Tiger: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs

🐯 Combined personality, career and love horoscopes of the 12 solar signs of Western astrology with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger, third animal of the Chinese calendar
By KarmaWeather - 20 February 2017
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Dual astrology between the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger and Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Aries Tiger

The life of a Tiger-Aries resembles a Russian mountain. The Tiger-Aries tends to go on the adventure without thinking, just as he can't stand people who resist him. The Tiger-Aries loves to direct and point out to others the road to follow, which is a characteristic common to both signs. The fiery Tiger, associated with Aries, who tends to act in a hurry, gives the Tiger-Aries an intrepid, even rash character. His courage can push him to act as a hero, putting his own life in danger. The liveliness of the Tiger-Aries is, however, associated with an acute and quite remarkable intelligence, which prompts him to seek initiatory experiments of all kinds, especially in the professional field. Even if the Tiger-Aries has the unfortunate tendency to scatter professionally during his youth, he always ends up developing a mastery of many skills, which enables him to become a valuable advisor to his entourage. Like a volcano in permanent activity, the Tiger-Aries is endowed with a powerful charm and magnetism, to which the opposite sex often finds it hard to resist.

Taurus Tiger

The Taurus, a practical and persevering spirit, compensates for the natural defects of the Tiger, bringing him stability and a sense of analysis he lacks. The combination of the Chinese zodiac signs of the Tiger and the Western sign of Taurus provide the Tiger-Taurus with an indispensable balance to fulfill his aspirations. The Tiger-Taurus, tolerant and not very aggressive, prefers to observe action rather than participate fully. Deeply lucid about life and human beings, the Tiger-Taurus takes as much care in choosing his loving partners as the people with whom he intends to collaborate. In business, the intelligence of the Tiger and the flair of Taurus allow the Tiger-Taurus to not doubt his qualities, and give him the necessary energy to achieve his objectives. However, it's preferable for the Tiger-Taurus to find himself in a position of leadership / management, because like any self-respecting Tiger, he'd rather fix the roadmap and give orders himself. On a sentimental level, the Tiger-Taurus is able to show a lot of affection towards the people he carries in his heart, on the condition of feeling truly respected by his partner. The Tiger-Taurus can become vindictive and very dangerous in case of sentimental disappointment, and in order to avoid the wrath of his vengeance, it's better that his former ex-partner avoids at all costs to find himself / herself in the same district, city, or country!

Gemini Tiger

The flexible and hesitant nature of Gemini, combined with the Tiger's lively character, give the Tiger-Gemini a courageous but restless personality, sociable but unpredictable, reliable but disconcerting. Eloquent and knowing perfectly how to show off, the Tiger-Gemini is a sociable being who loves to conduct informed conversations. Very effective at work, he manages to creatively and spontaneously balance his interventions. Yet, even if the Tiger-Gemini knows how to invest fully in the tasks that can be entrusted to him, he tends to disperse when it comes to his personal goals. On the sentimental level, her loves are long-lasting and intense. The possibility of an insipid and passionless relationship has the effect of making fly the Gemini Tiger, if the couple is not able to quickly reassemble the pieces. When he is annoyed or put to the test against his will, the Tiger-Gemini can suddenly forget his oratorical talent and transform himself into a rigid and snarling fawn, ready to inflict fierce claw blows on those who will have the misfortune of being within reach. Fortunately, the Tiger-Gemini gains wisdom and experience with age, which gives him the opportunity to concretize his professional and family projects.

Cancer Tiger

The Tiger-Cancer is charming, spontaneous and romantic. Endowed with a special grace, the ardent and daring character of the Tiger balances and softens the unreasonable whims associated with the sign of Cancer. Looking to the future, the spirit of the Tiger-Cancer is sufficiently well structured to be able to judge the consequences of the actions he undertakes. On the affective level, nothing frightens the Tiger-Cancer more than being confronted with a person insensitive to his own sentimental aspirations. Exclusive and passionate, the Tiger-Cancer likes to organize candlelit dinners, or to declare his love on the terrace of a luxurious restaurant, in the light of a seaside sunset. Optimistic when everything goes wrong and skeptical when all is well, especially when it comes to his finances, the Tiger-Cancer is both cicada and ant, depending on the times. As far as work is concerned, the Tiger-Cancer loves to innovate and to cooperate, and he's not the kind to let himself being fooled twice by the same error. In case of a dispute, he can become corrosive, causing much damage that he shall try to repair later.

Leo Tiger

Strength and courage are the two main qualities found in the Chinese lunar sign of the Tiger and the western solar sign of Leo. The ambition, the passion and the competitiveness of the Tiger are mirrored in Leo. Thus, the person born under this double zodiacal combination is strongly attached to his principles, and doesn't appreciate being insulted in any way, so that the Tiger-Leo fascinates as much as he imposes. Ready to turn into a dangerous wild beast when his social integrity is questioned, the breath of his flames can warm or burn according to the esteem or contempt he has for you. Doubly redoubtable, the Tiger-Leo is ambitious and calculating at his hours, but he's not greedy for all that. Strong, domineering, born to rule, the dangerousness and majesty of the two great fawns brought together give the opponents of the Tiger-Leo little choice but to resort to trickery to defeat him. The Tiger-Leo can be criticized as having an oversized ego, when in fact he only seeks to impress his audience. Strongly protective of the weakest, his generosity has no limits when he's touched in the heart. When he's in love, the Tiger-Leo is ready to accept without discussion all the decisions of his partner, provided that it's reciprocal. The Tiger-Leo, very conservative in private, loves his children above all and invests his time in their education. He also has the necessary energy in reserve to avoid being carried away by depression when confronted with difficult events, and he knows just as well how to fall on his paws as much as when to bounce opportunely.

Virgo Tiger

The Tiger-Virgo is a sensitive, patient and gifted being, who particularly likes to receive and help his loved ones. At work, the Tiger-Virgo has the talent of knowing how to choose his collaborators and business partners. Indeed, the visible ambition of the Tiger, sustained by the secret motives of the Virgin, give the Tiger-Virgo an excellent capacity of analysis and anticipation. The combination of the two signs valorize the methodical spirit of Virgo and reinforce the qualities of the Tiger as an organizer. Demanding with strangers, the Tiger-Virgo considers his relationships on condition of seeing an interest in return. Though he's not rancorous, the Tiger-Virgo doesn't hide his discontent when he's upset, and he only tolerates only those who go in his direction. If the Tiger-Virgo isn't able to achieve the professional success to which he aspires, he can eventually loose himself in artificial paradises, from which he will come out with the greatest difficulty.

Libra Tiger

Gifted with a generous heart thanks to Libra, the Tiger-Libra only shares with those of which he has interests in common. Charming but distant, he doesn't like to be taken lightly. At home, a Tiger-Libra never accepts to be imposed any rules of life. Even when he seems open to compromise, it's always at the last moment that one realizes that it's his directives that have just been applied. Charismatic and nervous at the same time, the spikes of the Tiger-Libra's anger are more spectacular than actually wounding. Intelligent and talented, the Tiger-Libra has undeniable skills for business negotiation and diplomacy. Foreseeing when he's in love, the Tiger-Libra is able to stifle and isolate his partner from his friends, out of pure selfishness. His partner must be sufficiently impressed by the power of the Tiger-Libra to agree to renounce his / her freedom. The Tiger-Libra, always in action, has a lot of consideration for his work and has a overly romantic and possessive vision of love. In case of treason, he has no trouble replacing his partner with a new person subject to his will.

Scorpio Tiger

With him it is all or nothing! The courage and pride of the Tiger, combined with the aggressiveness and combativeness of Scorpio, give a most explosive result. A true submarine equipped with torpedoes, the challenges the Tiger-Scorpio needs to face always make him ever stronger. Stimulated by adversity, master of his work, his strength can prove to be just as useful as dangerous. The Tiger-Scorpio is willingly engulfed by an enemy bigger than him, for the sole purpose of being able to inject his poison into the belly of his opponent. An excellent strategist, unaware of fear, the Tiger-Scorpio usually takes a roundabout way to annihilate his enemies, for example make them feel guilty when he's upset, his main "underwater" technique. His degree of benevolence often depends on the level of education he received during his youth, for his choices and his aspirations often border on the extreme. Very enduring in the effort and analytical in his work, the Tiger-Scorpio knows how to watch the opportune moment before seizing his chance. Indomitable, the ambitious person born of the combination of these two signs is actually inhabited by the unconscious search for a supreme image of himself. Generally optimistic in his entrepreneurial adventures, in love, on the other hand, if the Tiger-Scorpio doesn't find a partner capable of channeling his aphrodisiac and overflowing energy, he becomes torn between the acceptance of his own solitude and the temptation to steal somebody else's lover. But the real danger of a Tiger-Scorpio in times of internal frustration is to develop a sinister and morose discourse, or even to show offensive aggressiveness, causing all those who are on his way to flee. Thus, until the Tiger-Scorpio finds his own inner peace, he can't fully enjoy the pleasures of life, even if he's willing to believe the opposite.

Sagittarius Tiger

The Tiger-Sagittarius is a person with his feet on the ground, always in motion. Skilled with the wit and curiosity associated with the signs of the Tiger and Sagittarius, the native of this combination is an honest person who always pays attention to good ethics and fairness in his relationships with others. Proud and endearing, the Tiger-Sagittarius rarely passes unnoticed as he displays a strong confidence in himself, despite his tendency to sometimes exaggerate his high abilities. A follower of change, always where one doesn't expect him to be, the Tiger-Sagittarius likes to surprise his opponents. Adventurous, he loves exploration as much as he seeks to know the ultimate boundaries of his abilities. Strong in his charism and strongly idealistic, for him money is absolutely not synonymous with power. A bad manager of his finances, the Sagittarius also tends to disperse in love. He needs to build a relationship with a well-organized and open-minded partner so as not to compromise their married life over the long term.

Capricorn Tiger

Strong and persevering, like a dormant volcano, the Tiger-Capricorn excels in defense. Endowed with a confident character, and determined to overcome by all means, the aggressiveness of the Tiger is channeled by the ambition associated with Capricorn, giving the native born of this combination a much calmer appearance than he actually feels , and making him much more precise in his choices. Meticulous and anxious to maintain control, the Tiger-Capricorn perseveres in his enterprises, in which his qualities of endurance and intelligence allow him to excel. If the Tiger-Capricorn doesn't believe in chance, he manages to recognize the moments when luck smiles at him. Master of his body as of his mind, unparalleled tactician, he's nevertheless the least passionate in love of all the Tigers. In fact, the Tiger-Capricorn is more inclined to consider sentimental relations on a material and practical level rather than a disinterested union of two people who love one another.

Aquarius Tiger

The quest for originality peculiar to Aquarius combines perfectly with the strategy talents of the Tiger, allowing the Tiger-Aquarius to reach ingeniously his objectives. The Tiger-Aquarius also likes to set the rules of the game. The Aquarius Tiger is carried by fabulous ideals which form the backbone of his character, and by a deep motivation rooted in his flesh, which makes him an extremely mobile being, always looking for new paths to follow. The Tiger-Aquarius isn't afraid of anything, and he's able to engage simultaneously and successfully in multiple areas. Very effective as long as he's not too dispersed, he has on the other hand an unfortunate tendency to become irritable and authoritarian if he considers that his interlocutor is not of his level. Fortunately, his natural sincerity is generally worth to be appreciated by his entourage. Sociable and enterprising, the Tiger-Aquarius only needs to explore new horizons in order to feed his inner, passionate and dreamy self, sometimes at his own expense. A true seducer in love, he finds it difficult to settle permanently with only one partner at a time, even though he can jump from one branch to another with much grace and inventiveness, just like any good Tiger-Aquarius that respects himself.

Pisces Tiger

The Tiger-Pisces is endowed with a calm, sociable and charming personality. However, his apparent tranquility doesn't disguise his stated ambition, even if he isn't the type to run behind all the challenges that present themselves to him. Creativity and imagination have a predetermining role in the flourishing of the Tiger-Pisces. Combining the artistic abilities found in the two signs, the Tiger-Pisces however lacks practicality. Like a novelist listening to his muse, the Tiger-Pisces likes to listen to or simulate in his head the negative experiences his entourage may go through. This allows him to nourish his imagination, which is essential for his intellectual fulfillment and his emotional balance. As a psychologist and a good supporter when needed, the Tiger-Pisces may prove to be the most emotive Tiger and the most interested Fish among the signs of the Chinese and Western Zodiac, depending on the education he received during his youth. When he's annoyed or feels stifled in his living environment, the graceful dolphin of the great blue oceans can quickly turn into a cruel piranha of the troubled waters of the Amazon, devouring everything in his path.

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