Dog: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐶 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog, eleventh animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 8 March 2018
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Dog

In dual astrology, the Dog-Aries is dynamic, idealistic and always ready to serve others. The pessimism of the Dog is diminished by the joy of life of Aries, while the ardor of the latter is mitigated by the prudence of the Dog. With his feet firmly anchored on the ground, the Dog-Aries is always able to analyze his environment with relevance. As direct as he is concerned with the psychological well-being of his interlocutors, the Dog-Aries, in addition to having confidence in his own abilities, is also deeply generous and unfailingly honest. Especially when convinced by an idea or carried by an ideal, he is able to demonstrate remarkable will and dedication. Indeed, endowed with a spirit of sacrifice, the Dog-Aries doesn't hesitate to devote his time and energy to a cause or an ideology in which he believes. In reality, his righteousness and lucidity constitute the true foundation of his profound nature. Because deep inside him, the Dog-Aries aspires much more to a sentimental and spiritual fulfillment than to the accumulation of vulgar material possessions. Indeed, disinterested by nature, the Dog-Aries is not the type to enter into endless suffering when faced with material or financial failure. On the contrary, his pragmatic approach to the flaws of existence always allows him to find a solution to his problems, provided he has exemplary discipline in the daily management of his time. Thus his unsuspected robustness, mingled with a positive philosophy of life allow the Dog-Aries to acquire not only wisdom over the years, but also to possess the power to preserve the happiness he acquired over time. It is the same on the sentimental level, because the Dog-Aries testifies a lot of attachment and fidelity towards his affective relations. He is the kind to always forgive his loved one without ever being carried away in a vindictive rancor in case of disappointment. However, his sense of devotion can also encourage him to stay in a relationship with someone who doesn't necessarily deserve it. A Dog-Aries can take years to realize a love error and suddenly wake up to his emotional suffering, masked until then by the weight of responsibilities. Ideally, the Aries Dog is happier if he can partner with someone with whom he can cultivate the precious happiness of the simple things of life.

Taurus Dog

Affectionate, good-natured, generous and slightly materialistic, the Dog-Taurus is a being who appreciates and values simplicity. Righteousness and openness are very important to him. Animated and full of ardor, he is a relaxed character inhabited by deep natural joy. The Dog-Taurus listens, looks and acts always with attention and kindness for others. He is very faithful and very invested in his friendly relations. Kind and careful, he has the quality of people who know how to wait before taking action. He is absolutely not the type to seek a show of strength or to create conflicts. The Dog-Taurus is a sincere and peaceful person who yearns for peace. However, when it comes to defending the people he holds in esteem or the moral principles to which he adheres, he doesn't hesitate to sacrifice his own interests if he has no other choice. In addition, the Dog-Taurus can't stand shenanigans and manipulation. In case of opposition, he first seeks to calm the game by playing the card of compromise. But if he is cornered or pushed to the limit, the Dog-Taurus can then enter into formidable anger. Thank God, his nature isn't resentful and he forgives quite easily. Professionally, he is often appreciated for his loyalty and his ability to analyze his environment. He has a practical mind and he often comes up with effective solutions for the majority of the problems he faces. However, he also has an unfortunate tendency to get his ideas stolen by unscrupulous colleagues. Fortunately, as he is as intelligent as enduring, the Dog-Taurus always builds his life according to a predetermined long term plan. Gifted for organization, he always ends up being heard and winning his case. When love is concerned, it is not uncommon to note that the Dog-Taurus is actually quite jealous and possessive with his conquests. He often has trouble expressing his love because he lacks skill in this area. In addition, he has an almost unlimited need for tenderness because he remains deeply sentimental in nature. Therefore, he isn't prepared to fight against potential amorous setbacks or to resist an unstable affective life. Indeed, in case of sentimental disillusionment or long loneliness, the Dog-Taurus can lose years getting devoured by remorse and sorrow. Still, his sincere and benevolent nature often allows him to achieve marital happiness, provided that his partner isn't too keen on blaming him for sometimes neglecting his marital duties.

Gemini Dog

The Dog-Gemini has a naturally altruistic, caring and generous temperament. However, he finds it more useful to give his help first and foremost to people who are like him. Whether on the occasion of a purely disinterested act or in the expectation of a counterpart, he always takes care to treat his work and his relations with a direct and straightforward frankness. The Dog-Gemini is gifted with a lively and agile mind. Dramatic, spectacular and a good speaker, he has the potential to excel both in the performing arts (theater, cinema) and politics. However, he unconsciously conveys the feeling of a person who has a vital need to be approved. Although the Dog-Gemini greatly appreciates communication and the discovery of new knowledge, he is always more comfortable in private meetings with only a few people than facing a group of strangers, who are by definition unpredictable. Continually torn by his own doubts about the nebulous vision of his future and his underlying existential anxiety, the Dog-Gemini is of a hesitant and changing nature (thanks to Gemini), which makes the mood of this Dog unstable, like a roller coaster in perpetual rise and descent. Thus, one day the Dog-Gemini can be full of enthusiasm and liveliness while the next day he can let himself sink into the darkest gloom. Therefore, in order to dispel his perpetual fear of the future, the Dog-Gemini tends  in his daily life to give more space than necessary for the light and futile things, which allows him to find some temporary quietude. In the professional field, the Dog-Gemini generally observes a rule of constant and even strict conduct in certain respects. In his eyes, professional success can only be conceived by passing through solid prior training, which is why he attaches great importance to school and university studies. Always well organized in his activities, he is able to juggle between different tasks without getting tangled because his versatility helps to make him talented. Cooperative, he loves to offer his help to unravel complicated situations. Nevertheless, his penchant for often taking responsibility for causes that don't directly concern him sometimes makes him loose sight of his own interests. Anyway, the Dog-Gemini likes the serene and serious atmospheres where the respect and the efficiency can dominate all the aspects of the professional daily life. It is only in case of deviation from this rule that the Dog-Gemini can be particularly irascible. Indeed, in a moment his piques of biting irony or the tone of his pungent remarks can multiply and get further accentuated by murderous remarks. For if he remains a good pupil of the established order, the Dog-Gemini is also master in the art of shooting poisoned arrows at those who would have made the mistake of playing with him. On a sentimental level, the Dog-Gemini is very faithful with his partner, as long as their complicity remains intact. A great parent, he is ready for many sacrifices for the well being of his family. A relationship can not be serious without depth and investment. Two things he can hardly forget, let alone forgive from others: lies and treason.

Cancer Dog

Elegant, refined and patient, the Dog-Cancer is a charming and sensitive being. Quiet, always a deep thinker and rather introverted, he only lets his true feelings show through to those he holds in real esteem. At once delicate and refined, he has a certain taste and knows how to recognize beauty and purity in the simplest things. But despite these appreciable qualities, the Dog-Cancer has the mania to always hide his true feelings under a rough shell. He may seem uninterested in his environment and even willingly leave the image of a person indifferent to the ills of others. Yet, in reality no one is better placed than him to feel and share the sufferings of his fellows. Able to feel deep emotions under his rigid social mask, the Dog-Cancer has deep inside of him a soft temperament and a delicately affectionate personality. Professionally, the Dog Cancer is persevering, loyal in his work, always ready to help his colleagues and comrades. He earns the trust of his coworkers and partners thanks to his reliability and the quality of his personal investment. Nevertheless, without necessarily being a workaholic, the Dog-Cancer is as demanding for himself as with the people with whom he is teamed. Versatile, changeable but always honest, he keeps a sharp tongue and a sense of repartee on every occasion. At times willingly pedantic, he is naturally inclined to self-satisfaction. If he is in a bad mood or upset, he attacks without flinching and may even decide to bite by incisive and ironic remarks, with the sole purpose of convincing himself of his own detachment and his just appreciation of things. Sentimentally, the Dog-Cancer remains an eternal romantic. Also, when he appreciates a person for his / her values, his love has no limits. His only dark point is that if he loved someone in the past, he will always find it hard to forget him / her completely. Passionately nostalgic, he indeed tends to collect indefinitely the memories of his past. Thus, the Dog-Cancer has an unfortunate tendency to give far too much importance to the past and to neglect the present. Moreover, he keeps his negative memories more lively than the good ones, at the risk of accumulating in him a lot of secrets and regrets that he can never get rid of. It is only with the presence of a large and loving family that the Dog-Cancer feels completely reassured and that he can gradually get rid of the chains of his history to devote with joy to the well-being of his offspring.

Leo Dog

Confident and joyful, the Dog-Leo has his heart on his hand. Friendly, affable and rather fascinating, he is inhabited by noble feelings that lead him to disinterestedness and dedication. One might willingly consider him to be the most modest of the natives of the sign of Leo and the noblest of Dogs. Due to his laid-down and Cartesian spirit, the Dog-Leo has a very developed sense of ethics. Always on his guard because he remains a realist above all, his vision is often the fairest and most impartial, because the Dog-Leo understands more than anyone the true value of things. A great friend or partner for those who know how to appreciate him for his righteousness, the Dog-Leo always wants to make himself useful. Charming and altruistic, he doesn't hesitate to offer his help when he deems it necessary, even if in fact he relies only on his own abilities to advance in life. Also, the backbone of his character naturally attracts the trust of others, especially in the professional field. As sober as he is solemn, he is ready to give up his profits or interests for the sole purpose of preserving his moral dignity or his social integrity. Moreover, it is with joy that he willingly accepts to support the collective causes for which he is sometimes sought. His craze for great causes is such that if he feels sidelined or his help is denied, he can develop a strong grudge against the person who declined his proposal. Uncontrollable, cunning and uninhibited strategies horrify the Dog-Leo, so much so that he shall always prefers honesty and sincerity, even if his interests are lessened as a consequence. In any case, he needs to have a clear conscience to sleep better at night, just as he is allergic to any sort of injustice and abuse he may be confronted with. Faced with lies and pretense, he often loses his means and struggles to find a parade devoid of any aggressiveness. Thus, when he feels betrayed or humiliated, the Dog-Leo can become violent and put aside all his legendary nobility in order to repair by force if necessary the affront he has suffered. Whether directly targeted or not, the Dog-Leo never tolerates mockery or gratuitous humiliation. In love, the Dog-Leo longs for a life without pretension, serene and balanced. With his voluptuous and sensual temperament, he also feels the need to demonstrate his greatness of soul to his partner. In parallel, he can not imagine to have an ordinary existence, in spite of rather classical tastes. Yet it is only through the originality of his emotional life that he will agree to give his love life a valid reason for it to occupy the first place in his daily life.

Virgo Dog

Intelligent, reserved, impartial and constant in all that he undertakes, the Dog-Virgo has a taste for research and studies. Very selfless, he understands and shares the suffering of others and is convinced of the need to always associate his actions with moral values. Traditionalist, the Dog-Virgo always conforms to norms and uses. He is profoundly spiritual, yet he doesn't have a ready-made idea of he world, just as he is always careful to measure the consequences of his actions. However, if the Dog-Virgo doesn't shine by his natural charm, sensuality not being his main trait, he gains however the esteem of his entourage thanks to his sense of devotion and his unchangeable loyalty towards his loved ones. On a professional level, the Dog-Virgo shows skill in his work thanks to a know-how developed patiently over the years in various disciplines which complementarity he exploits aptly. On the other hand, he doesn't like disorder or a hectic environment which can break his concentration and focus. Indeed, in spite of an often neutral facade, the Dog-Virgo’s soul is deeply anxious and vulnerable to any external agitation, in spite of his logical and pragmatic spirit. However, the Dog-Virgo is often torn by an anguish soaked in the depths of his soul and that he can not pin down. In addition, he often shows a disabling handicap when it comes to expressing his tenderness for those he loves, because of an unfortunate tendency to devalue himself. Always alert, not only his excessive shyness can play him regular tricks, but also his mania to see danger everywhere and which prevent him from enjoying life with serenity. To sum up, his attitude of eternal fearfulness and excessive modesty have the consequence of making him miss professional career opportunities, but also of portraying him as a fragile or even naive person, or at least difficult to understand. In love, the Dog-Virgo is also helpless in the face of the barely masked opportunism that he can be confronted with during his romantic rendezvous. In his youth, he is often fooled by the false feelings of partners who detect in him an easy prey whose wallet begs to be emptied. Much too humble and too kind, he needs a partner who reassures him and truthfully cares for his interests, while breaking the lack of personal love that he cultivates secretly. It is only in these conditions that the Dog-Virgo can finally come to understand and accept the even modest joys and sources of fulfillment and happiness that life can reserve for him.

Libra Dog

Secretly hesitating while showing self-confidence when expressing himself, the uprightness of his feelings and elegance are indispensable characteristics of the balanced Dog-Libra. Capable of easy-going and always accommodating relations, he doesn't like arguments or tensions. Treason, hypocrisy and injustice horrify him more than anything. The Dog-Libra also has an intense need for love and esteem for others. He loves to communicate, share, and live his experiences with the people he feels good with. Solitude makes him unhappy and depressed. This is the reason why he is often very kind and helpful with others. However, his heart is so full of delicate attentions that he doesn't really know how to say no to requests of all kinds as long as they are wrapped in sweet words or sorrow peculiar to the experiences of a painful life. In addition to his altruism and sociability, the Dog-Libra has a sense of innate tact. He masters the art of appeasement and avoidance of conflicts. Indeed, he has in him the quality which makes it possible to appreciate intuitively what it is necessary to say or when on the contrary it is better to abstain. At times, he prefers to sacrifice his own interests instead of taking the risk of being the source of a confrontation. His company is highly sought after because of his delicacy, which undoubtedly contributes to his irresistible charm. On a professional level, the Dog-Libra thinks that work should not occupy a predominant central place in his life. If he is not the type to be reluctant to do a job, his lack of ambition to climb the social ladder through work often leads him to occupy the same job for many years without being particularly bothered by this situation. In love, the Dog-Libra is always willing to share the desires and happiness of his partner on the condition that one does not lie to him. Indeed, as one could blame him for a lack of independence and too much malleability, it is that in the depths of himself, he always fears to be deceived or abandoned. This is why he often prefers not to bond with his partner in an official way until he is really convinced of the perfect reciprocity of their love. Moreover, knowing that he is potentially inclined to become the target of dishonest maneuvers, he never forgives people who dared to abuse his open-mindedness. On this last point, he is able to erase from his life any manipulative presence without hesitation and regret. Still, when he is in a sincere and balanced relationship he is a wonderful parent or partner who remains loyal and dedicated to his family until the end of his life.

Scorpio Dog

In the Dog-Scorpio combination, we can observe on one side the most honest and energetic Scorpio and on the other the most irascible and fearless of Dogs. Skeptical and agitated at the same time, the Dog-Scorpio has a sense of ownership. Less generous than other Dogs, he still knows how to recognize merit and has a sense of duty. Also, like any self-respecting Scorpio, he only has one word. Beside this, the Dog-Scorpio often acts in a non-cautious way, with roughness and surprise. Only too rarely showing his sensitivity, he is not very talkative either. He prefers to speak little and always communicate the essence of his thought without coating it with artifice. Given that he is also very uncomfortable in social circles because of their assumed superficial dimension, the Dog-Scorpio prefers by far the simple and sincere relations to those which remain above all ostentatious and artificial. Moreover, very sensitive to any lack of respect or aggressive behavior, the Dog-Scorpio doesn't support that one tramples his principles. He doesn't like defeat which he associates with humiliation. In fact, he often loses his means in the face of gratuitous provocation, so much so that he doesn't hesitate to wage fierce struggles solely to assert his ideals, like a fighter armed with arrows drenched in the acid poison of his bitterness. On a professional level, the Dog-Scorpio prefers calm atmospheres without external disturbance, which can offer him a peaceful comfort and an optimal concentration. Formally determined when it comes to realizing his aspirations, the Dog-Scorpio relies however only on his own intuitions. Still, this daring worker owes his professional success on the one hand in the strategical mind that Scorpio brings him and on the other hand to the loyalty and discretion brought by the character of the Dog. When in love, the Dog-Scorpio always shows a deep devotion to his partner. However, he expects absolute reciprocity from his own feelings. Otherwise, he can harbor resentments that can make him turn dangerously vindictive. The Dog-Scorpio, whose personality is assuredly powerful, noble and possessive, rarely, if ever, forgives any sentimental infidelity. The fear of a possible infidelity of his partner is his main source of concern, which he can't get rid of, despite the inevitable deleterious work of time.

Sagittarius Dog

Intelligent, considerate and eloquent, the Dog-Sagittarius is calm from the outside but agitated from within. Honest and scrupulous, his character often pushes him to give his daily life and vision of the world far too important a place to the ideal and feelings. Indeed, his mind is carved for the right appreciation, recognition and respect for the rights and merit of everyone, values hat are not very shared in humans. The Dog-Sagittarius is one of those who protect the weak and fight injustice without ever betraying his ideals. His attachment to these values s the main pillar of his character, so that a life devoid of justice and fairness is in his eyes what the most appalling thing in the world. However, as he gains experience in his struggle against injustice, he gradually discovers the bitter reality of the defeats caused by dishonesty, cowardice and the willful passivity of those who do not want to be disturbed away from the comfort in which they bathed all their lives. Thus, as time does its work, the Dog-Sagittarius ends up softening his quasi-revolutionary claims of justice to become a somewhat dry and sufficient teacher, for whom the petulant and naive joy of life of his young inexperienced apprentices is a source of annoyance. But as he keeps his eyes open in the light of human reality, the Dog-Sagittarius remains eternally benevolent and altruistic, despite the stubborn rancor that he can from time to time entertain against those who profit shamelessly from ill-gotten gains. Anxious and pessimistic on one side, optimistic and confident on the other, the Dog-Sagittarius, fortunately, has many other great qualities. He is, for example, very discreet and few other signs can keep a secret as well as him. In any case, unless an unfortunate accident of character or a serious gap in his education, the Dog-Sagittarius is normally a person one can trust blindly. In the professional field, he remains someone of integrity who appreciates above all a job well done. Conscientious and spontaneous at the same time, the Dog-Sagittarius attaches great importance to the details. Combined with a sense of duty, he is often entrusted with management positions in the course of his career because he has all the qualities required to succeed professionally in medium and large companies. On a sentimental level, the Dog-Sagittarius loves adventure and new experiences. But once he finds himself in a relationship, he remains faithful and devoted to his partner for whom he never misses delicate attentions. Only he can also sometimes suffocate him / her with his unconditional and idealistic love. Although he is often rebellious from an early age, the Sagittarius Dog turns more flexible over the years as he becomes the calm and responsible parent of whom many families dream.

Capricorn Dog

Prudent, indulgent and Cartesian, the Dog-Capricorn has a sweet and reserved temperament. Little talkative, the stubbornness of Capricorn is softened by the modesty of the Dog, which brings to his personality flexibility and openness to compromise. However, his sober appearance, devoid of any artifice, often makes him look morose. In fact, he is one of the friendliest signs one can encounter, provided one can decode his vision of existence that is indeed not always optimistic. The Dog-Capricorn also hates conflicts and power struggles and tend to only rely on his own analysis as he always thinks he is right. Still, in a continuing effort to preserve fairness, the Dog-Capricorn is rather inclined to calm, measure and balance his judgments in most situations, since like all Dogs he is also endowed with an innate sense of duty and justice. Moreover, given his philanthropic nature, the Dog-Capricorn is also quite receptive to the suffering of others. He is also able to show a lot of generosity, even to give without counting if ever a sensible cause struck his heart. However, despite his predisposition to generosity, he directs and organizes his life first according to his own priorities, as most of the natives of the sign of Capricorn. Without being individualistic or egotistical, the Dog-Capricorn watches and protects his tranquility first and foremost, and this in the utmost discretion. In his work, the Dog-Capricorn generally shows rigor and severity. Usually very discreet and circumspect, he can also at times be surprisingly frank considering his usual character. He is then able to express his opinion without restraint or artifice when someones seeks his opinion. On the other hand, on a financial level, the appetite for profit is not his main source of motivation. In fact, the Dog-Capricorn generally prefers the average salary of a job that can give him the assurance of a stable and secure condition rather than the stress associated with the risks and responsibilities of a high income. On the sentimental side, the Dog-Capricorn attaches great importance to the serenity and the well-being of his family. He doesn't like to display his feelings, nor does he want to disclose his emotions. If he is pushed to the limit, he is able to bite anyone who tries to snatch his defensive mattress. It is better to let him take off his protective armor himself so as not to offend him and better discover the many happy treasures he has in store.

Aquarius Dog

A great thinker, always benevolent and unselfish, the Dog-Aquarius always seeks to please the people he appreciates to the detriment of his own happiness. Of a flexible temperament, always humble and open to compromise, he is the most accommodating of the Dogs and the most honest of the natives of the sign of Aquarius. His good humor and selfless nobility encourage him to develop his sense of responsibility and devotion. The adage "friendship is not an opportunity but a sweet responsibility" sticks to his skin like a glove. Indeed, in his eyes, friendly bonds represent a supreme value and beware of those who would allow themselves to transgress this sacred rule. The Dog-Aquarius is deeply generous and always ready to help. He also rarely refuses someone who asks for his help, to the point that he is ready to enter without hesitation in fierce struggles for causes that don't concern him, only to keep his promise of support. Just like the importance he attaches to his friendly relations, his family also has a predetermining role in the balance of the Dog-Aquarius. Dishonest maneuvers, favoritism and selfishness hurt him more than anything else, so that he will always defend the honor and integrity of his family against any bad apples that seek to sow division, especially during an inheritance that would not preserve a respectful equity of each one. On the professional side, the Dog-Aquarius is not made to work in the administration and any trade whose paperwork requires an acceptance and a repetitive control of the same daily tasks. He struggles to stabilize himself in a regular activity for the simple reason that he actually needs to be confronted with changes and novelty that can tear him away from his deep thoughts. If the Dog-Aquarius can't fully express his know-how on sinuous and animated grounds that require curiosity and daring, he prefers to choose to teach in order to transmit his knowledge to a studious public eager to learn singular knowledge. However, paradoxically, on the sentimental side, the Dog-Aquarius is not made to lead a thundering or unstable married life, contrary to what suits him for his professional blooming. The Dog-Aquarius would rather remain single than getting satisfied with a presence that doesn't suit him. Still, he remains loyal and conciliatory with his partner and he isn't the kind to get stifled by existential anxieties or any unhealthy jealousy. Because even if he lacks a bit of sensuality, the Dog-Aquarius is always attentive to the desires of the choice of the love of his life.

Pisces Dog

Reserved, faithful, dreamy and emotional, the Dog-Pisces is an honest and good being whose company is most enjoyable. The finesse and captivating charm of Pisces give him the potential to have many admirers, if he decides to be a minimum extrovert. Very respectful of the established order, the Dog-Pisces never takes the risk of making the gap that could put him, even for an instant, at the margins of society. Likewise, he is always very attentive and considerate with his family and friends. The Dog-Pisces puts safety and well-being above any other value. Altruistic and helpful like all Dogs, he only helps those in need after careful consideration because of the influence of Pisces. Endowed with a restless temperament, the Dog-Pisces welcomes novelties or unforeseen events with a certain dose of apprehension. Not only does he feel very uncomfortable swimming in troubled waters, but he is also extremely pessimistic. Moreover, as part of his social relations, the Dog-Pisces needs first of all to be convinced of the importance and the value of its presence before really investing in a new friendly or affective connection. In addition, he often needs outside approval before embarking on a new adventure. Despite his tender and social nature, he often loses his means in the face of lies and manipulation. So in case of disappointment, the Dog-Pisces lets himself get dragged into a distant and cold anger which can surprise by the absence of any harbinger. On a professional level, the Dog-Pisces is neither a fighter nor overly ambitious by nature. In fact, he doesn't place the effort in a paradigm of virtue and willingly admits having a pronounced taste for idleness. Therefore, he prefers to let things come to him in the most serene conditions possible. Still, when faced with problems of vital order that directly affect his physical or moral integrity, the Dog-Pisces then wakes up like an acrobatic dolphin, capable of performing twirling and spectacular pirouettes and find solutions as effective as unexpected, so that everything comes back in order and serenity. Finally, on the sentimental level, the Dog-Pisces is entirely devoted to his partner and his family. It is in a balanced emotional connection that he finds the energy that allows him to reinforce the confidence that he initially lacks. The only point that could irritate him is for someone to try touching his secret garden which he considers inviolable and sacred. Nevertheless, profoundly gentle and understanding, the Dog-Pisces remains entirely loyal to his commitments and is always measured in his anger and his cold rancor.

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