Pig: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐷 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig (Boar), twelfth animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 7 April 2018
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Pig

Funny, intelligent, curious and charming, the Pig-Aries has a sober nature and a character devoid of all artifice. Open to the world and extremely instinctive, he appreciates simple things, safe values and honest people. At the same time sincere and convivial, the Pig-Aries is more at ease with reality rather than with the wondrous dreams or imagination. Indeed, the Pig-Aries is endowed with a purely logical ability and is devoid of any attraction for the mysterious. His temperament is solid, decided and above all very energetic. This endearing character remains very attached to his comfort and his well-being. He loves just as much good company as good food. Sociable and deeply affable, the Pig-Aries doesn't appreciate that one could play his emotions. This is the reason why he usually demonstrates to people that he doesn't yet know a hard and willingly sarcastic facade, in order to conceal his own emotions. Still, he likes to help, advise and support people once he holds them in esteem. However, while spontaneous and engaging with those around him, he also hates people who lie to succeed or dishonest individuals who use manipulation to achieve their goal. Thus, if he is capable of reveal himself at times with an almost naive sincerity, he doesn't always conform to reason when he is in love with someone. And it is on this point that he is often fooled. On a professional level, the Pig-Aries is exemplary and a serious worker, completely devoted to his job. Partisan of punctuality and precision, he can excel in activities that require rigor and consistency. However, he is generally more comfortable in a liberal profession where he can decide his own schedule and career strategy. On the sentimental side, the Pig-Aries loves his partner more than himself. While not necessarily of absolute fidelity, he remains nevertheless responsible for his actions. When he is in love, he loves his partner so much that he is willing to sacrifice all his belongings with his eyes closed for the sole purpose of satisfying him / her. As a result, his natural goodness often attracts the least-desirable pretenders. Indeed, if the Pig-Aries has the capacity to become rich by dint of hard work and perseverance, it is better for his old age that he avoids becoming be the wallet of a spendthrift spouse. Generous, especially with his family, the Pig-Aries nevertheless becomes more careful about his expenses as he grows older, in order to preserve his material security.

Taurus Pig

Epicurean, reliable and of an accommodating temperament, the Pig-Taurus appreciates the pleasures of life and direct and simple human relations. He loves good food, good wine, not to mention carnal pleasures. The Pig-Taurus loves to receive his close friends at his home to offer them the lodging and the cover, just as he takes special care that the atmosphere is always happy and pleasant. Honest and friendly as long as his interests are preserved, he knows how to keep a secret as well as when to share useful tips. Affable and endowed with a great artistic sensibility, he appreciates aesthetics and refined atmospheres. Like the « bon vivant » that he is, the Pig-Taurus crunches life to the fullest so as not to miss a single crumb of its many pleasures. However, the Pig-Taurus may also be stubborn because of an excessive attachment to his ideals, so much so that it becomes impossible to change his mind about anything. Indeed, although he is the type to voluntarily help his friends when asked, he remains stubborn and impenetrable if he feels compelled to do or accept something against his will. Although he usually remains sociable and friendly, he doesn't hesitate to close the doors of his heart and therefore doesn't let himself be convinced or touched by the feelings of others when he has the slightest doubt about their sincerity. Because in reality, the Pig-Taurus as badly supports any imposed novelty and inconstancy that the arrangements or the modes of communication where he feels pushed to make concessions. Regarding his work, the Pig-Taurus is a constructive enthusiast who likes to combine work and leisure. He never does things half-way as long as he is somewhat motivated by the activity in question. He is a steady and determined worker who achieves success through his strength of character and his perseverance. Moreover, he is highly appreciated by his colleagues and his professional partners because of the address and the skill which he demonstrates on a daily basis and by his always practical and cooperative spirit. However, the Pig-Taurus is not one to move heaven and earth when he doesn't seem to have any solution to a sudden problem, because he is usually reluctant to make sustained efforts in times of stress. The Pig-Taurus remains in all circumstances a secretly anxious idealist who knows perfectly well when to wait for the right moment before taking a new initiative. In love, the Pig-Taurus is very generous and always willing to respond to the desires of his lover. Although he sometimes has difficulty expressing his emotions openly, he nevertheless bypasses this obstacle with vigorous and appreciated gestures of tenderness. However, the Pig-Taurus is very uncomfortable in remote relationships, because emotional loneliness horrifies him more than anything else and makes him irritable with everyone. Thus, if he is deprived of physical contact with his partner during a period too long for his taste, the Pig-Taurus will not hesitate to turn the page in order to find a new favorable ground to sensuality, even if it means that he shall only be satisfied with a pale copy of the true elect of his heart.

Gemini Pig

Friendly, curious, intelligent and tolerant, the Pig-Gemini always looks at life on the bright side. Honest but also ingenuous, the Pig-Gemini respects the laws and the social norms. Serene by nature, he appreciates temperate atmospheres while showing eclecticism in his tastes. The Pig-Gemini is eager for new knowledge, so he often has a passion for books and for art in general. He can also show a remarkable talent in learning foreign languages thanks to the influence of Gemini. Very sociable and always friendly, the Pig-Gemini is naturally diplomat in his approach to others. Unquestionably benevolent and understanding, he isn't one to attack or hurt others by easy mockery or downright criticism. Indeed, the Pig-Gemini prefers to moderate his words, which usually allows him to conduct his business with tact and subtlety. On the business side, however, he tends to lack the concentration needed to effectively perform specific and routine tasks. However, his ability to adapt, as well as his nature to change party or opinion without difficulty from the moment he is confronted with valid arguments make him very pleasant. In addition, his natural charm often allows him to be forgiven for his mistakes. Certainly, if he seems dazed at first, the Pig-Gemini actually has a logical and synthetic spirit. As a result, he is often successful in finding effective solutions to the problems he encounters in his work, which makes him valuable within his company. On the sentimental level, the Pig-Gemini prefers the frank and direct relations. He can also take time before deciding to start a family. Nevertheless, he generally prefers to have previously been able to taste different types of romantic relationships that will give him the opportunity to learn more about his own interpersonal skills. Indeed, if the Pig-Gemini is often lost in ephemeral or even experimental affairs, it is because of his deep need to discover himself. Thus, the fact of better understanding his desires and his limits, both affective and physiological, finally allows him to have the opportunity to offer his partner the best of himself. Still, the very idea of loneliness scares the Pig-Gemini more than anything. As a result, in case of forced isolation, the Pig-Gemini can indulge in total negligence and put his health at risk in a very worrying way.

Cancer Pig

Delicate, jovial, affectionate and epicurean at the same time, the Pig-Cancer cherishes above all the comfort of his daily life. The pleasure of the senses is even the central pillar of his existence. The most optimistic of Cancer and the most ambitious of Pigs, this swirling character has a visceral need for love and esteem from others. Ingenious but only in appearance, his simplicity and sincerity, combined with his natural elegance, form the harmonious foundations of his initial temperament. In addition, endowed with a natural generosity, the Pig-Cancer is accustomed to disinterested gestures. However, the Pig-Cancer also appreciates everything that comes out of the ordinary and he operates willingly by pulsion and according to his emotions. Moreover, novelty, richness and beauty attract him like a magnet. Indeed, in spite of his simplicity and the depth of his character, the Pig-Cancer is very attracted by the beautiful, costly and refined objects, made with beautiful materials. In parallel, the Pig-Cancer remains of a righteousness and benevolence which are quite remarkable. Highly sociable, he abhors quarrels and treason. At the same time, jealous people who try to pull him down or attack him on his weaknesses irritate him to the highest degree. If the Pig-Cancer respects what is right and deserved, he is unforgiving towards the uncompromising people who resort to abusive condemnation or manipulation as a way of life. On a professional level, the Pig-Cancer is gifted with the solid frame of the persevering worker. However, he aspires as far as possible to a brilliant success without having to provide too exhausting an effort in return. On the other hand, when he sets a goal for himself, he doesn't hesitate to use his creative talent to achieve it. Similarly, the Pig-Cancer always finds, thanks to his undeniable charm and sensuality, the necessary supports which allow him to climb quickly the social ladder. Success is largely within the reach of the Pig-Cancer provided that it doesn't allow himself to be devoured by the anxiety which is the dark side of his character. On the sentimental level, the Pig-Cancer is a passionate being. He loves to live lyrical and fusional love affairs, in which he can fully live his passion for romanticism, even if loyalty is not his strong point. The Pig-Cancer can also suffocate his partner involuntarily, because of his immense and permanent need of physical and emotional affection, as he always needs to be cajoled, courted or revered by those he loves. The Pig-Cancer knows how to give back, when it is necessary, all the love he was given. If, on the other hand, he doesn't receive enough attention from his spouse, he can enter dangerous depressive phases, often hidden, which shall gradually end up extinguishing his joie de vivre, which is nevertheless what he has best to offer to the people who love him.

Leo Pig

Funny, open to the world, communicative and confident, the Pig-Leo is a very nice companion. Like the majority of his fellow Pigs, he also enjoys good food, luxury, comfort and carnal pleasures. Bon vivant and confident about his future, the Pig-Leo holds the precious quality of always looking at life on the bright side. Of exemplary integrity, the profound nature of the Pig-Leo always leads him to the right appreciation and recognition of the rights and merits of each and everyone of us. However, whether it is an agreement or a conflict, the Pig-Leo often has a hard time preventing himself from being theatrical. He doesn't succeed in gauging his sincerity by purging it of all artifice, nor calming the passions of his interior whirls. On the other hand, thanks to the weight of the solar sign in this combination, the Pig-Leo is endowed with the spirit of a leader tinged with nobility. In addition, he masters the art of fighting against negativity and pessimism. On a daily basis, the Pig-Leo is inclined to demonstrate the way of optimism to others, while maintaining a presence and a magnificence of soul which, in addition to dazzle his entourage and to chase the gloom, have for vocation to bring joy and to serve as a source of hope for the most stubborn skeptics. Despite this, his impulses and his visceral spontaneity make it difficult for him to say no. He then embarks headlong into adventures of all kinds, to the detriment of his own interests, without really thinking or following the advice of a wiser person. On a professional level, he has a loyal and grateful approach towards his employer in the event that he occupies an employee position. His good mood and his temporary mood swings help to make him endearing. Proud and frank, the Pig-Leo has a sensitivity for the arts which he usually manages to express in one way or another in his profession. Although he doesn't achieve success quickly because of excessive temerity which paradoxically can slow him down, he nevertheless climbs the social ladder as he settles and get used to less spontaneous and more thoughtful behaviors. On a sentimental level, the Pig-Leo expresses his desires as his reproaches, in a direct and straightforward language. He hates complicated relationships and unpleasant surprises. In the event of conflict, he prefers to blush suddenly and move on to something other than to display discontent and lasting bitterness. Apart from that, the Pig-Leo tastes with delight all that can flatter his ego. Fretful and sensual, one can't say that he is known for his remarkable fidelity during his youth. But even though he often changes partners, he likes to keep a discreet and benevolent eye on his past conquests. The fact remains that the Pig-Leo intends to settle at one time or another of his life in order to establish a home for which he will devote himself fully. Of course, the more his partner is realistic and careful, scrupulously watching the interests of the Pig-Leo, the more he shall be able to achieve his dreams as a model and prosperous parent, impressing the neighborhood by the constancy and quality of the happiness he displays with his family.

Virgo Pig

Sober, intelligent, frank, responsible and faithful in his convictions, the Pig-Virgo impresses with the good number of appreciable qualities that he possesses. In this zodiacal combination, the Pig brings to Virgo, usually rigid, more flexibility and a spirit of tolerance, while Virgo gives back to the Pig, usually credulous, more plumb and clairvoyance. Moreover, few things have the ability to disturb the placidity of the Pig-Virgo, always surprisingly phlegmatic and relaxed at the same time. Rational and convivial, the Pig-Virgo is consequently of a balanced character, since the voluptuous and benevolent temperament of the Pig perfectly channels the rigorous and circumspect character of Virgo. On the other hand, the kind and sociable facade of the Pig-Virgo, although always sincere, also serves as a detector of hypocritical behavior. The Pig-Virgo, who attaches enormous importance to reliability, looks for these values n his social environment in order to feel well surrounded and know what to do in case of danger. Thus, he or she who was born under the combination of these two astrological signs is less inclined to grant credit to the first comer, compared to the usual credulity of his fellow Pigs. As a result, it allows him to avoid incalculable errors or befriend the wrong people. Thus the Pig-Virgo, thanks to the protection of his alert and critical mind, holds, in addition to a clear and scrupulous sense of fairness, an infallible elephant memory. Professionally, the Pig-Virgo is conscientious and serious in the missions entrusted to him. His analytical mind allows him to excel in administrative and accounting tasks. However, regardless of the field in which he works, the Pig-Virgo has a measured ambition, because cautious as he is, he always takes the time to measure the strength and the means he must deploy before committing to a project. In addition, he gives more importance to the quality and sustainability of things than in their quantity. In fact, the Pig-Virgo, who is also fundamentally perfectionist, can refuse certain important commitments simply because he is afraid of having to make mistakes later on as a consequence. Despite all this, when he is a director or manager in a company, he is perfectly capable of setting up a precise and well-organized work organization in order to always obtain the most efficient profitability. In love, the Pig-Virgo is deeply considerate and almost blindly faithful to his partner. However, he is not very comfortable with romanticism. The Pig-Virgo dislikes as much petty behaviors and excessive fragility. While it is true that the Pig-Virgo greatly appreciates the pleasure of the senses, he is not ready to give up his principles for anything and everything. Love, like a work contract, must always be part of a well thought out and well-framed schedule, leaving little room for chance and passion. Still, a Pig-Virgo, when in a serious relationship in which he feels loved and respected, always ensures in return to his partner a life secured by his infallible loyalty and a much appreciable material comfort.

Libra Pig

Good-natured and of a naturally calm temperament, the Pig-Libra looks at life on the bright side like most of his fellow Pigs. Thanks to the influence of the two astrological signs, the Pig-Libra is both an artist at heart and a lover of nature. He has a good sense of beauty and aesthetics just as he values everything that can tickle his creative impulses. His house, his interior and the place occupied by his objects are very important to him. Always benevolent towards the weak, the Pig-Libra aspires more than anything for peace, serenity and prosperity. Arguments, oppositions, tugging or jealousy exhaust him and he would rather opt for solitude rather than this kind of inconvenience. Although he proudly gives integrity and important role in his life, he is also not the type to go to war for social or humanitarian causes that don't concern him directly. The Pig-Libra prefers to give prevalence to the quality of his relations with his loved ones and remain open to compromise before any uncontrollable hostilities ever started. On the professional side, his artistic instinct, combined with his ability to withstand fatigue and psychological difficulties make him a skilled and productive worker. Moreover, the Pig-Libra is not one to display his ambitions in the daylight. Being reluctant in front of difficult tasks is also not his style either. The Pig-Libra is more of the kind to build in toil and silence to achieve brilliant results. The only dark point lies in his dignity, which makes him very uncomfortable in the face of disloyalty. At this level, no inequitable and arbitrary hierarchy shall be able to suit a Pig-Libra for too long, in spite of all the clemency and magnanimity that can inhabit him. On an emotional level, the Pig-Libra is first and foremost a great believer in Love. But he needs a clear and transparent relationship, built on the trust and reciprocity of each other's feelings, without which he can not find inner peace or fully express his sensuality. The Pig-Libra, very sensitive, gives great importance to tenderness and sincerity, which he doesn't hesitate to manifest spontaneously. Once convinced of the love of his partner, the generosity of the Pig-Libra doesn't really have limits. He takes great pleasure in covering his lover with gifts and all sorts of treats. However, let's remember that a wealthy, unmarried and aging Pig-Libra must also remain vigilant, as he may be in the line of sight of the most skilled diamond diggers or Casanovas. Unfortunately, in this zodiacal configuration, the Pig-Libra is often the ideal prey of profiteers of all kinds, who in general don't hesitate to play with his dreams of family and happiness for the sole purpose of grabbing his property.

Scorpio Pig

With his passionate and immoderate love for life, the Pig-Scorpio denotes by the sensual and magnetic power he releases. Endowed with a subtle charm, this torrid and ardent character always shows his feelings, whatever they may be. Power and high summits attract and impress him like a magnet. The Pig-Scorpio memorizes everything in order to claim one day what one owes him as he never forgets unfulfilled promises. However, he remains generous in nature just as he holds to his independence, only because he lives in extremes and in permanent contradiction, between his desires and responsibilities. In reality, as much the master as the slave of his own impulses, he doesn't know any half-measure. Sociable and friendly with others, the Pig-Scorpio also tends to impose desires on others at the risk of being the subject of unexpected reproaches. Fortunately, this doesn't prevent him from being open and generous with his friends when necessary. Moreover, with a strong mental shell and an exemplary clairvoyance, the Pig-Scorpio doesn't shy away from the difficulty and remains much less credulous than his fellow Pigs. On the professional side, the Pig-Scorpio desires so much to succeed in life that he doesn't always distinguish between a company that works by the rules and one that doesn't hesitate to make some arrangements with the law. This can get him into trouble if he doesn't manage to get out of the water in time once he got bogged down. That being said, his determination makes him very popular with people who share his aspirations. In the same way, to come out victorious of the tests which it meets in his job, the Pig-Scorpio always gives precedence to dialogue and compromise rather than getting dragged into an open war. However, his openness to mutual concessions doesn't mean that he places collective interests ahead of his own. Indeed, just as he is able to be aggressive and vindictive when his property is threatened, the Pig-Scorpio remains profoundly individualistic on a professional level. From a sentimental point of view, the Pig-Scorpio is a being with a penetrating temperament, tortured and always eager for pleasure. He needs a sensual and lucid partner who can not only bring him the emotional stability he so lacks, but also give him the happy family of his dreams, in which he feels soothed and at peace. If he finds out he's been deceived or betrayed, then the destructive impulses of Scorpio, though channeled by the benevolence of the Pig, can hardly be contained for too long.

Sagittarius Pig

With a frank, happy and somewhat loquacious temperament, the Pig-Sagittarius is a good Samaritan with a noble spirit. In this astrological combination, the Pig works by impulse because of the influence of Sagittarius, while the latter becomes more decisive in his commitments thanks to the action of the Pig. Of a sociable nature, the Pig-Sagittarius is deeply invested in his friendly relations. Attentive and deeply human, he makes sustained efforts to make himself useful in his social circle, sometimes even a little too much. Indeed, with him passion can often exceed reason. That is why he can also surprise by his frank or even offensive remarks. But rather than an attack, it is usually only the need for him to express his true instinctive nature. Because Pig-Sagittarius loves life for what the good it has to offer. But in parallel, this bright and inflamed character is also of a disconcerting naivety. Although he prefers by far relations that stay simple and devoid of hypocrisy, he tends to open his door to everyone without pre-selection nor worrying about the possibly negative results of these new intrusions. Indeed, the positive energy and the availability of the Pig-Sagittarius have the unfortunate consequence of attracting to him all kinds of toxic character and energy devourers. In the end, his altruistic and reconciling nature, always willing to give an umpteenth chance to those who disappointed him one day, often leads him to reconsider bitterly his decisions, if he hasn't already been emptied of all his inner vitality. Regarding his work, the Pig-Sagittarius has a regular and steady pace. He can excel in trades that require as much manual as mental skill, as long as he practices them with envy and passion. Moreover, very appreciated by his colleagues, he rarely refuses to help them when they ask him. On the other hand, a rich socio-professional life and a real financial independence is essential to his psychic well-being. It is only in the opposite case that the Pig-Sagittarius can turn into a bitter and disordered person. From a sentimental point of view, he remains like all Pigs highly sensual and like all Sagittarius profoundly idealistic, even if these two aspirations are often difficult to conjugate. If his usual good luck smiles at him, the Pig-Sagittarius will be secretly fulfilled. He shall then give the best of himself to satisfy the needs of those he loves. But if his sensual needs are contained or poorly channeled, he can become brutal and unsightly. In a non-compatible union, the Pig-Sagittarius takes refuge in a cold and passive behavior that leaves little room for hope. Still, even behind this slightly glazing facade, the Pig-Sagittarius can't help but still maintain a tender and humble heart. When he has children, they don't fail to appreciate him to his true value.

Capricorn Pig

The Pig and Capricorn are two astrological signs that each influence or control the main characteristic of the other. In this zodiacal combination, Capricorn gains flexibility and sensuality while the Pig becomes more visionary and more conservative. Usually little talkative and benevolent, the Pig-Capricorn remains very attached to his principles. Realistic but also confident, the Pig-Capricorn keeps his feet firmly anchored to the ground. Slightly authoritarian, he likes to give orders and that one applies his requirements. The Pig-Capricorn is master of his destiny and perseveres thanks to his capacity to be constant and regular. Only sudden changes bother him more than anything else. However, even though the novelties usually plunge him into a phase of circumspection, he usually remains tolerant and open-minded because he also needs to feed his thirst for knowledge that allows him to better understand the complexity of life. In fact, just as in his life the Pig-Capricorn gives a central place to financial and material comfort, he also recognizes the importance and necessity of always preserving a philosophical and spiritual approach in almost all areas of existence. Regarding his work, the Pig-Capricorn is a precise and invested worker. Whatever the professional sector in which he evolves, his strength and determination make his profile very attractive. In a company, he often manages to be entrusted with important tasks thanks to his profound conscientiousness and his cautious sagacity. Working overtime doesn't bother him that much as long as he feels in return that his living standard can improve and that his work get recognized. Very clever, he can face many difficult situations and come out victorious without any real collateral damage. For the rest, the Pig-Capricorn always retains inside of him the moral drive needed to fulfill a duty or take part in actions useful and beneficial to the community. Undoubtedly ethical in many ways, he is uncompromising with the others whenever it concerns obligations and responsibilities. It isn't him that one will tax of laxity or fantasy. However, despite his numerous and appreciable qualities, the Pig-Capricorn is paradoxically more effective in solitary work than associated with a team. In love, the Pig-Capricorn usually tends to postpone the impulses that call to the satisfaction of his intimate desires. He can also quickly lose interest in a subject or a person without anyone realizing it. Thus, like his professional relationships, he is able to stay at bay from people who use their charms or their beauty as a springboard of power in their career or in their love choices. But in the case where he is in a happy romance and feels secure about the reciprocity of his feelings, he is capable of a blind devotion towards his beloved and to sacrifice himself entirely to his / her happiness. Still, endowed with a punctilious and scrupulous mind while remaining sentimental, the Pig-Capricorn brings together the qualities that necessarily push him to find happiness sooner or later, without getting lost on the way on the winding and uncertain path of ephemeral or superficial pleasures.

Aquarius Pig

In this astrological combination, Aquarius controls and manages the voluptuous temperament of the Pig quite well, while the Pig fortifies Aquarius by making him fit to cash the hard knocks. The result is a loyal, firm, generous and internally agitated character. The Pig-Aquarius first appreciates life for the happiness it can offer. He hates any form of war or confrontation and is always predisposed to forgiving fairly easily. Alternately excessive or completely neutral, the Pig-Aquarius remains of a vertiginous spontaneity because he always follows his instinct. Confident as he is, the Pig-Aquarius doesn't hesitate to express his thoughts and feelings with frankness. He is certainly talkative and friendly, but he is not the type to act or start relationships by interest. Solid and innocent, some would say naive, the Pig-Aquarius voluntarily brings his help to those who ask him. However, because of his natural goodness and his overconfidence, some see him as a potential source of energy in which they can draw happily. Manipulators of all kinds and toxic energy eaters can make him their favorite target. Fortunately, in spite of an apparent carelessness in his social relations, the Pig-Aquarius is also endowed with the curious mind of the great geniuses, which allows him to awaken his mistrust opportunely by fine and analytical observations. In addition, thanks to his great friend luck and his cyclical side, the Pig-Aquarius usually ends up getting rid of the occasional sucking blood parasites, without any remorse or regret. Professionally, the Pig-Aquarius is a good worker, committed and available to his colleagues. Dynamic and creative, he appreciates the progress and novelty which he manages to fully integrate in his working process. Social and able to work in a team, the Pig-Aquarius expresses his opinions and his vision of things with tact and flexibility. These qualities, in addition to his efficiency at work, often lead him to be noticed quickly enough by his hierarchy. A Pig-Aquarius can achieve success without too much difficulty if he manages to be a little more discreet and use innovation when it is really worth it. In love, the Pig-Aquarius is of a sweet and loving nature. But the type of relationship he offers isn't necessarily suitable for those who seek the passional flames of sentimental bonds. The usual behavior of the Pig-Aquarius may actually seem slightly tasteless or cold, while in reality he is deeply caring and attached to his partner. On the other hand, the Pig-Aquarius can surprise with the passing years and change radically of love politics, because he is shaped by what he deduces from his experiments. He eventually succeeds in demonstrating his true value. In the meantime, he won't have too much trouble finding a partner, because the originality of his character and the stimulating power of his vital energy regularly attract pretenders, such as honey with flies.

Pisces Pig

Regarding the Pig-Pisces, the temperament of the Western zodiac sign of Pisces brings more intuition to the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig, while the latter gains strength. Of a balanced and lucky nature, a great epicurean, the Pig-Pisces evolves in his own world. Posed and stable, he is more of a homebody than a vagabond. Dynamic, optimistic and very sentimental, the Pig-Pisces places great importance on mental well-being. That's why he loves his house, his plants and his valuables. The Pig-Pisces, deeply attached to his material comfort is even ready to ignore certain social conventions for the sole satisfaction of preserving his primary needs. Moreover, the devotion of the Pig-Pisces to his loved ones is very great. He usually has a broad social circle. Besides that, the Pig-Pisces is deeply intuitive thanks to the contribution of his solar sign. A pacifist and a fine psychologist, he attaches great importance to sharing and dialogue. The Pig-Pisces has a hidden talent that serves as much to detect valiant spirits as those in distress. Thus, his ability to recognize the unique and exceptional value of each one gives him the will to form friendly ties with people from all walks of life. However, the Pig-Pisces doesn't know how to sort his friends, so he has no equal to organize parties with people who hate each other openly. In addition, he has the annoying tendency to be a little too generous with everyone. Endowed with a dignified spirit and a subtle elegance, his predisposition to always want to help others also become a potential source of trouble. Indeed, the Pig-Pisces is regularly abused by unscrupulous people who enjoy his kindness. Fortunately, he often falls back on his paws without too much damage thanks to his social circle which serves him protection against the many setbacks that his naivety can cause. Be that as it may, the intelligent and clever Pig-Pisces always knows how to find effective solutions to the most difficult problems. It is the same from a professional point of view; the Pig-Pisces helps and supports his colleagues far more than he cares about his own personal interests. Nevertheless, he manages to sneak up and be in the right place at the right time, since his availability and his sociability allow him in general to hold the most useful information. On the other hand, when he decides to attack and in case of force majeure, nothing can stop him. His good energy, combined with his speed, often give him a prestigious place in his company. Moreover, as he knows how to have fun as much as when to put himself aside when it is necessary, he is unquestionably a model employee. A Pig-Pisces determined to patiently climb the ladder of his career has no trouble achieving his goals as long as the support that was initially intended for him doesn't get stolen away from him. On a sentimental level, the Pig-Pisces lacks the endurance needed for tasteless love stories or affairs whose future is uncertain. If he is obliged to undergo an unstable love relationship, he won't hesitate to break up and to consequently lock himself permanently in his inner world. He can also indulge in artificial paradises to disguise a reality that no longer suits him. Yet, over the years, the Pig-Pisces eventually gives priority to his search for serenity, prosperity and marital happiness. A Pig-Pisces having found his alter-ego will have no trouble to build a very happy family, since he can finally express all the qualities that make him a man or a woman with a golden heart.

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