Throat Chakra - Meaning, Color, Healing, Meditation

Throat Chakra - Meaning, Color, Foods, Herbs, Essential oils and Crystal healing, Yoga and Meditation
By KarmaWeather - 10 April 2018
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The throat chakra (Vishuddha) is the fifth chakra of the Hindu tradition and of the tantric and yoga doctrines

Complete guide to the throat chakra

Meaning, main qualities, properties, test, symptoms of openness and blockage, activation and balancing through diet, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, meditation.

According to Hindu tradition and the doctrine of yoga, the throat chakra, which encompasses the area of he shoulders, neck, jaw and hearing, is the center of subtle energy of speech and sound . Its role is essential to enable men to communicate with each other, but perhaps even more so because, as a center of language, it allows us to raise our consciousness beyond our own limits. Thus, the throat chakra is also a source of inspiration and truth. The sound vibrations of the practice yoga meditation mantra is particularly suitable for a work of opening and balancing of the throat chakra.

Main qualities and properties of the throat chakra

Throat Chakra glass jar candleThe throat chakra is represented by a lotus flower with 16 blue petals. Its symbol is the circle of absolute silence and emptiness, through which one must pass to reach the revelation of the knowledge of the throat chakra. The element of the fifth chakra is the Aether, symbol of emptiness of space and purity. The position of the throat chakra, which connects the chakra of the heart to the upper chakra of the head allows it to ensure the junction between the feelings and the thought, between the instinct and the reason, between the felt and the intuition.

A work of opening of the throat chakra makes it possible to avoid the crossings of the possible runaway of the thought, which would make it obscure and confused. The qualities of speech and communication specific to the throat chakra allow us to have a knowledge of our inner world and the cosmos deeper, more serene and more independent.

Throat chakra’s influence on personal development

Of the seven centers of subtle energy, the throat chakra is probably the one that plays the most important role since early childhood to help the individual structure his thinking and learn to communicate with others. The learning of all knowledge, be it a technical, scientific or artistic subject, necessarily involves the speech, whether written, spoken or sung.

A throat chakra balanced during the different phases of our life allows us to access knowledge in harmony with our environment, to remain curious, open and free.

Throat chakra stone list

Healing gemstones, precious stones and crystals of the throat chakra

Lithotherapy - Natural healing stone list for the throat chakra: aquamarine, azurite, blue calcite, blue chalcedony, Ceylon sapphire, rainbow fluorite, turquoise, silver, angelite, sodalite, celestite, blue aventurine

Lithotherapy list of the throat chakra stones
Natural stones list for chakra healing, harmonization and color therapy:
Throat chakra stones

Throat chakra: Characteristics, properties, symbols, colors

5th chakra Vishuddha
Name Throat chakra
Deity Sakini, Sadashiva
Mantra HAM
Vowel E
Petals 16
Location Larynx
Color Blue, light blue
Symbol Circle
Element Aether
Yoga Prayer position
Sense Hearing
Nature Blue sky, sea, lake
Planet Saturn
Animal White elephant
Qualities Communication, awareness of the true, inspiration, autonomy
Organs Cervical vertebrae, neck, throat, larynx, vocal cords, hearing, trachea, neck, shoulders
Positive Concentration, discernment, assurance, character
Negative Intolerance, fantasies of glory, negation of reality

How to activate the throat chakra with foods and herbs?

Throat chakra Healing foods
Protein Watermelon, tomato, melon, vegetable juice, seaweed
Protein Fish, shrimp
Seeds, oil Olive oil
Dried fruit Raisins, almond
Aromatic herb Peppermint, mint, sage, coltsfoot
Fruit Fruit juice, avocado, raspberries
Spices, tea Lemongrass, green tea, turmeric
Fragrance, essential oil Eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint, camphor

Throat chakra balancing with herbs and essential oil
Chakra harmonization with aromatherapy and foods:
Throat chakra balancing with herbs and essential oils

How to harmonize and balance the throat chakra?

Opening symptoms of the throat chakra

When the throat chakra is soundly developed, it fluidifies the oratorical capacities of journalists, youtubers, poets, actors, comedians and all those whose work is closely related to speech. Beyond communication, a balanced throat chakra is also beneficial for any activity that requires intense concentration and rigorous learning.

The elevation of consciousness associated with the 5th chakra finally allows one to open up to the world with more generosity and to better appreciate the various sounds that compose it, not to mention an increased sensitivity to music and rhythms. Musicians and music lovers, but also those who until then thought they were insensitive to the action of music on the mind, enrich their inner world and improve their empathy those around them.

Throat chakra blocking symptoms - Is my throat chakra closed or too open?

When the throat chakra is blocked or closed, that is to say it is inactive or undeveloped, the most common symptoms for an individual are excessive shyness, an unwarranted fear that any lively discussion can lead to confrontation and finally an erasure of the personality by never trying to prevail in any situation.

When the throat chakra is too open, that is to say that it is too active or overdeveloped, the individual may in extreme cases want to resort to manipulative behavior in an abusive manner, driven by an acute thirst for power and control of his family and professional environment.

Throat chakra test

Perform the free test of your throat chakra to balance it if necessary, taking into account the blocking symptoms you have identified. Think of privileging the balancing of your chakras in a graduated way, starting with the first chakra (root) towards the seventh chakra (crown)

Healing gemstones, precious stones and crystals of the throat chakra

Lithotherapy stones list for the throat chakra: Aquamarine, Azurite, Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Ceylon Sapphire, Rainbow Fluorite, Turquoise

Yoga exercises for the throat chakra

The most beneficial yoga position to practice for activating the throat chakra is the position of the prayer.

Throat chakra balancing with yoga
Throat chakra harmonization and opening with yoga poses:
Prayer position
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