Goat: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐐 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Goat, eighth animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 2 November 2017
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Goat and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Goat

Exquisitely delicate and sweet, the Goat-Aries is an energetic being with the soul of an explorer, at once rebellious and eccentric. Very appreciated in society, he has the gift of bringing life to places in which gloominess has settled, as he always tends to look at the life in a positive angle. His undeniable charm usually gets him special attention from his friends. In his youth, the Goat-Aries can repress his deep urge for security by rebelling, then taking potential risky paths for his future. But as he ages, he ends up accepting the importance of material security and becomes more reasonable in his life choices. Determined in his professional choices, the Goat-Aries usually alternates his energy between periods of intense thinking and sustained episodes of action. Thus, when he desires something, it is difficult to reason him to reconsider his choice. Moreover, the artistic sensitivity of the Goat-Aries can enable him to succeed in almost all trades that require taste and talent. However, the Goat-Aries is not particularly attracted by the celebrity and international notoriety often associated with artistic activity. On a sentimental level, the Goat-Aries is a romantic and affectionate being. In love, he is even one of the most dedicated partners one can dream for. Nonetheless, he often confuses love and possession, so that the specificities of a life in common often create in him a useless suffering, of which he is the first to be a victim.

Taurus Goat

The Goat-Taurus is intelligent, thoughtful and serene. He is an open-minded person and rather inclined to compromise. Very young, the Goat-Taurus knows for what types of trades he could have a predisposition. The Goat, combined with his partner the solar sign of Taurus, has a much less hesitant and more decided mind. Because of this, the Goat-Taurus knows very early what direction he should take in his life. In addition, the Goat-Taurus has the soul of a great esthete, since he appreciates beauty and art in all its forms. Socially, he often manages to convince his interlocutors by the sheer force of his speech and by the profound belief of what he defends. Very attached to his comfort, an existence expurgated from any source of tension is what suits him the most to blossom serenely. However, the Goat-Taurus hates loneliness and throughout his life he will try not to feel guilty about his constant need to find strong guarantees that will ensure he always has company. Just like the prospect of an uncertain future can anguish him, he is generally very reluctant to sudden changes.In love, he takes the time to express his feelings clearly to his / her partner. When he is single, the Goat-Taurus is a real Don Juan, ready to experiment all kinds of sentimental adventures. However, even if it is hard to say that the Goat-Taurus can get wiser with age, he remains very attached to his life in a couple once he has put down his luggage. Thus, the Goat-Taurus is deeply devoted to the happiness of his family and he is ready to make great sacrifices to ensure the comfort of those he loves. He is also capable to demonstrate true signs of affection and caring towards the members of his family, provided he is not criticized for his way of doing things. Indeed, just as he can be tolerant when it comes to others, he is much less inclined to dialogue when he is directly criticized on his ability to complete the projects he initiated. When it comes to achieving his ambitions, the Goat-Taurus often surprises with his mania for wanting to deny the potential obstacles and disastrous consequences of his rash acts, while they could be skillfully bypassed in the first place. It is on this aspect of his character that the Goat-Taurus is the most tested. He needs a lot of time to finally accept his mistakes and failures, which can make him waste valuable time before he finally decides to take a path that suits him more. In addition, his inability to get rid of his demons from the past may cause him to develop chronic anxiety that may torment him during much of his life and become a regular obstacle. Still, as long as the Goat-Taurus is sufficiently well surrounded and effectively advised, he has a good chance of succeeding and finding happiness. However, the main challenge of the Goat-Taurus in his life is to accept and learn from his mistakes, the sooner the better, in order to move forward successfully in life while minimizing its unavoidable pitfalls.

Gemini Goat

The Goat-Gemini is emotional and sincere, particularly attached to his material security, but also slightly casual in his manners. Always good company, he masters the art of seduction. He likes conversation and greatly appreciates flattery. His faculty of analysis and his originality give him the advantage when it comes to solving complex situations. The Goat-Gemini also has a versatile spirit: he can change ideas or his life perspective according to his mood of the moment or his changing interests. Professionally, his reluctance for monotonous manual labor is particularly pronounced. Similarly, while he excels in the design phases of a project with his brilliant ideas, the Goat-Gemini is much less effective in the production and finalization phase. The Goat-Gemini can become a great professional partner from the moment that his creative abilities are recognized to their true extent and that they are intelligently exploited. The Goat-Gemini combines the aesthetic instinct common to all Goats with the versatile skills of Gemini. His intellect and his manual skills are so great that he’s got the ability to surprise his entourage by his creative genius. He can succeed in everything he undertakes on the sole condition that he first places his trust in himself rather than waiting for the approval of others, and that he avoids to confuse progression with dispersion. The channeling of his efforts into a single point can ultimately allow the Goat-Gemini to benefit from the most lasting successes of his generation. On a sentimental level, the Goat-Gemini has a powerful sexuality. He actually rarely disappoints those of his partners who enjoy ballads off the beaten track. Short-term relation or life partner, be certain that he will always surprise you with his fertile imagination. Even if his acrobatic performances are numerous during his youth, the Goat-Gemini quickly feels that the needs to find a stable partner who shall bring him the comfort and the material stability of which his psychological balance strongly depends.

Cancer Goat

Sensitive and timid, always overflowing with tenderness, the Goat-Cancer is a caring and credulous being, with an anxiety background. He has taste and knows how to receive with elegance. The Cancer Goat loves to receive his friends in his cozy and refined cocoon to offer them his warm hospitality. There is nothing more exciting to him than spending long, luxurious hours at home in good company. Very attracted by the arts and the history of traditions, the Goat-Cancer is always in search of new knowledge and remains a passionate student during all his life. He can succeed in academic careers that require long-term intellectual efforts. Professions related to the human sciences, sociology or even psychology are natural directions for him. Having also a good eye and artistic abilities, the Goat-Cancer can as well embark on a career as an artist, an art critic or a patron of the arts. However, the Cancer Goat must learn the virtue of perseverance very early if he hopes to one day harvest the fruits of his work. In addition to his shyness, a sweet melancholy usually feeds his soul, which is one of his potential pitfalls if he gets hooked on this warm and dark feeling. Not content with remembering his past and regretting long lost friends, he finds it hard to realize that his inability to anchor himself in the present prevents him from building his future. In his love life, the Goat-Cancer is one to fall in love quickly, even if the feelings of the loved one are clearly not reciprocal. Another danger he must beware of is his ultra-emotional side. Indeed, being extremely sensitive and reserved, the Goat-Cancer often risks being dethroned by other suitors, especially if he waits too long to declare his love. In the worst case, he risks losing years of love life waiting in return for the love of someone who does not necessarily deserve it or even totally ignores his feelings towards him. When the Goat-Cancer finally manages to find his soul-mate, he can start taking more interest in the construction of his professional life. Especially since he has an almost vital need to feel safe from danger, the presence in his life of a loving (and disciplined) person is greatly beneficial, if not indispensable. Thanks to his life partner, the Goat-Cancer can learn to take advantage of the present, acquire the necessary know-how which will allow him to become constant and finally enjoy seeing his work become successful.

Leo Goat

The Goat-Leo is intelligent, elegant and hedonistic. Thanks to the contribution of the leonine force, the character of the eighth sign of the Chinese zodiac gains strength and stability. The Goat-Leo is a born esthete. The sooner he realizes it, the better his chances of success in life. He has strong and intense emotions in him for those he loves. Fire, which is one of the secondary elements of the Goat, combined with the element Fire of Leo, reinforce his communication abilities as well as his drive to be sincere and direct with everyone. The elegance and natural kindness of the Goat, combined with the legendary nobility of Leo, contribute to his being highly appreciated by his entourage for such altruistic qualities. In society, he is very mundane and very much at ease, as long as he feels respected and cared for. However, in case of conflict, the Goat-Leo is struggling to control his emotions, so that his anguish or anger are easily drawn on his face, even if when tries hard to hide them. Therefore, those who envy his elegance and natural ease can easily take advantage of this weakness to make him stumble, or worse, to pass him off as the one he is not. Moreover, the many qualities of the Goat-Leo can actually prove to be an obstacle, by the jealousy that they can induce, but also by the time and dedication he can have for others, which prevents him from taking care of of his own interests. As with most Goats combined with other sun signs, many parasites may want to take advantage of him. As for the Goat-Leo, who has a generous and large spirit, he will tend to give to others the opportunities that were naturally intended to him, by pure courtesy or allure. Thus, without immediately grasping the scope of his act, he may be led to experience bitter disappointments by noting that the elevator is rarely brought back to him. Fortunately for him, as he gets older and gains more experience, the Goat-Leo eventually controls his excess of generosity, allowing his lucky star to take good care of him at last. Maturity is a value that makes the Goat-Leo more alert and better opportunistic, without taking anything away from his generous character and efficiency at work. On a sentimental level, whether in friendship or in love, the Goat-Leo is of an infallible loyalty and always expects reciprocity from his committed feelings. But this doesn’t mean that he places the duty of the heart and the carnal call of social life in the same bag. Always fair, impartial, tolerant and willing to forgive, the Goat-Leo is ever willing to repay a hundred times the benefits he has been promised.

Virgo Goat

Gentle, understanding and analytical, the Goat-Virgo possesses useful qualities for the accomplishment of his life objectives, as long as he manages to overcome his pessimism and pursue only one step at a time. He is sociable only with carefully sorted people and he generally gives those who don’t know him the impression that he can read in them as in a book. Of a playful nature, the Goat-Virgo likes to use his money to demonstrate his good taste and elegance, without ever doing too much of course. Although his company is generally appreciated, his friends don’t fail to note his scathing remarks about the appearance of others, motivated by his desire to remain the most original and as a preventive mechanism of self-defense. If he can’t put a touch of humor into his words, the Goat-Virgo can lose without realizing the esteem of those around him. For in spite of his intelligence, the Goat-Virgo often irritates his entourage by his lack of flexibility and his obstinacy in refusing to see beyond his own opinions, even if they are most original. Because the Goat-Virgo is also subject to eccentric impulses, be they verbal or related to fashion. Still, if he doesn’t manage to control his character enough, he can get into trouble or make bad encounters which he will have trouble getting rid of later. Thus, the lack of clairvoyance and tact that can be observed in the Goat-Virgo can lead him to suffer painful disillusionment if he doesn’t learn early enough good manners and how to behave in society. On a professional level, the sign of Virgo increases the sense of responsibility of the Goat. Conversely, the Goat makes Virgo less rigid and more open to compromise. As for expenses, the Goat-Virgo has a parsimonious and thoughtful spirit. On this last point, Virgo brings to the Goat more confidence in himself and the sense of organization that allows to save money. In a well-organized team without much stress, the Goat-Virgo can be very effective in his work, provided he is smartly oriented and effectively advised. On a sentimental level, the Goat-Virgo is of a rather shy nature. He can also choose a form of superficiality in his romantic relationships in order to avoid having to commit to the duration. However, the longer he stays single, the more likely he is to suffer a profound discomfort from the inevitable effects of passing time. When the Goat-Virgo is in love, he is benevolent, romantic and attached to his partner. However, partners of a Goat-Virgo who envision a lasting relationship with him must take the time to help him repair the inhibitions and fears that torment him and which often prevent him from moving forward in life.

Libra Goat

The Goat-Libra is a scholar without being pedantic, especially as his taste and refinement are appreciated by his family for their wise discretion, such a fragrance that captivates without ever imposing itself. Gentle, inclined to compromise, intelligent and sensitive, the combination of the Goat with Libra allows all the qualities of the Goat to be reinforced. If the Goat-Libra appreciates loneliness and calmness, he isn't independent either. He needs to feel surrounded by people to feel safe. Moreover, it is very important for him to be considered by his loved ones. He is ready to do anything, even to break the rules of good behavior that he imposes on himself, with the sole aim of being loved and respected. Most of the time, he appreciates the simple pleasures of generosity, by welcoming his friends in the cozy comfort of his home. Gifted with empathy, his listening skills enable him to learn from others as much as to provide them with sound advice. The lively debates on social issues fascinate him more than anything. It should be noted that the deep fragility of the Goat, hidden by his external robustness, is revealed more vividly in his combination with the sign of Libra. Indeed, not only the Goat-Libra lacks discipline, but he is also sorely lacking in confidence in his own abilities. He is generally prey to vague feelings of discomfort and poor preparation for the challenges of life, which often result in anguish that follows and ceaselessly restrains him. That is why it can happen to the Goat-Libra to take a long time to materialize his projects, even if many innovative ideas are slumbering in him, ready to bloom and shine on the world, once he has finally overcome his many apprehensions.

Scorpio Goat

The Goat-Scorpio is intelligent, intuitive and reasonable, with a strong taste for secrecy. He is a perfectly balanced being in spite of numerous apparent oppositions between the signs of the Goat and Scorpio. In fact, the negative attributes of each sign are skillfully compensated by the other. In this astral combination, the Goat gains in strength of character, allowing him to face life and his responsibilities more serenely, while Scorpio gains in delicacy and learns to respect the limits. Moreover, the Goat-Scorpio is more inclined to listen and forgive but also less rancorous and less inclined to revenge. As the Goat gains in determination, Scorpio becomes more inclined to compromise. On a professional level, the Goat-Scorpio is not one to boast of his success. Thanks to the strategist qualities of Scorpio, he moves slowly but surely towards his objectives, while intelligently skirting obstacles. However, as he makes his way to success, he is often delayed by chronic anxiety that he can’t easily get rid of. Still, he remains a real fortress, rarely letting others realize his personal torment. In love, the Goat-Scorpio is faithful and attached to his lover. His need to be perpetually reassured sometimes leads to a being a little too over-possessive with his partner, or even downright suffocating when his existential anxiety is at its strongest. In parallel, he can become annoying as he has this contradictory and tenacious temperament concerning simple and obvious subjects, which can put off his partner if his / her personality isn’t very grounded. In general, the Goat-Scorpio literally flees people he doesn’t hold in esteem. In a lasting relationship, his passion and curiosity always end up breaking the distance he sets himself up for the sole purpose of protecting himself from external aggression.

Sagittarius Goat

Idealist and creative, the Goat-Sagittarius likes money and comfort. Travel, discovery and entertainment are the keywords of his existence. He is a person of principle, who doesn’t easily agree with anyone, even if at first sight he seems very flexible and magnanimous. In his eyes, there is nothing more exciting than to marvel at something that is completely new and alien to him. The Goat-Sagittarius prefers to visit abandoned castles, to dine in a house 5000 km from home, to discover the language and culture of a far way country. His dynamism and joie de vivre are intact as long as his health remains vigorous, because he can’t stand being sick. Although he is usually less pious or superstitious than the other Goats, the Goat-Sagittarius doesn’t hesitate to consult with healers or to learn about alternative medicines, with the sole aim of making each of his experiences unique. He is particularly charming and constantly seeks subtlety in his relationship to others. He abhors everything that seems easy and vulgar. However, he is unable to refuse the gift of a necklace or bracelet set with diamonds, even if they don’t come from one of the jewelers of the Place Vendôme in Paris. His demonstrations of affection and kindness are often accompanied by a bill. Opportunistic as his lunar sign indicates, the Sagittarius-Goat isn’t ready to transgress certain ideals that are close to his heart. Although he often changes his mind, as he gets older, the Goat-Sagittarius acquires maturity and objectivity. Moreover, thanks to his innate sense of self-mockery, he manages to recognize his wrongs and mistakes serenely and with humor. But it is time that eventually sculpts his character according to his choices. On a sentimental level, the conversation of the Goat-Sagittarius, always pleasant, is one of his major assets. If he loves to cover his partner with compliments and small attentions, he isn’t superficial either and always supports him / her in all circumstances. The more he feels confident in his relationship, the more the Goat-Sagittarius is likely to disperse in a variety of occupations, at the risk of losing valuable time needed to build his future.

Capricorn Goat

Solid as a rock, the Goat-Capricorn is ambitious, determined, reserved and idealistic. A seasoned acrobat, the Goat's thirst for adventure is efficiently channeled by the clairvoyant lucidity of Capricorn. His remarkable flexibility comes from the fact that the opportunistic spirit of the Goat blends perfectly with the resolute and persevering character of Capricorn. In addition, the combination of Goat and Capricorn brings nobility and self-esteem to people born under this combination. Although he appreciates solitude, the Goat-Capricorn remains nevertheless very social and friendly with his friends, which allows him to be very appreciated. All the better, because laughter, entertainment and being loved are essential to his well-being and fulfillment. Professionally, the Goat-Capricorn is an effective worker. He is able to stay focused for hours on repetitive tasks. Master of his actions, he is also predisposed to compromise. In parallel, he loves to travel and discover new horizons. Finding himself locked in an office without ever going out can make him unhappy and irritable. Still, if he can’t travel physically, he will willingly let his fertile imagination wander to the discovery of new spaces. Thus, every opportunity to stroll can become for him a potential source of exploration and mental enjoyment, provided he remains master of the situation. To allow him to enjoy a blissful and blooming happiness, the Goat-Capricorn needs a good education and solid tools in the face of the vagaries of life. Indeed, depending on his social background and the education he may have received, the Goat-Capricorn can just as easily become a mountain Goat proudly erected on his rocky peak, arousing jealousy and admiration, or end up to acquire the traits of a more mundane, obstinately dreamy and dependent farm Goat. On a sentimental level, the Goat-Capricorn can’t be said to be naturally faithful. He is addicted to dramatic events and hasty decisions of all kinds. But in the context of a serious love affair, he won’t hesitate to be as faithful as he can be jealously possessive. In the case of a dispute or a perceived lack of respect, he is also able to sulk for consecutive months. If one thing is certain, the Goat-Capricorn needs a partner who is very open-minded and ready to accept his temporary crises of authoritarianism.

Aquarius Goat

Eccentric, dreamy, funny, the Goat-Aquarius is above all a pacifist. Sociable and malicious, he isn't too difficult in the choice of his friends as long as he finds them an interest. What fascinates him above all else is discovery, surprise and entertainment, especially since his temperament allows him to adapt to any type of situation or person. The Goat-Aquarius likes to please as much as to surprise his entourage. His lively and colorful mind blends perfectly with his artistic aspirations. If only he could have more confidence in his abilities! He has everything to succeed in areas that require creative know-how. But he has the bad habit of postponing important matters, which doesn't help him move forward. With the Goat-Aquarius, it's day or night. One day he is full of energy and motivation to start a new project and look fully at his future, while the next day you might find him leaning on his old photo albums crying over his past. Unfortunately, this constant coming and going between the past and the future, between dreams, regrets and outstanding promises, often prevents him from finishing long-term projects. Moreover, always unsatisfied, it is almost impossible for him to be happy of the present moment. The Goat-Aquarius, instead of appreciating what he has in his hands is always attracted by what he doesn't have, no matter if it's a valuable item or not. If he is in a comfortable environment he will tend to be attracted by risk and debauchery, while if he leads a modest life, it is his unsatisfied bleating that we can hear for miles around. Still, crossing a hard time is often the key that can allow him to appreciate his condition and build up over time by revealing the great strength he holds in him. Finally, from an affective point of view, even if his emotional instability discourages more than one, it is also this aspect of his personality that makes the Goat-Aquarius extremely charming and deliciously attractive. This is often noticed by the surprisingly surprising number of his suitors, who are ready in all circumstances to meet his many needs and whims.

Pisces Goat

The combination of the Chinese sign of the Goat with the solar sign of Pisces makes the Goat-Pisces doubly romantic, sweet and dreamy. He is a charming and sociable being who has the sense of dialogue. He appreciates calm and tranquility even more and feels very attracted to mysticism. Reading and metaphysical research are some of his favorite hobbies. Elusive and surprising, the Goat-Pisces can be moved for things that may seem trivial to ordinary mortals. This is why it is commonly accepted that Goat-Pisces has easy tears in his eyes. The Goat-Pisces has a heartfelt personality and makes a point of honor to cultivate kindness. He lives and directs his life according to his feelings. Thus, no logical decision can be applicable to his eyes without first going through the emotion box. Under his serene and peaceful air, he is constantly crossed by existential crises, just as he is sorely lacking in self-confidence. Moreover, order and self-discipline are not his forte. Socially, he is in great need of the love of others to blossom. But his main flaw comes from his tendency to think that everyone is like him. A few smiles and benevolent phrases are all too often enough to win his confidence. The Goat-Pisces persists too often not to be wary enough of strangers, despite multiple warnings of those around him. As a consequence, the ill-intentioned and unscrupulous people of this world don’t hesitate to abuse his kindness whenever they can. The Goat-Pisces also tends to confide too easily on his personal problems, which makes things worse. If a loved one who cares about him fails to wake him up with a bucket of cold water, he is able to get into trouble and even get rid of his belongings in the blink of an eye. However, even if the Goat-Pisces is credulous and a poor strategist, he fortunately remains extremely lucky. On a sentimental level, his love is warm and sweet. But he sometimes tends to overdo, just as his emotional need has almost no limits. Once he has fallen in love, the Goat-Pisces often refuses to face the defects of his partner. If he isn’t sufficiently reassured in his daily life, he can enter acute depression crises. In the case of a separation, it is very important that he accepts his share of responsibilities so as not to repeat the same mistakes in his next relationship.

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