Monkey: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐵 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey, ninth animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 7 December 2017
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Monkey

The Monkey-Aries has a strong, clever and optimistic personality. Very determined in life, nothing seems to stop him. He flourishes in competition, as success is for him the most important marker of an accomplished life. Thus, the Monkey-Aries loves money and the power it induces. Highly intelligent, flexible and able to become successful in many areas, the Monkey-Aries can safely navigate the densest and darkest of tropical jungles. Machiavellian, he doesn’t hesitate to transgress the usual values of society in order to seize his chance and pursue his objectives successfully. With his charismatic qualities, many ambitious people don’t hesitate to use his (very well paid) services to accelerate the growth of their business. His unorthodox tactics and his sense of intrigue are often a sensation. Cunning and bold, the Monkey-Aries never seems short of energy. Nor is he one to quietly fade away for the benefit of another. Although last-minute pirouettes are part of his specialties, he generally prefers to remain clear and transparent in his way of acting and in his decision-making. However, he doesn’t fail to attract deep enmities and longing for vengeance of his opponents. During his youth, the Monkey-Aries doesn’t hesitate to change city or circle of friends for the sole purpose of getting closer to his dreams of conquests and glory or simply to get rid of material or psychological obstacles. On a sentimental level, the Monkey-Aries is charming, smooth talker and a very good lover. He understands perfectly the physical and emotional needs of his partner, but while he responds wonderfully to the first, he has more trouble filling the second. Because despite his impulses of sincerity, the Monkey-Aries remains superficial for all that isn’t in direct service of his ambition. Thus, the passional and fusional relations suit him all the better that they allow him to develop his ardor and his energy of conquest, at the expense of a family life for which he should instead learn to show self-abnegation, abandoning at the same time all or part of his dreams of glory and wealth.

Taurus Monkey

The Monkey-Taurus likes to enjoy life and its riches as long as his wallet allows it. Dinners, nights out, dream holidays, a brand new wardrobe, a beautiful car, are the type of purchases that reassure him in his daily life. The current balance of his bank account is directly correlated to his well-being. However, the characteristics of the solar sign of Taurus allow the Monkey to understand the limits between the reasonable and the excess. The playful and mischievous side of the Monkey-Taurus, which is a typical feature of the Monkey, is greatly appreciated by his many friends. He is not only funny, but he also knows how to listen and advise the people who come to him, without ever trying to compromise them. At work, the Monkey-Taurus is laid back and thoughtful. Pragmatic, he identifies his assets as well as his shortcomings. Thus, if he hasn’t been misguided during his school years or studies, he usually finds himself exercising a job that pleases him and allows him to exploit all his talents. Work being very important to him, the Monkey-Taurus assumes the fact of always giving priority to his interests, especially when they are financial. Similarly, if he happens to take all his time before making a decision, once fixed, it would take a miracle to make him change course. Moreover, the Monkey-Taurus scrupulously takes care to take the things that he believes are within his right to possess, which can lead to dead ends or unfortunate break-ups with his partners or collaborators. In love, the Monkey-Taurus approaches life like a real Don Juan. He multiplies his relationships in order, according to him, to take full advantage of the present moment and enjoy the vigor with which nature has endowed him. But as age comes, he becomes monogamous and watches over the possessions of his partner as if it were his own business, so that he or she has every interest in being rich to start with. Thus, although he won’t hesitate to draw on the wealth of his partner, he shall offer in return the many benefits of a colorful and imaginative love. Once he decides to commit to the long term, the Monkey-Taurus remains deeply attached to his couple. However, when the passionate effusions of the first years are gradually erased by the habits of everyday life, the Monkey-Taurus is sometimes tempted by ephemeral pleasures, if only to have the opportunity to put on again, the time a very quickly regretted night, the dusty clothes of his long disappeared youth.

Gemini Monkey

The Monkey-Gemini is incredibly intelligent, inventive and clever. He is actually able to achieve great feats. He loves life, travel and love conquests. He is full of ideas as interesting as they are avant-garde. Lively and agile, but also independent and reckless, the Monkey-Gemini does not get rid of a superficial side that he assumes without any shame. Insensitive to mockery as to flattery, he looks ahead to reach his objectives. Charming and epicurean in his social relations, he knows how to conduct his projects without asking anyone for help. His communication skills impress all the more because he is very quick at learning new languages. At work, the Monkey-Gemini also knows how to combine the formulation of his sentences with the modulation and tone of his voice in order to easily obtain the approval of his customers or colleagues. In addition, his projects and his ambition are so sparkling that he always has one or two surprises in store to finally convince his interlocutors. He is also able to accept many compromises the time he finally reaches his goal. Even against all odds, the Monkey-Gemini always finds innovative and iconoclastic solutions. However, the Monkey-Gemini remains inhabited by an unspeakable tension. He can suddenly become stressed or angry, risking in a moment to destroy everything he has built so far. Moreover, he isn't particularly apt for long-term efforts. Getting rich very quickly and to the surprise of all is more in his character. In parallel, the Monkey-Gemini takes great care of his appearance and won't hesitate to spend money to look younger than his age. His beauty and seductive power are an integral part of his recipe to achieve success. In love, the Monkey-Gemini loves to make surprises and expects the same degree of ingenuity from his partner. He is also able to leave if he feels dullness and loss of vital momentum in his companion. To live fully the present moment is a sine-qua-non condition of his existence. A possessive and traditional person will won't be able to stand him for very long. Eventually, even if he thinks otherwise, age and maturity fit him well.

Cancer Monkey

Though the Monkey-Cancer is receptive to others, he still retains the capricious nature of Cancer. Intelligent and strategist, he doesn't give his trust easily. He appreciates the comfort of his home, beauty, luxury and pretty presents. His home is a reflection of his social status. Also, the care given to the interior design and decoration of his living space is essential to his balance. From the kitchen to the bathroom, everything must be perfectly functional and comfortable. The Monkey-Cancer has the constant concern to be well equipped with state-of-the-art household appliances, just as he ensures that no object that he considers harmful remains under his roof. If he likes to collect works of art from all walks of life, he particularly enjoys alternative art. For the Monkey-Cancer, the choices of his art collection as his interior decoration are weapons with which he seduces or provokes his hosts. In his career, the Monkey-Cancer is good at managing money, his own as well as others'. Indeed, he knows perfectly how to grow his wealth. Laid back and thoughtful, he is an outstanding chess player. If he dreams of his past, it is to better project himself into the future, never to regret the present, just as his ability to analyze past events greatly helps him achieve his ambitious aspirations. Courageous but not reckless, the Monkey-Cancer is the type to check the proper functioning of his parachute before taking off. That is why, before any cooperation, he requires to have guarantees. If unfortunate situations make him feel uncomfortable, the Monkey-Cancer still manages to pull himself out of the game and return desperate situations in his favor. On a sentimental level, the Monkey-Cancer needs a loving and dedicated partner. His tendency to let himself be carried away and to compel his partner to take care of him all the time can cool down the most individualistic characters. Moreover, he doesn't hesitate to resort to the lie so as not to lose what he has. Still, when he has children, he becomes not only a responsible and loving parent, with the potential to become their best friend and support when they grow up.

Leo Monkey

The Monkey-Leo is passionate, curious, ambitious and intelligent. He is the most honest of Monkeys and the most clever of Leos. Friendly and petulant, the Monkey-Leo has good looks and exudes an undeniable natural charisma. Playful, he has an easy conversation, just as he appreciates good words and light-hearted conversations. The Monkey-Leo doesn't need any compliments to know his true value. The calendar of his social life is usually full and he is constantly watching that it remains. The Monkey-Leo tends to trust only his own judgments, taking advantage of his own charm and magnetism. Proud and refined, his taste for luxury and power has no limits. As an analyst of his environment, he is very interested in others, even searching their private life if it can bring him any benefit. Fortunately for him, his admirers are numerous and often ready to defend him when he is criticized for his lack of discretion. More than an intention to harm, the Monkey-Leo likes to be aware of everything and he doesn't appreciate being left out, especially if he can feel concerned. Moreover, the Monkey-Leo likes to be obeyed when he thinks it is in the interest of all, especially since he knows how to be generous to those who carry out his directives without complaining. Lucid, he doesn't hesitate to admit his faults and he appreciates constructive criticism. The fact is that his nature always comes back to its roots, as he can become arrogant if he feels provoked or even roar with discontent when an attack is too direct. Apart from these slight crosses, the Monkey-Leo remains a sympathetic and endearing being. At the professional level, he is a versatile and efficient worker. Thanks to his determination and creativity, the Monkey-Leo achieves his goals quite easily. He prefers to work independently so that he is accountable only to himself. For this reason, he is more inclined to start his own business than to give his time (and his genius) to a third party. On a sentimental level, the Monkey-Leo is deeply attached and loyal to his couple and his family.

Virgo Monkey

The Chinese sign of the Monkey attenuates the timidity of the solar sign of Virgo, while Virgo helps to make the Monkey more ethical. Endowed with a flawless practical and analytical sense, the Monkey-Virgo has an excellent memory. Driven by his secret ambition, the Monkey-Virgo advances step by step, without hurrying, in order to reach his goals more surely. Intelligent, creative and meticulous, he is one of the most traditional Monkeys and the most skilled of Virgos. Although the initial characteristics of the two signs have almost nothing in common, they do share a particular attraction for everything related to money. As a result, the Monkey is not only a good manager, but he is also able to save in anticipation of difficult days rather than spending lavishly just to enjoy the moment. Nevertheless, the humility and the reasonable and vain aspirations of Virgo are the breeding ground that allow the Monkey to satisfy his ambition and his ardent desires to possess precious goods that can flatter him in his self-esteem. However, the Monkey-Virgo regularly finds himself at odds with himself and he often feels misunderstood. In the grip of a constant tug between seriousness and lightness, restraint and exuberance, uprightness and casualness, the Monkey-Virgo is regularly in struggle with his contradictions, especially if the characters of the two signs are themselves reinforced by a specific education. Even if it turns out that in reality the image projected by the Monkey-Virgo is only a shell that hides real inner treasures, the placidity induced by Virgo helps with time to turn the Monkey wiser and more able to assume his choices, while allowing him to calm the agitation of his soul. Thus, the more the Monkey-Virgo gains in experience and maturity, the more he becomes able to accept himself better and find balance and inner peace. In love, the Monkey-Virgo is not one to spread the details of his romantic relationships in broad daylight. The sign of Virgo indeed allows him to smooth his appearance to let nothing show about his private life. But while Virgo brings about her this image of asceticism, especially in public, the leaping, hectic, original and tempestuous side of the Monkey is reserved for the private sphere. Thus, only the most intimate of his relatives can have the privilege to understand his weaknesses.

Libra Monkey

The Monkey-Libra is an open-minded, intelligent, friendly and talkative person. Resourceful and pragmatic, he doesn't easily back down from the challenges of everyday life. Very sociable, the Monkey-Libra likes to surround himself with many friends of all horizons. He exudes an intense aura, so that few people remain insensitive to his charm. He loves restaurants and breezy nights having fun with his closest friends. Laughter, relaxation, warmth and comfort can be enough for his social fulfillment, because he doesn't appreciate the loneliness that pushes him to face his own demons. The Monkey-Libra likes beauty and everything that has been designed with a minimum of aesthetic will. He likes to dress well and show that he has taste, but nonchalantly, because he isn’t that flashy either. Paying considerable sums to acquire luxury items seems quite natural to him. However, he always makes the distinction between the money from a commission where he has served as an intermediary of the one won from hard labor. Whenever he earns money without putting too much effort, spending it afterwards is for him the source of no guilt. Professionally, the Monkey-Libra is made to occupy important positions with the corresponding wages. The Monkey-Libra knows how to collect sensitive information from competitors, suppliers and employees without ever letting anything shine through. With his ability to analyze and his ingenuity, he is perfectly able to navigate to his advantage in the power corridors of his company, even and especially during crisis situations. Indeed, confronted with the fiercest of his opponents, the Monkey-Libra can turn the situation around with a disconcerting brio and great diplomatic ability. However, the Monkey-Libra remains a sentient being who always wants to believe that human beings have the will and the ability to progress for the better. Among Monkeys, he is the most altruistic because he often helps others without waiting or asking for compensation. He also knows how to give a second chance to those he believes deserve his kind attention. If he is fooled, he won't hesitate to take irreversible retaliation measures in case of repeated abuse of his kindness. In love, the Monkey-Libra needs a family and a partner he can count on. Romantic and mischievous, fidelity is natural and not a constraint for him. If he doesn't disdain revisiting old conquests in remembrance of their lost time together, it doesn't seek mean he shall get tempted to reopen the doors of a bygone past. A good responsible parent, he does his best to provide his children with a comfortable life and ensure they receive the best education.

Scorpio Monkey

The Monkey-Scorpio is a magnetic being, seductive and with a keen intelligence. Curious and social, he loves traveling, cooking, making new friends and discoveries. He is a perfectionist who analyzes everything in the blink of an eye and willingly communicates his opinion, even when you don't ask him. The Monkey-Scorpio keeps inside of him contradictory feelings that he has trouble confessing because doing a job of introspection is not his forte. Indeed, he considers that the expression of his feelings are necessarily a sign of weakness and even submission. The Monkey-Scorpio doesn't easily forgive others for their mistakes, just as it is hard for him to admit his own. One of his favorite games is to surprise and shock his entourage with a disregard for social convention. The attention that can be shown to him gives him pride and fear, because he is just as concerned with his ego as he is with his reputation. His indirect but effective way of always bringing everything back to him allows the most perceptive people to pin down his true character. On a professional level, the Monkey-Scorpio is extremely ambitious. He is a volunteer worker who never hesitates to shorten his sleeves. His practical sense and his ability for analysis are out of the ordinary and extremely effective. Able to find solutions to the most inextricable situations, he has the art to enter the most closed teams and become their key element. The Monkey-Scorpio is very good at using his talents just as anything out of the ordinary attracts him. But stress and the need for compromise at work regularly awaken in him his unfulfilled dreams of glory and brilliant success. On the sentimental level, if one's love is ardent and sincere, one must be careful in return not to disappoint him. Indeed, the Monkey-Scorpio is an expert of revenge, with a clear propensity that his compensation is disproportionate compared to the harm initially suffered. In this case, the Monkey-Scorpio laughs distractedly at the suffering and the damage he can inflict on this occasion. Moreover, the more he has lived an unhappy childhood, the less he will feel remorse for the scope of his actions. Usually sneaky when angry, the Monkey-Scorpio shall rather prefer to wait for the right moment before acting out. Finally, remember that even though the Monkey-Scorpio remains in the depths of his own self guided by noble and human feelings, he doesn't think twice before taking radical decisions if he feels deceived.

Sagittarius Monkey

The Monkey-Sagittarius is a lively and inquisitive person, willingly utopian but ambitious, who always sees the good side of things. Passionate about nature, he gets carried away easily for novelty as he is always very fond of new experiences. His soul and his body have a vital need to breathe, to change horizon, which explains why he sometimes has a hard time staying in place. The Monkey-Sagittarius loves to have fun, eat, drink and have a good time with friends. He also enjoys talking to strangers, always curious to discover life experiences different from his own. His social qualities, his skill and inventiveness, his curiosity about others and the universe that surrounds him, make the Monkey-Sagittarius extremely popular. However, in order for him to make the best use of his natural qualities, he needs a rich and solid education. Because as long as the Sagittarius-Monkey has no precise direction to go, he has a tendency to flee any physical constraint and to let his soul wander, accepting only very late any forms of responsibility. Otherwise, the Monkey-Sagittarius is surprisingly connected with reality and he struggles tenaciously to realize his ambitions, without, however, completely abandoning his casual and libertine tendencies. At work, the Monkey-Sagittarius doesn't like being forced, while when he wants something, he uses manipulation. By going through secret and covert ways, he discreetly obtains what he considers to be rightfully his own. In addition, his clear and lucid vision of events brings him the necessary discernment prior to any important undertaking. Very sociable, the Monkey-Sagittarius likes to network or animate business seminars. If he is always open to compromise and dialogue, it is best not to impose a task on him or to look down on him, at the risk of losing the valuable contribution he could have made to you. On the sentimental level, don't rely too much on him to be always on time at a gallant date. With the Monkey-Sagittarius, it is usually too early or too late. If he feels provoked he can become very aggressive, despite his serene and peaceful appearance. Still, anyone who wants to give him a chance in love won't be disappointed to see him become a very responsible parent, not counting his hours to educate his children at best.

Capricorn Monkey

The Monkey-Capricorn is a reliable, solid, insightful and resourceful person. Well rooted in reality, he has only one word. His ideas are as firm as his well-weighed opinions. Curious, like all Monkeys, the Monkey-Capricorn is naturally attracted to subjects of which he has no deep knowledge, just as he keeps a touch of malice in his attitude towards the world. However, the solar sign of Capricorn gives him a certain coldness and hesitation in front of anything that may pose a security risk. Certainly, he isn't the type to be enthusiastic about novelties, nor to be moved or have trouble for someone he is not close. For these reasons, the Monkey-Capricorn may, at first sight, seem boring or even devoid of emotions. On a professional level, the Monkey-Capricorn has a very ordered will, devoted to the service of his ambition. He knows exactly how to set the stage before embarking on a new adventure. He eliminates his doubts and worries by total dedication to his work, which allows him to go as far as his aspirations carry him. Able to teamwork, the Monkey-Capricorn always finishes the tasks entrusted to him. Inside his company, he always manages to provide a critical analysis of any type of novelty, with the ability to detect flaws and points for improvement. Clever and intelligent, emotions are secondary to him, while his material security takes precedence over everything else. In love, the Monkey-Capricorn is an eternal undecided. He can also live several simultaneous flirts or sentimental stories. That he doesn't look interested in his partner doesn't mean he's indifferent. But if he maintains a cold or even rigid attitude in his relationship, he risks missing important things. Thus, the Monkey-Capricorn is quite capable of focusing on a single defect and keep the focus on it, a source of regrettable disillusionment. Because most of his companions won't wait indefinitely for the opportunity to guess his true feelings. Despite his cold carapace, the Monkey-Capricorn retains a lush and fertile secret garden deep inside, just waiting to be cleared.

Aquarius Monkey

Clever, creative and friendly, the Monkey-Aquarius has a visionary spirit. Thanks to his flexible nature, always very curious of others, he manages, not without difficulties, to accommodate himself to the various situations and people he's confronted with. Rebellious and shameless in his bad hours, the Monkey-Aquarius forgives his excesses as easily as he sometimes imposes his desires on others. Sagacious and pleasant, he's always full of ideas. When he refuses to let go of his fertile imagination, he can exasperate his interlocutor by rigid positions which he doesn't necessarily believe. The Monkey-Aquarius, versatile by nature, can also change his mind at any time or not want to go to the end of his commitments. Nevertheless, he is in no way predisposed to greed. Little worried about the material value of things, his potential generosity still depends on what he can expect in return. Especially if it is a privilege that may interest him, the Monkey-Aquarius can cleverly act to be the first to benefit it. Professionally, the Monkey-Aquarius remains enamored of new discoveries and knowledge. In his youth, he is often tempted by the pursuit of an academic career. As agitated as he is original, he often lives upstream of his time. Deep down, he's an avant-garde. He can be at the source of important innovations, even in the most unlikely areas. His main fault is his propensity to not always go to the end of his projects, because his curiosity has already taken him elsewhere. His jovial but distracted nature, much more attracted by relaxation than perseverance doesn't improve things. By constantly wanting to re-design his future, the Monkey-Aquarius can neglect the construction of essential foundations that could allow him to access a comfortable life. With experience, the Monkey-Aquarius finally manages to fully exploit his potential, after having tasted the bitterness of the disappointments of his youth. He then invests an impressive energy in building his ambition, especially if he is motivated by deep or sentimental beliefs. His success depends on the size of his vision for his business. So in his life, the earlier the Monkey-Aquarius learns to cultivate perseverance (which is not natural to him) and to listen to wise counselors, the faster he becomes able to accomplish his professional ascension. In his romantic relationships, his attention to his partner, as well as his amorous impulses, are as impressive as they are distanced. As with other aspects of his life, the Monkey-Aquarius must first acquire sentimental maturity before being able to engage in a long-term relationship.

Pisces Monkey

The Monkey-Pisces is a dreamer, smart and intelligent, he knows perfectly how to hide his emotions. The association of the Chinese sign of the Monkey and the solar sign of the Pisces multiplies its charm. He literally enchants his interlocutors with his gentle and refined manners, which generally help him to easily climb the ladder of society. Somewhat affected by the syndrome of Peter Pan, the Monkey-Pisces refuses to grow. Sociable and friendly, he easily attracts the sympathy of his entourage, through his easy conversation and his natural talent to express his ideas with precision. His analytical and Cartesian spirit give him the ability to glimpse with clarity the flaws as well as the assets of his environment. Professionally, the Monkey-Pisces is serious, independent and invested in his work, with a tendency to complicate his life for nothing. However, his keen intelligence, his communication skills and his seduction allow him to take advantage of all the situations where he is put in difficulty. The Monkey-Pisces nevertheless needs to channel his creative potential in one direction at a time. His positions always surprise and sometimes annoy. However, his natural qualities allow him to take over the toughest and most calculating of his opponents with a disconcerting agility. The expression to have an iron fist in a velvet glove seems to have been thought for him. Depending on his chosen life, the Monkey-Pisces can become a talented artist or a formidable businessman or businesswoman. On a sentimental level, the Monkey-Pisces has a fickle heart and his passions never seems satiated. As a result, he is easily carried away by easy loves. His opponents actually don't hesitate when they can to use this flaw to confuse him. However, the fertile imagination of the Monkey-Pisces always allows him to be reborn from his ashes in the event of disillusionment. He can also be content to serve as a matchmaker in the sentimental intrigues of others for a long time before committing himself to a lasting union. Amusing, mischievous and curious, the Monkey-Pisces has a character that can't be discerned easily. It takes a keen eye to understand that his delicate and charming manners, which give him a smooth and harmless appearance, actually allow him to manipulate people as he pleases. The Pisces-Monkey, however, is not drawn to material possessions and tends towards spirituality. A true slave to his children, nothing reassures him more than their well-being, even if he regularly misses important moments by his repeated absences.

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