is the main focus of his life. Moreover, the Horse-Leo is greatly appreciated by his friends and family for his company, just as his speeches are always imbued with a sense of acute analysis. Both intellectual and manual activities satisfy his thirst for learning and his vital need to surpass himself. In summary, the Horse-Leo knows his potential and constantly seeks ways to further optimize its capabilities. Although he’s endowed with great strength of character, nature and space are indispensable to his well-being and to his development. His gaze on life is positive, although he sometimes tends to idealize life, although he may seem naive for some people. In business as in love, the Horse-Leo is a courageous, determined and obstinate individual, who isn’t of the kind to easily abandon an objective despite the difficulties encountered. Still, he hates above all being defeated and even less deceived. In love, fidelity is not his greatest quality. Even if he finds himself deceived by his partner, he prefers by far that this remains a well-preserved secret, in order to preserve his intact social status. Indeed, in the event that he suffered setbacks or humiliation, the Horse-Leo, incapable of moderating his anger, becomes capable of the worst vengeance. It is his over-developed ego that often prevents him from relaxing and relativizing his failures.

Virgo Horse

The Horse-Virgo has an intelligent, thoughtful and analytical mind. Rather introverted for a Horse, he’s an epicurean who loves to enjoy life and its benefits. If the Horse-Virgo may seem cold and haughty at first, in reality he’s a warm and sensitive individual, for whom values ave a meaning. Just as authoritative as he’s sensual with those he loves, the prudent side of Virgo allows him nevertheless to develop a temperance that is rather rare in Horses, who are usually so much in a hurry. The Horse-Virgo is an ambitious man, perfectly capable of carrying out long-term projects that require considerable effort. He also has a great mental resistance, although he remains subject, like the majority of Horses, to moments of anguish and internal tension. Still, the Horse-Virgo materializes his passions and fears by using a multitude of modes of expression. Any activity that requires as much creativity as manual skill may be appropriate for him. Overall, the Horse-Virgo tends to remain focused on his own interests. Thus, the pursuit of his personal success is his main goal in life. He doesn’t hesitate to work tirelessly to successfully complete the projects for which he is committed. The Horse-Virgo isn’t indefatigable, but being also of the sign of Virgo, the latter urges him to be a person of principle who keeps his word. As a result, he can remember the services he has rendered and be grateful to those who supported him at a crucial point in his life. The Horse-Virgo appreciates balanced relationships, while his honesty and uprightness make him an appreciable companion in love and business, on condition that he succeeds in mastering his inner storms and his rigid side.

Libra Horse

The Horse-Libra is of an optimistic nature and pleasant, flexible and always ready to compromise. Having an epidermal allergy to any form of dishonesty, he has the unfortunate tendency to bring ethics at all times, just as he loves to give a multitude of advice to his friends. However, it should not be expected that the Horse-Libra applies to himself the precepts of life that he professes. Although his mind is firmly anchored by the weight of tradition and duty, the Horse-Libra remains open to innovation. In his work, he’s a scrupulous, discreet and open-minded partner who often has unexpected and surprisingly effective ideas. The Horse-Libra is in perpetual motion and deploys a tremendous energy in his daily life, professional as well as personal. He also knows how to make himself useful, especially when it comes to perfecting his own environment, just as he’s often found where he would never have been expected. On the other hand, the Horse-Libra readily considers himself a guardian of good taste, so that he doesn’t hesitate to criticize all that seems unsightly to him. He’s the most stay-at-home of the Horses, which naturally pushes him to pay special attention to the comfort and beauty of his home. His habitat thus conceals a multitude of beautiful objects and rare collector’s items, which he maintains with love. The Horse-Libra is always open to discussion, especially when it comes to developing concepts and philosophizing about the state of the world and the meaning of life. Nevertheless, he also tends to favor his relationships according to their social level, especially if they can be useful in his business. However, with a constant concern for neutrality, the Horse-Libra isn’t the kind to favor one opinion more than another. Indeed, almost unconsciously, his main concern is to preserve his power of seduction and his hold on others, in order to keep up the good image he wants to project of himself.

Scorpio Horse

Scorpio is cold and obscure, while the Horse is warm and bright. This unprecedented combination allows the individual who unites these two zodiacal signs to be able to adapt to the many unforeseen events of life. The fact that he can keep his composure in the face of incandescent events or, on the contrary, bring warmth to a frigid environment, turns him into a very special being. He’s the most down-to-earth of the Horses and the most determined of Scorpios. The Horse-Scorpio, in addition to his fertile imagination, can move without complex to grandiose activities and surprise its entourage by its brilliant successes. His deep nature pushes him to always impose a rule of conduct according to his environment. As a seasoned solitaire, Horse-Scorpio only associates with projects if it can be a key player in their success. His independent character and his lucidity give him a unique light on his social relations and his material environment. The Scorpio Horse always works according to his own interests, because he always knows which way to go, and especially what path to go. But his clear-sightedness in his perception of his goals doesn’t deprive him of his rash side, so that during his life he could be inclined on many occasions to be tempted by dangerous shortcuts, thinking easily getting perilous goals. When his enthusiasm mixes with passion, the Scorpio Horse can also lose control of himself, to the point that he may be taken for a neurotic. However, always ambitious, he doesn’t hesitate to get rid of the superfluous in a conscientious way, in order to move forward. Furthermore, the Horse-Scorpio, as devoted as he may be to his causes, is the kind to cling to his dreams like a wild beast biting its prey. When someone opposes him, he’s capable to give free rein to a terrifying and vindictive hatred. One can observe the same tendency without his love relations: the Horse-Scorpio is an almost perfect lover, who dances with his partners romantic and passionate waltzes in a love jail, where one returns to one cell as soon as the orchestra finished playing.

Sagittarius Horse

The Horse-Sagittarius is a brilliant, intelligent and sensitive being who likes to live at 200 miles per hour. Endowed with an enthusiastic and bold personality, he tends to act by instinct, just for the pleasure of living the excitement of the moment. Always active, the Horse-Sagittarius finds it hard to hold in place. However, his energy is so great that his entourage has difficulty following him in his many vicissitudes. A summary of a thousand ideas and a thousand activities at once, such is the daily life of the Horse-Sagittarius. Highly sociable, he loves to share his experiences and adventures with a conquered audience of admirers and loyal friends. The Horse-Sagittarius also has a direct temperament, sometimes even a little brutal. His aura and charism are unsettling, as many people shall lose their means in the presence of the incredible vivacity of his character. In love with freedom, he arouses both admiration and jealousy. Extremely spontaneous, the Horse-Sagittarius has however difficulty to channel his energy on a single objective. The Horse-Sagittarius also tends to overestimate himself under all types of circumstances. However, age and experience teach him the virtues of wisdom, and in particular how to less disperse himself in futile activities. On a professional level, the Horse-Sagittarius can excel in charity and humanitarian causes. When he engages in a public interest mission, his energy allows him to deal effectively with complex and varied situations, which require unfailing will and a great capacity for adaptation. On the contrary, he’s allergic to the administrative trades that could force him to stay behind a desk and perform repetitive tasks. On a sentimental level, the Horse-Sagittarius always expresses his feelings towards his / her partner fairly and frankly. He sometimes gets fooled by illusions, to the point of doubting both himself and the reality of his love, as he’s always trying to seek in his couple the utopian ideal of a love relationship without any cracks.

Capricorn Horse

The Horse-Capricorn is sensitive, original, clever, persevering and always attentive to his family, and concerned about the quality of his environment. He can listen, share and help those who ask for support, while remaining focused on his personal well-being. His clear ideas allow him to seize the right opportunities at the right time. Gifted with a great ambition, the Horse-Capricorn takes special care to ensure he obtains a counterpart to all that he offers. When he commits himself to someone, he always keeps his word, not being the kind of person who gives up at the first difficulty. Overflowing with energy and vitality, the Horse-Capricorn advances in life with specific goals. He always knows perfectly how to organize his life and his time. Once he has chosen to move in one direction, he’s ready to spend his life working tirelessly to achieve lasting success. If he can’t establish himself in a regular job which could let him develop fully, he won’t hesitate to cultivate a rebellious and protesting character, especially since the Horse-Capricorn hates above all else favoritism and injustice. Pragmatic and lucid, the Horse-Capricorn always finds the means to return his defects to his advantage, even if it may take a little time. On a sentimental level, the Horse-Capricorn generally prefers to act and live alone. Because of this one can say that a precocious marriage doesn’t always succeed for him. However the feelings he has towards his / her partner are always of a great sweetness and an irreproachable sincerity. Yet, professional success will always be more important to him than his romantic choices, which doesn’t make him careless when he is in a couple, quite the contrary.

Aquarius Horse

The Horse-Aquarius is a passionate, energetic and very autonomous individual. A life without adventure is synonymous with a life without flavor in his eyes. The Horse-Aquarius always has a multitude of ideas to guarantee his future. Always spontaneous, his actions and aspirations are often utopian and in perpetual renewal, so that it’s quite difficult to predict his actions. The Horse-Aquarius always relies on his instinct to make his way through life and he will always favor the directions most likely to make him live the most intense emotions. However, his idealistic enthusiasm is matched only by his lack of perseverance and instability. Versatile and fickle, the Horse-Aquarius always tries to look at the bright side of things. Very sociable, the Horse-Aquarius also has an immense need to communicate and to surround itself well. His immense joy of life is a source of happiness for those who know how to understand it. In addition, his ability to adapt to his environment is almost as strong as his loyalty to the ideas he believes in, however crazy they may be. Still, in the face of difficult situations that he fails to overcome, the Horse-Aquarius can suddenly become selfish and privilege his own interests to the detriment of those with whom he shares the same path. Moreover, according to his interests and his opinion of the moment, his choices may be the opposite of his usual temperament. Finally, the Horse-Aquarius, loving above everything else his freedom of action, can become intolerant and run away from any situation or person who ever tries to muzzle him or pass a rope around his neck.

Pisces Horse

The Horse-Pisces is sensitive, romantic and seductive. He aspires to an easy life, healthy and devoid of any form of suffering, in which he can realize his dreams and desires without any constraint. He is a being who sees life as he has decided. The influence of Pisces makes the proud Horse more stable and less reckless. Refined, graceful and gifted with a certain taste, he is particularly appreciated by his closed ones, so much so that seen from the outside his group of friends resembles a fan club. His elegant appearance, mingled with an enigmatic aura, makes him very attractive, whatever his age. Yet his fear of failure and his natural caution often prompt the Horse-Pisces to choose the path of facility. In order to protect himself from financial and sentimental troubles, he generally prefers to be on the side of the strongest, even if he looses his most fundamental moral principles in the process. For the Horse-Pisces is one of the most seasoned opportunists in the human community. He’s a crazy Casanova, who instinctively knows which doors to hit to succeed. His natural sincerity, which often makes him a naive and innocent being in the eyes of his interlocutors, is in fact the key he uses to open the doors of success and social support. However, when confronted with adversity, the Horse-Pisces can show endurance and resistance defying the imagination. In love, the Horse-Pisces is faithful and devoted to his / her partner, provided that in return he feels guided and unconditionally protected from the many rivals who try to encroach on his hunting ground.

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