Solar Plexus Chakra - Meaning, Color, Healing

Solar plexus Chakra - Meaning, Color, Foods, Herbs, Essential oils and Crystal healing, Yoga and Meditation
By KarmaWeather - 10 April 2018
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The solar plexus chakra (Manipura) is the third chakra of the Hindu tradition and of the tantric and yoga doctrines

Complete guide to the solar plexus chakra

Meaning, main qualities, properties, test, symptoms of openness and blockage, activation and balancing through diet, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, meditation.

According to the Hindu tradition and the doctrine of yoga, the solar plexus chakra, which is located along the spine at the same level as the stomach and the navel, is the energy center through which the universal vital energy (prana) accumulates to be redistributed throughout the body. The third chakra, also known as the navel chakra, is considered the origin of the 72000 nadis, the channels that convey and irrigate the subtle energy throughout the body.

Main qualities and properties of the solar plexus chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra glass jar candleThe solar plexus chakra, whose symbol is an inverted triangle, is the expression of the vital energy specific to the element Fire, which is also found in the yellow color of the 10 petals of its representation in lotus flower . If it can be related to the god of fire Agni whose mount is a ram, the symbolic animal of the third chakra is also representative of the positive values it conveys: will, perseverance, as well as the noble feelings that are compassion and empathy for one's neighbor.

Solar plexus chakra’s influence on personal development

An opening work of the navel chakra allows those who succeed to assert their personality, to keep the mind sharp and curious and to successfully achieve their life goals, while maintaining a benevolent interest for those around them.

An assertive self-awareness, a flawless determination, perseverance essential to any personal and professional enterprise, these are some of the qualities of a stable and balanced solar plexus chakra.

Solar plexus chakra stone list

Healing gemstones, precious stones and crystals of the solar plexus chakra

Lithotherapy - Natural healing stone list for the solar plexus chakra: bronzite, cat's eye, chrysoberyl, yellow rainbow fluorite, tiger's eye, yellow citrine, yellow calcite, yellow apatite, golden rutilated quartz, amber, yellow chalcedony, yellow jade

Lithotherapy list of the solar plexus chakra stones
Natural stones list for chakra healing, harmonization and color therapy:
Sacral chakra stones

Solar plexus chakra: Characteristics, properties, symbols, colors

3rd chakra Manipura
Name Solar plexus chakra, navel chakra
Deity Agni, Lakiri, Rudra
Mantra RAM
Vowel O open
Petals 10
Location Navel
Colors Yellow, yellow gold
Symbol Triangle
Element Fire
Yoga Oblique position
Sense Sight
Nature Fiery fire, sunlight
Planet Mars
Animal Sheep, ram
Qualities Will, courage, personality, distribution of vital energy of the body
Organs Stomach, gallbladder, small intestine, liver, spleen, pancreas
Positive Empathy, compassion, sensitivity, self-confidence
Negative Thirst for power, abusive behavior, insensitivity

How to activate the solar plexus chakra with foods and herbs?

Solar plexus chakra Healing foods
Protein Potato, corn, yellow pepper
Protein Milk, cheese, egg
Seeds, oil Wheat, oats, bran, sunflower oil
Dried fruit Almonds
Aromatic herb Juniper, fennel, chamomile
Fruit Apricot, banana, lemon
Spices, tea Cinnamon
Fragrance, essential oil Lavender, chamomile, anise, lemon, myrrh

Solar plexus chakra balancing with herbs and essential oil
Chakra harmonization with aromatherapy and foods:
Solar plexus chakra balancing with herbs and essential oils

How to harmonize and balance the solar plexus chakra?

Opening symptoms of the solar plexus chakra

When developed in a healthy way and well irrigated, the solar plexus chakra becomes the subtle energy center of a balanced self-awareness, which allows one to overcome all the obstacles that tend to discourage one and move away from one's goals. Our ego is then sufficiently developed to allow us to assert our personality and become aware of our abilities, while an inner flame animates as much our will to accomplish our life goals as to protect lovingly the people who matter to us.

A balanced solar plexus chakra is also essential for the digestion of food and the proper distribution of oxygen in the body.

Solar plexus chakra blocking symptoms - Is my solar plexus chakra closed or too open?

When the solar plexus chakra is blocked or closed, that is to say, it is inactive or not very developed, the symptoms are rather close to those associated with depression, such as these moments where one lets oneself be carried by life and only feel able to endure it, without having any keys that would allow one to control one's destiny again.

When the solar plexus chakra is too open, that is to say, it is too active or overdeveloped, the subtle energy in excess and poorly controlled causes potential megalomaniacal illusion, which can be manifested by symptoms such as jealousy, anger, envy or a thirst for power disproportionate and potentially destructive.

Solar plexus chakra test

Perform the free test of your solar plexus chakra to balance it if necessary, taking into account the blocking symptoms you have identified. Think of privileging the balancing of your chakras in a graduated way, starting with the first chakra (root) towards the seventh chakra (crown)

Healing gemstones, precious stones and crystals of the solar plexus chakra

Lithotherapy stones list for the solar plexus chakra: Amber, Bronzite, Cat's Eye, Chrysoberyl, Rainbow Fluorite, Tiger's Eye, Yellow Citrine

Yoga exercises for the solar plexus chakra

The most beneficial yoga position to practice for activating the solar plexus chakra is the oblique position.

Solar plexus chakra balancing with yoga
Solar plexus chakra harmonization and opening with yoga poses:
Oblique position
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